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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Medvedev pulled out the world’s first racket! Russian tennis player in the final of the US Open

Date: May 29, 2024 Time: 17:52:49

Upon entering the pitch, Medvedev and Alcaraz knew the name of their potential opponent in the final. Novak Djokovic. The Serbian tennis player confidently beat 20-year-old American Ben Shelton in three sets. Before the face-to-face duel with the Russian, the Spaniard, whom Medvedev had not yet defeated in 2023, was restrained, but confident in his own abilities.

“In previous matches with Daniil I played perfectly tactically. Everything that had to be done against him I did very well, so I think my game suits well against opponents like Daniil. I will try to do the same thing that I did at Indian Wells or Wimbledon. I hope to win and show the same level as in those matches”, Alcaraz said at a press conference.

Daniel fully understood how strong his opponent was.

“You have to play 11 out of 10 to beat Alcaraz because he is very strong. He lost a set in this tournament. Is incredible. In the last two meetings Carlos beat me, let’s say, quite easily. I will not give up the fight and I will try to improve, but I need to be prepared 11 out of 10 to try to beat Carlos”, Medvedev commented sparingly at a press conference.

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Daniil started with five double faults in the first six games. But he little by little he leveled his game. At the start, the Spaniard made some great plays that delighted the public gathered at the Arthur Ashe Stadium. The Russian, as he promised, kept his Olympic calm. And in the decisive moments of the set he managed to psychologically strangle his opponent.

With the score 5:5, the Russian overcame two shots from Alcaraz. The first break of the match was looming, which could have opened the way for the Russian to win in the first set, but… As is often the case with Daniil, there was a greater force. The Russian turned to the judge in the tower and told him that he had been hampered by a spotlight shining on his face. There was a pause, the light went out. How they apparently turned off the emotional outburst of the Russian. At the time he was leading 30-0 in the 11th set, but then lost four straight innings to the Spaniard.

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But this circumstance did not affect the mood of the Russian in any way – Daniil brought his throw to zero. The result of the set was decided by a tie-break. And at the key moment of the first set, Daniil only added confidence, pressure and reliability. And Carlos made a couple of annoying mistakes and gave the Russian the first set! And at the start of the second set, Alcaraz seemed confused. Not a trace of his Spanish fuse remained. Medvedev caught this wave, immediately took the game on Carlos’s court, and led the second set 2-0. And then he consolidated this advantage, confidently taking the serve from him as well.

In the first set, Alcaraz literally ruled the world. Numerous celebrities and ordinary fans were delighted with the jokes of the Spaniard. But Carlos’s nervousness at the start cooled the ardor of the crowd, and when Daniil made it 5-1 with a magnificent strike, the stadium already gave him a standing ovation. And winning the second set in a row (remember, before the Spaniard only dropped one set in the tournament) no longer seemed fantastic. Daniil acted with such confidence on the reception (75% in the second set) that Alcatraz and his mentor Juan Carlos Ferrero seemed downright confused.

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Alcaraz wouldn’t be himself if he couldn’t come back in the third set. Daniil slowed down a bit and the Spaniard, frantically supported by the stands, once again showed all his power and ability. Daniil didn’t play worse, that’s for sure. But everything was decided by pressure, risk and aggression. Medvedev reacted calmly to the third set loss. The Russian took the opportunity to pause and went to the locker room. And Carlos stayed on the field.

After returning, Daniil calmly passed the first part of the fourth set, and then took the opponent’s serve. And somehow imperceptibly the match passed into the game that was supposed to be victorious for Daniil. True, at first he gave the initiative, then, having intercepted it and won the match ball, the Russian made two double faults in a row. And an incredible battle of nerves began. Alcaraz clung to the game with all his strength, but from the fifth match point, the Russian tennis player prevailed and reached the final of the US Open.

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