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Monday, March 4, 2024
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Not just Tarasenko. 7 Other NHL Stars Stuck in the Free Agent Market

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 01:55:50

It’s been more than a week since the NHL transfer market opened, but several well-known hockey players and even stars remain without a contract. We’re talking about the top unrestricted free agents of the offseason who haven’t found a new club yet.

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Patrick Kane, 34

Stats last season: Chicago/Rangers, 73 games, 57 (21 assists, 36) points

Cap reach in previous contract: $10.5 million

The three-time Stanley Cup winner is likely to be on the market for a long time. The fact is that on June 1, Kane underwent surgery to restore the hip joint, and now he will have a recovery period that may even coincide with the start of the new season. Patrick himself plans to sign a new contract in August-September, when he understands his physical shape and capabilities. The demand for the not yet old and still useful striker will definitely be, besides, Kane, of course, will drop a lot in money compared to the previous contract.

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Jonathan Toews, 35

Stats last season: Chicago, 53 games, 31 (15 goals, 16 goals)

Cap reach in previous contract: $10.5 million

Kane’s long-term partner in Chicago came to the end of the Blackhawks era, beautifully saying goodbye to the club and fans, but at the same time making it clear that he didn’t want to tie himself up with the NHL yet. Toews, 35, is looking for a job to dust off for another couple of years, of course, on a minimal (or near-minimal) contract.

But there are still few rumors regarding the legend of the “black hawks”. They speak of the interest of ‘Edmonton’, which would not interfere with the most experienced central defender in the fourth link. In principle, there are many teams in the league in a state of restructuring that need an experienced uncle-mentor for youth, but the question is how ready Toews is to reduce salary and health can let the veteran down again at any time. moment.

jonathan toews

Photo: www.nhl.com

Vladimir Tarasenko, 31 years old

Stats last season: St. Louis/Rangers, 69 games, 50 (18 goals, 32 assists)

Cap reach in previous contract: $7.5 million

Tarasenko is perhaps the most prominent player on the current market. Still far from being a veteran who has the potential to give a powerful new segment in his career. There are no guarantees, of course, but the Russian is still claiming a solid contract and a leadership role at the new club.

However, Tarasenko still hasn’t found what he was looking for and doesn’t want to put up with market testing. Vladimir turns down all offers and changes agents in hopes of getting what he wants. Let’s see how it ends, but for the moment, apparently, the Russian’s main candidate is Ottawa.

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Matt Damba, 28

Stats last season: Minnesota, 79 games, 14 (4+10) points

Cap reach in previous contract: $6 million

Textured and militant Damba is one of the main proponents of the market. At the same time, in the last season, Matt degraded dramatically in terms of personal statistics in all the main indicators, but had a record season in terms of suspension time.

The hockey player finished a four-year deal with a $6 million salary cap, and now Damba is at an age where he can demand more. But who’s going to give him that money, given a not-so-great past season and the fact that Matt has spent his entire career in the Wild and is unpredictable outside of Minnesota? Most likely, the “savages” sign Damba to a bridging contract, satisfying the hockey player’s requirements and not captivating themselves with another controversial long-term contract.

Patrice Bergeron, 37

Stats last season: Boston, 78 games, 58 (27 goals, 31 assists)

Cap reach in previous contract: $2.5 million

David Kreychi, 37 years old

Statistics last season: 70 games, 56 (16+40) points

Reach of cap on previous contract: $1 million

The legendary Bergeron heals from an off-season back injury, breastfeeds his newborn son, and slowly thinks about continuing his career. Everyone understands that Patrice has, in fact, only two options: hang up the skates or play a little more for the “bears”. And we wouldn’t have put Patrice on our list of the best NSAs, if it weren’t for his almost 60 points in one season at 37 years old. Such veterans not only plug holes in the composition, but can also make a difference.

Much the same can be said of Krejci, who made a triumphant return to the NHL after one season in the Czech League. It’s easy to imagine that David will eventually move closer to his homeland, but something may change his mind and “shake up the old days” a little more in Massachusetts.

At the same time, it is curious that in late June Bruins president Don Sweeney claimed that the club came from the fact that neither Bergeron nor Krejci would stay in Boston.

patrice bergeron

Photo: www.nhl.com

Tomasz Tatar, 32 years old

Stats last season: New Jersey, 82 games, 48 ​​(20+28) points

Cap reach in previous contract: $4.5 million

The Slovakian had a good regular season for the Devils, but he disappeared in the playoffs and was unable to help the Devils in the cup campaign. However, Tatar remains one of the best free forwards on the market, capable of scoring 15-20 goals and shooting 30-40 points, while his financial needs have been declining for several years, and even after a good year. for New Jersey, Tomas is unlikely to be able to expect a raise.

Phil Kessell, 35

Stats last season: Vegas, 82 games, 36 (14+22) points

Cap reach in previous contract: $1.5 million

Kessel played the entire regular season for Las Vegas, however, in the playoff championship drive, he quickly sat on the bench and watched the Knights triumph from there. But “the main hot dog in the NHL” is still colossal experience, this is skill, and it is still a decent statistic, which is not hampered by either age or excess weight.

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With a contract close to the minimum, Phil will continue to help almost any team and raise the atmosphere in the locker room to the right level.

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