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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Memory scale, talking mirror and 6 more health monitoring devices

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 05:07:38

medical data analyst at an international healthcare technology company and biohacking platform bioniq

Our selection includes a fitness mirror that offers more than 100 online workouts at home, a stylish and smart ring that analyzes important health indicators, and other technological devices.

fitness mirror waha

The innovative Vaha x Fitness Mirror gadget will turn your home into a real gym. The digital mirror has a touch screen, motion sensors, and artificial intelligence, all of which allow you to perform an effective workout at home.

Photo: www.vaha.com

Do you want to do pilates, yoga or today is your “leg day”? There are hundreds of popular programs to choose from, and you will be led by world-class instructors in real time. Fitness gurus will create a custom training plan specifically for your goals, and a mirror will record results and track progress.

fitness tracker

In addition to the standard indicators that do not seem to surprise anyone (heart rate during training, number of calories burned), the Whoop bracelet allows you to measure the oxygen content in the blood, heart rate variability and body temperature.

A fitness tracker will teach you not only to lead an active lifestyle, but also to relax properly. It is believed that each person needs eight hours of sleep per day for healthy functioning.

Photo: whoop-ru.ru

The gadget uses a personalized approach and analyzes the quality of your sleep, records it during the day (even if you just decide to take a nap during the day) and, based on the data received, suggests the most comfortable hours for you to relax.

The bracelet also monitors how your body recovers in percentage terms and gives recommendations throughout the day: by following them, you can increase your productivity.

Smart Ring Oura Ring

Lovers of minimalist health monitoring devices will especially like the Oura Ring waterproof smart ring. In appearance, it is quite reminiscent of jewelry, but at the same time it is lighter (four to six grams) and more technologically advanced.

It can record your activity during the day and the number of calories burned, heart rate at ECG level (a method for diagnosing cardiovascular diseases), and respiratory rate.

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The ring, through special sensors, also “follows” you while you sleep: it remembers the time, records each phase and analyzes the quality of your sleep. Based on the data received, it gives specific recommendations and can even predict how effective training will be today – all this allows you to adjust your pace and improve the quality of life.

The device is useful for women’s reproductive health and family planning. By tracking your body temperature, it predicts when your next period will be and gives you a six-day warning before your cycle begins.

Photo: ourarussia.ru

There is a stereotype that only athletes use these devices. An interesting statistic was shared by the founder and CEO of Oura Ring, Harpreet Singh Rai, in an interview with the British magazine GQ: according to him, 99% of rings are worn by people who are not athletes.

garmin sports watch

Garmin brand gadgets offer a wide range of opportunities for sports. Thus, the Fenix ​​​​7X Solar multisport watch is equipped with GPS navigation and has access to various global satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo), maps of golf courses and even mountain trails from many parts of the world.

Before training, you can set one of the proposed modes (you can choose between running, swimming, rowing, surfing, skiing and many others), and the watch will record the actual load depending on the sport, as well as your health indicators.

Photo: garmin.ru

Pulse and respiratory rate, the degree of saturation of the body with oxygen, control over the quality of sleep – the device monitors these and other parameters throughout the day. If your goal is to track your water balance, you can set it to hours and they will help you achieve optimal performance. The watch even records the amount of fluid lost after a particular physical activity.

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 Smart Scale

To effectively control your weight, it is important to take many parameters into account. This means that smart scales from Xiaomi will help, which analyze the body according to 13 different criteria: this is the body mass index, the amount of fluid, bone mass, fat and muscle mass, and many others.

Photo: www.istockphoto.com

Scales have a good memory – they remember the indicators of 16 people. Controlling the device is simple – connect it via Bluetooth to your smartphone. You will also get access to the Mi Fit app, which offers popular and effective fitness programs to lose weight, gain weight, and achieve your desired shape.

Polar H10 chest strap

Heart rate monitoring during training and at rest is especially effective with the highly accurate Polar chest strap. It can be connected to many exercise machines and devices (up to two devices at the same time) and fitness applications.

Photo: shoppolar.ru

Wearing a chest strap is especially pleasant and comfortable – it is made of soft textile material and does not slip even during the most intense physical activity (for this, manufacturers have created silicone dots and a reliable buckle).

Smart watch to track food arrhythmias and allergies.

Rehabilitation Specialist, Neurophysiologist, Biological Sciences Candidate, Director of NeuroTechnology LLC

Our new Neurotracker smart watch model helps detect crisis conditions, show nervous system overexcitation and determine alimentary arrhythmia.

A detailed study of the indicators of a smart bracelet shows a connection: a person ate something, reactions began to occur in the blood, and arrhythmia began after a couple of hours. This is how we can detect food allergies.

Photo: www.istockphoto.com

The gadget integrates professional sensors to monitor ECG, heart rate variability, blood oxygen saturation, body temperature and electrodermal activity.

smart templates

In mid-March 2020, Google, adidas and EA announced a joint project: the companies created smart shoe insoles that connect to the phone and convert the received data into FIFA Mobile virtual game rewards.

Photo: www.istockphoto.com

The chip in the insoles receives the training characteristics and parameters of the load on the foot, measures the speed and distance that the player has run, the number of blows. After that, it transfers all the data to the adidas app.

The smart templates are powered by Google Jacquard technology, previously only used to collect data on two Levi’s jackets and one Yves Saint Laurent backpack.

Templates are currently not supported in FIFA Mobile, but can still be used for sports tracking.

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