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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Neurocoach told what subjective age is and how to start internal rejuvenation

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 15:55:26


The subjective age of a person is the age we feel, without reference to the date of birth. The younger we feel, the longer and better we live. And the researchers are now ready to answer the question of how subjective age is. Let’s find out.

Subjective age is related to our emotions, health and longevity. It depends on the intensity, eventful fullness of life and self-realization of a person. In psychological time, we can grow old and become younger.

Where is your temper?

The fact is that there is a relationship between the type of temperament and the perception of a unit of time. For angry people characterized by the subjectively experienced advancement of time in comparison with the actual one. There is always an acute shortage of it. They are in a hurry everywhere: both within themselves and in the external manifestation.

For optimistic people they also tend to run ahead of subjectively experienced time. They constantly strive for the future and want to catch as much as possible. However, in speed they are inferior to the choleric.

In melancholic subjective time is synchronized with objective time. They stay in their age as much as possible and feel the time.

subjective time phlegmatic lags behind the target. Therefore, it moves slowly and evenly. In the life of such a person there is always enough time. He is oriented to the past, and gets used to changes with great difficulty.

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“At 10, I felt like an adult. Now, approaching 65, I feel 40 or even less. Sometimes even younger than her own daughter, and she is 37 years old, ”says Polina.

But Larisa, on the contrary, complains about her inner age: “I am 25 years old, I am young and pretty, but I feel like a decrepit old woman. Because?..”

The thing is that our subconscious mind ignores time. For him, it simply does not exist. Christian Gelson, professor of psychology at the University of Angers, writes in his book A Bit of Age Psychology: “Psychological age almost never keeps pace with biological age.

Feeling young or old is not a matter of age. Childish complexes and desires live in us all our lives. As adults, we have to deal with that playful, curious and adventurous child that lives in us all our lives.

Kira Feklisova – on how to make life brighter:

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The older, the less. The younger the older

The French researcher and professor of marketing at the Paris-Dauphine University, Denis Gouet, believes that “adolescents like to get older in order to gain more autonomy and freedom and to be taken seriously more often. From the age of 35, on the contrary, we feel much younger. It turns out that the older you are, the younger.

For adolescents, time passes too slowly, because they want to quickly achieve independence. For adults, time flies at an incredible speed. But an older person thinks that instead of the actual 50 or 60 years of his life, only 25 or 30 years have passed.

Calculating subjective age is not easy. This value is not constant: your perception changes depending on your mood and circumstances. Today you feel five years older because you are tired and irritated. But once you rest, you will feel your age. When adventure, inspiration, and joyful events come into your life, you feel younger. At this subjective age it is similar to happiness. It changes on different days: on bad indicators it is lower, on good indicators it is higher. Even a few hours can improve or worsen the result.

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How to start the rejuvenation process?


According to studies, the main factors that increase subjective age are headaches, insomnia, shortness of breath, body mass index, as well as a person’s belief that he cannot influence his condition. This shows what needs to be improved now. Move more, stop smoking and drinking and eat a healthy diet, monitor your mental health.

close relationships

The idea of ​​how good your sex will be 10 years from now affects the feeling of age. This parameter is included in the top 10 psychomarkers of aging. Good sex involves affection and intimacy. So if in 10 years it’s still good, in the future you won’t be alone. I must say that marital status is almost as important as sex life 10 years from now.

openness and optimism

Outgoing and open-minded people who are able to see the positive in everything have a lower subjective age. Maybe optimistic extroverts just find it easier to meet people and maintain close relationships. Or maybe they are optimistic about their own aging and the future in general. In any case, by changing our consciousness, we change our age and perception of the world.

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big goal

When a person has a goal, he becomes younger in soul and body. He gets up early, becomes more active, his eyes start to shine. He is full of enthusiasm. The hormonal background is changing. The person looks more attractive in the eyes of others. People are drawn to him, he becomes more active and energetic. Remind yourself of when you were between the ages of 18 and 20, when you really wanted something and were heading towards that goal. You were unstoppable. Approximately such a program of a young man of 18-20 years old turns him on from the inside if he manages to find a great goal.

calm state

Stress is an important factor contributing to subjective age aging, so reducing it in everyday life can also be one of the ways of internal rejuvenation.

Breathing practices, meditation, yoga, walks in the fresh air, physical activity in general are suitable for this. And also – claims for the age at which you want to look.

“Multiple results show that “people who feel younger than their chronological age are healthier and also live longer,” says Anna E. Kornadt, PhD, Professor in the Department of Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Luxembourg.

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