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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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New “Daddy’s Daughters” Successfully Reboots Beloved Series, STS Clearly Tried

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 08:07:36

On September 18, the premiere of the continuation of the cult series “Daddy’s Daughters” took place; For many, the series at one time became a cult work, it was seen on a par with “Kadetstvo”, “Univer”, “Happy Together” and other hits of that time.

Recently, a trend has begun to bring back these old series: “Univer” has essentially not left the screens for the last 15 years, the new “Happy Together” is also already filming, and “Daddy’s Daughters” has already returned. . The first episodes are now available and from them you can understand what direction the creators of the program took.

Where to see the new “Daddy’s Daughters”

The series is broadcast on STS and the Start service, and is also available on Kinopoisk as part of the collaboration.

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The plot of “Daddy’s daughters. New”

History repeats itself: in 2007, Sergei Vasnetsov’s wife leaves him, leaving him with five daughters, and in 2023, Dasha leaves Venik, leaving him with four daughters. However, now the rest of the Vasnetsov family, including fathers and daughters, comes to the rescue.

The video is available on the STS YouTube channel. The rights to the video belong to STS.

These are other “daddy’s girls”

With all the warm feelings for the old “Daddy’s Daughters”, it is very difficult to see them in 2023: the characters do not speak, but constantly shout at each other, each character is more of a stereotype than a full-fledged hero. The situations towards the end of the program are increasingly absurd and the connection with reality is extremely distant.

I’m happy to report that the new “Daddy’s Girls” has completely abandoned the classic formula: it’s hard to even call it a sitcom; is closer to modern television series from the Prime Minister himself: they film in real places, on the streets, constantly. change of camera angles and much greater attention to detail.

But the most important thing is that the creators of the new series have changed their approach to the characters: these are not monosyllabic stereotypes without depth, who do not even try to solve their problems, but simply shout at each other; They behave in an understandable way. The new daughters were especially surprised: now there are four of them, and each of them is already remembered in the first episodes, and it is not just a series of clichés (smart, athlete, gothic, beauty).

Galina Sergeevna and Masha

Photo: STS

It is even ironic that it was Galina Sergeevna and Masha who maintained the same stereotypes in the sequel: they changed little and did not grow at all. For example, Masha is still stupid, naive and, for the sake of another guy, she is ready to leave her family in need.

A kind of dissonance is created: the new daughters seem much more interesting and deeper characters than a couple of old characters (in the first two episodes, Zhenya and Button appear for a couple of seconds, so it is still difficult to talk about their evolution ).

It seems that the old caricatures of adult daughters have become a limitation: they simply cannot break out of the old image, while the new girls have more room to work with. As a result, it even seems that young actresses simply perform better than “veteran” ones.

Sonya, Arina, Lisa and Diana are dad’s new daughters

Photo: STS

In general, according to first impressions, it turns out to be an interesting basis for future success: yes, this is a different “Daddy’s Daughters”, a kind of soft reboot, where the story continues, but everything else has completely changed. I just want to praise this approach.

“The father’s daughters. New”: look further?

Yes. This is not Game of Thrones or any other story-based series, so there is no need to even try to compare. “Daddy’s daughters” was a television series that workers and children watched at night to spend an hour with their favorite characters. The new show copes perfectly with this task.

If STS manages to maintain the quality bar, “Daddy’s Daughters” can remain on television screens for a long time; This is such a safe series that you can watch it and it definitely won’t disappoint you (if you understand what you’re watching). , of course).

“The Father’s Daughters. New” is a good example of a successful relaunch.

The whole family to meet

Photo: STS

Not surprisingly, the project has already been expanded for a second season, filming of which began just as the first season premiered. STS clearly hopes to keep the program on its agenda.

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