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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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“No one will be surprised if Kokorin shows up at the base.” Will a Russian be given a new chance in Italy?

Date: May 19, 2024 Time: 15:13:11

“No one will be surprised if Kokorin shows up at the base.” Will a Russian be given a new chance in Italy?

Dmitry Zimin August 19, 2023, 12:05 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Yes, yes. Fiorentina have attacking problems, and Alexander was very good in training camp.

You definitely came across news about Kokorin’s goals in friendly matches for Fiorentina. The forward returned to the club from Aris, where he became the best player of the season, and now he has a new opportunity in Italy. At this point, you can smirk, but that’s the way it is. Fiorentina have never been able to find buyers for the striker, the contract remains valid for one more season. So Vincenzo Italiano has no other choice, which is why Alexander played quite intensively on freight trains before the start of the season. And, most importantly, indeed: he has at least three targets. And those are just the ones that reached the public. Actually, maybe even more.

Where Kokorin was expected at the end of June:

Kokorin is not expected in the RPL! Stay in Cyprus or fly to Türkiye?

On the social networks of the club, there is a real delight from Coco – that’s what the fans call him. The failures of past seasons are forgotten. Now some really believe in him as a striker.

“Many of us thought that Kokorin was just a meme and that those who praised him online were just using silly humor. But then preseason with Italian, who begins to use Russian. The result is good performances and goals. Even before the debut match of the championship with Genoa.

If Kokorin really looked great, then he has everything for one of those romantic and unexpected stories that make football beautiful: the classic outsider who puts on a shirt and recovers (in this case for the first time) love and love. applause from your audience”, wrote one of the popular “violet” bloggers.

And this is not irony at all. Kokorin has a real chance to start the season from the very beginning. All due to personnel difficulties. Main striker Luka Jovic wants to leave, but the club is having a hard time finding a buyer who is ready to meet all financial requests. Therefore, the footballer is in a state of “on the suitcases”. Yes, he trains, sometimes he goes out, but the coach admits that overall he no longer has a striker who doesn’t want to play for Florence.

luka jovic

Photo: Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

On August 14, Fiorentina announced the signing of Argentine striker Lucas Beltrán. For €25 million Naturally, it is he who is potentially the first choice for the season. But the problem is that before the game against Genoa, which is already on Saturday, the 22-year-old will spend only a couple of training sessions. Therefore, putting it on the base is a big risk. There is also the Angolan Mbala N’Zola, but he has only been in the team for a week, so he has not adapted either. But at least he has good experience in Serie A. Then Italiano will probably choose between him and the Russian. On the one hand, Kokorin, who had a great preseason and seems to have impressed the coach a lot. On the other hand, N’Zola is a predictable but ill-adjusted beginner.

Meanwhile, does the Italian team have a new coach?

Spalletti to become Italy coach? The clause of the contract with Napoli stops him

“It seems unbelievable, but the Russian is probably the striker who did the best in the summer and the coach himself is very impressed with his attitude and form. So impressed that there is no reason to question whether the choice will ultimately fall on him. And indeed, no one will be surprised if Kokorin starts with Genoa, they wrote a couple of days ago in Corriere Fiorentino.

Alexander Kokorin

Photo: www.acffiorentina.com

At the same time, even if Kokorin becomes a starter in the first game, it is unlikely that he will become a long-term project. Too much money has been paid for Beltrán, who is likely to become the season’s leading striker. So Alexander has a choice: either be second or third choice (along with N’Zola), or find a new team. The Cypriot “Aris” had a footballer in the Champions League standings, from where the team had already taken off. So it’s not a fact that now they want Alexander to return. Interest has been reported from the United Arab Emirates. The agent also spoke about the Russian club. But the general message is that everything depends on Fiorentina.

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