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Medvedev survived! He played a set and took revenge on the Hungarian, repeating the Russian record at Wimbledon

Date: June 22, 2024 Time: 14:40:59

The 27-year-old Daniil Medvedev has been so successful in the first two Grand Slam tournaments this season that just two wins on the Wimbledon courts have already been enough for the Russian to repeat his best showing result on TBSh in 2023. From Indeed, in Melbourne, Australia, Daniil completed his performance right at the third round stage, and in the French capital, Paris, he completely lost in the first match.

In London, Medvedev made a great move at the start of the English Slam. In the first two matches, the Russian did not lose a single set, having managed to reach the third round without additional energy costs. Medvedev was not embarrassed by even a minor misfire on Thursday, when midway through the third set he lost serve and failed to complete the match with Frenchman Adrian Mannarino before dark. The next day, in the tiebreaker, Daniel won the tiebreaker and closed the match in three games: 6:3, 6:3, 7:6.

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The Russian’s opponent in the third round was 31-year-old Hungarian Marton Fucovich, whom Daniil had previously faced three times. In 2018, Medvedev beat the Hungarian athlete in the first round in Monte Carlo, and a year later in the final in Sofia. However, the last match between tennis players, which took place in the first round of Roland Garros in 2020, was left to Fucovic. So Marton won in four sets. For the next three years, since then, the paths of the players no longer crossed each other.

Interestingly, the matchup between Daniil and Marton became the second set of the Russo-Hungarian showdown on Saturday’s Wimbledon courts. With her first start in the women’s singles third round match, Ekaterina Alexandrova scored a crushing victory over Hungarian Dalma Galfi (6: 0, 6: 4), putting Russia ahead in this impromptu duel.

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Early in the match, Medvedev immediately had a great chance to pick up someone else’s shot, but missed a double break point and failed to lead with a two-game lead. Having survived in a difficult situation and holding his serve, Fucovic was charged with positive emotions and after a few minutes he seized a similar opportunity, from the second break point, making the first break of the match and taking the lead – 2:1. Following Marton easily confirmed the break made, and Daniel landed in a nasty spot.

daniel medvedev

Photo: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Serving at a very high level and practicing the serve and volley style game, Fucovich flew to the net at almost every convenient opportunity, winning balls time and time again on his serve. In one such draw, Marton even played spectacularly in the fall, also managing to score another winner at his expense at that time. Daniil failed to eliminate the break deficit in the first game: 6:4 in favor of Fucovich.

So seeded under the third number at Wimbledon, the Russian dropped a set for the first time at this tournament. At that time, Medvedev’s game continued to be very difficult. Daniil still made a slew of unforced errors, including constantly tearing balls from the baseline after awkward cuts into the opponent’s performance. In the third game of the second set, only the ace, who came to the rescue in time, helped the Russian remove break point and avoid even bigger trouble.

It was this episode that acted as a turning point in the entire set. Medvedev took the initiative, played a bit more stable, while Fucovic landed in a local game crisis. Unable to pick up someone else’s pitch, the Hungarian was upset and instantly lost his own, falling behind in the game by two games. Immediately, Marton had a good chance to return to the set, but he himself made an obvious mistake at break point and squandered this opportunity. Moving forward, Daniil confidently finished the end of the game, leading it with a score of 6:3.

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Less than three minutes from the start of the third set, as already in it, Medvedev led with an advantage at the break. The Russian athlete finally stabilized the game, stopped fouling the balls so often, and the situation in the match began to develop in the direction he needed. Each of the opponents took the shot from him with confidence, which fully suited the Russian who was already leading with a break.

This continued until the score was 4:3 in favor of Daniil, in which in the eighth game Fucovic tried to make a reverse break. The Hungarian made a desperate effort at the reception, but failed to get more than the “exact” score that had been set on several occasions. Medvedev went through a difficult time and then closed the set – 6:4. Throughout the game, Daniil committed just six unforced errors, and this was obvious progress compared to the first set (10) and second set (11).

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The price of every break made in this match was literally worth its weight in gold, as in all three games played, neither Daniil nor Marton managed to return the missed shot, and each time a single break was invariably enough to win the set. Medvedev made his third break of the match early in the fourth set, after which a doctor appeared on court to provide medical assistance to the Hungarian.

Fucovic developed problems with his right leg and Marton resorted to a medical timeout. The 31-year-old Hungarian continued the battle, but couldn’t help but repeat the well-studied scenario due to an inability to recover the missed serve. Despite all the effort put in and even a single break point in the eighth game.

In the ninth game, Daniil had a double match point at the reception, but Fucovic managed to extend the resistance for a few more minutes. As a result, after spending a little more than three hours on the court and confidently taking his serve in the last game of the match, the winner of the US Open – 2021 won a difficult victory with a score of 4:6, 6: 3 , 6:4, 6:4.

Thanks to this, 27-year-old Medvedev reached the fourth round of the Grand Slam tournament for the first time this season, repeating his personal record at Wimbledon at the same time. In the English capital, Daniel had only reached this stage once. This happened in 2021, when he in a two-day matchup he finally lost to the Pole Hubert Hurkach. Now the Russian has a great chance to reach the quarterfinals of the English Slam for the first time in his career. For this, Daniil will need to break the resistance of the winner of the match between the Czech Jiri Legechka and the American Tommy Paul.

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In the meantime, we arranged a pleasant circumstance for Russian men’s tennis. Following today’s victory, Medvedev became the third Russian in the fourth round of Wimbledon, joining Roman Safiullin and Andrei Rublev there. This is a repeat of the domestic record on TBSh. This happened only for the seventh time in the history of our tennis.

Three Russians in the 4th round of TBSH (7 times): 1. US Open – 2006 (Safin, Davydenko, Yuzhny) 2. Roland Garros – 2007 (Southern, Davydenko, Andreev) 3. Australian Open – 2021 (Karatsev, Medvedev, Rublev) 4. Wimbledon – 2021 (Khachanov, Rublev, Medvedev) ) 5. Roland Garros – 2022 (Khachanov, Rublev, Medvedev) 6. US Open – 2022 (Khachanov, Medvedev, Rublev) 7. Wimbledon – 2023 (Safiullin, Rublev, Medvedev).

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