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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Manchester United signed a record contract for the Premier League. The 10 best offers that clubs have with suppliers

Date: May 30, 2024 Time: 23:04:56

The most significant part of the income of European clubs are commercial contracts. Much of the money comes from partnerships with technical sponsors, which are traditionally considered one of the largest advertisers in sports. Below are ten of the most powerful deals with equipment manufacturers.

Separately, they talked about the Premier League clubs:

$1.5 billion in revenue! How do Premier League clubs make so much from sponsorships?

10. Liverpool – Nike, 35 million euros per season

Liverpool went to Nike from New Balance, with whom they even had to sue: New Balance claimed that, under the terms, it could automatically renew the contract with the club if it repeated the conditions of a competitor. But Liverpool convinced the referee that Nike offered a better partnership with marketing opportunities and the promise of placing the team’s kit in 6,000 to 8,000 outlets around the world. Under the agreement, Liverpool receive a fixed payment of 35 million euros a year, the rest comes from other bonuses and sales – in total, Nike’s income reaches 92.5 million euros, because the club receives 20% of T-shirt sales instead of the usual 7.5%.

Liverpool F.C.

10. Tottenham Hotspur – Nike, 35 million euros per season

Tottenham began his association with Nike in 2017 and a year later agreed a 15-year contract. Compared to other Premier League clubs, the Londoners do not have such a long contract. Daniel Levy attributed this to two factors: Tottenham did not transfer product sales rights to an equipment company, and secondly, the club sells fewer shirts than Manchester United, Arsenal or Chelsea.

FC Tottenham

9. Juventus – adidas, 51 million euros per season

The parties renewed the contract in 2018: it was in that year that Juventus showed unprecedented sales (thanks to Ronaldo for this), for which they even received a bonus from a partner worth 15 million euros. was signed with a fixed payment of €51 million per year, plus additional royalty payments when sales and performance thresholds are exceeded.

FC Juventus

8. Bayern – adidas, 60 million euros per season

Adidas owns an 8.33% stake in Bayern and has been the club’s kit supplier since 1965. In 2015, they extended the deal, which was due to expire in 2020, and the deal took effect immediately. Under the new contract, Bayern receives 60 million euros per season (previously it was only 25 million euros) plus bonuses.

FC Bayern

7. Chelsea – Nike, 70 million euros per season

In 2016, Chelsea terminated the agreement with adidas six years before the expiration date, for which the club had to pay a penalty of 46 million euros, but these losses were covered by a powerful contract with Nike, which the parties They signed for 15 years. When a series of restrictions were imposed on Chelsea, the brand wanted to break the agreement, but in the end it stood: the losses for both parties would have been too great.

Chelsea F.C.

6. Manchester City – Puma, 75 million euros per season

In 2019, City changed teams: Puma replaced Nike. The contract is the largest in the company’s history and extends not only to the Manchester club, but also to other City Football teams in Australia, Spain, Uruguay and China. The amount of payments increases when several conditions are met.

manchester city fc

5. PSG – Nike, 80 million euros per season

PSG and Nike have been working together for more than 30 years, and a year ago they extended the agreement for another ten years. The new contract covers not only the men’s soccer team, but also the women’s and handball teams. The increase in the amount is colossal: under the previous agreement, the Parisians received 25 million euros, under the current one – at least 80 million euros per season (plus bonuses). The teams also launched an exclusive partnership with Jordan in 2021, which saw record jersey sales, with Nasser Al-Khelaifi saying the number was “one of the highest in European football”.


4. Arsenal – adidas, 85 million euros per season

The parties re-signed the deal two years before the expiration of their previous contract, for which Arsenal received an advance from adidas. The contract states that the club can also receive bonuses for winning the FA Cup, the Premier League or the Champions League. Without additional charges, Arsenal receives €85 million per season from adidas.

Arsenal FC

3. Manchester United – adidas, 104 million euros per season

The club signed an agreement with adidas at the beginning of the 2015/2016 season, reuniting after 23 years. This year, the deal was extended (the new contract will come into effect in 2025), signing in record terms for the Premier League club – €1.04 billion. For Manchester United, the contract amount increased by 20 %, and from 2025 the club will receive a minimum of 104 million euros per season (plus bonuses). In 2022, the Manchester club’s shape became the best-selling in the world: 3.22 million shirts were sold in total (mostly featuring Ronaldo).

But there is a caveat: if the club does not reach the Champions League for two seasons in a row, then the amount may be reduced.

F.C. Manchester United

2. Barcelona – Nike, 105 million euros per season

Nike has been working with Barcelona since 1998, and in 2016 the company received the rights of association and use of the Barça brand, as well as advertising rights. Interestingly, the parties later announced an extension until 2028, but until 2018 they worked without a detailed contract. The club and the setter agreed that the finalized deal would be signed two years later. According to sources familiar with the negotiation process, the 2016 operation was a favor from Nike to Barça. After all, she wanted to receive money immediately to achieve the objectives of the board of directors of Josep Bartomeu. When 2018 arrived, it was not possible to agree again due to disagreements, so the contract remained preliminary.

It was agreed to review the conditions already in 2023 (according to the current agreement, the club receives about 105 million euros per season, the amount increases to 155 million euros if a number of conditions are met), so the amount of payments may increase in the near future. As Spanish media reported last fall, Barcelona are envious of Real Madrid’s deal with adidas and want to demand the maximum amount possible from Nike. The club needs money more than ever, and this is a good way to increase business income.

FC Barcelona

1. Real Madrid – adidas, 152 million euros per season

The German company has been working with the Madrid club since 1998, and in 2019 they expanded their collaboration again. The new contract came into effect from the 2020/2021 season and runs until the summer of 2028. The amount of the agreement is 1,100 million euros for the entire period, which in total allows Real Madrid to earn some 152 million euros per season, taking into account merchandising. At the end of 2022, the Madrid club’s shirts were the second in the world in terms of number of pieces sold: 3,106 million copies (the most popular surname is Benzema). For the victory in the Champions League a year ago, Real Madrid received an additional 5 million euros from the setter.

FC Real Madrid

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