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Friday, April 19, 2024
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Passion for Gatiyatulin. It seems Ak Bars stole Siberia’s head coach

Date: April 19, 2024 Time: 01:56:57

Passion for Gatiyatulin. It seems Ak Bars stole Siberia’s head coach

Maxim Makarov April 3, 2024, 1:20 PM Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

The residents of Novosibirsk seem to have forgotten that oral agreements have no legal force. And in Kazan they simply solve their problems.

A few hours ago, like a bolt from the blue, a championship insider revealed that Anvar Gatiyatulin would manage Ak Bars Kazan. And in order not to get lost in the excessive abundance of news, inside information and then possible claims, let’s start from the beginning and restore the chronology of events.

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Anvar Gatiyatulin agreed to direct Ak Bars, despite the agreement with Siberia

What options did Anvar Gatiyatulin have for next season?

First of all, Anvar Rafailovich was called as an assistant by the newly appointed CSKA coach Ilya Vorobyov. But, apparently, Gatiyatulin closed the gestalt of working as an assistant after working for SKA and the Russian national team.

And the main one, of course, was the option with Siberia, which even officially announced that “an agreement has been reached to sign a contract.” The wording of the official press release is a little eccentric, but it is what it is.

And here Ak Bars comes to the fore, who first missed Vorobyov and then did not wait for Kudashov, who renewed his contract with Dynamo Moscow. And then an option appeared with Gatiyatulin, who agreed with Siberia, but did not sign anywhere.

Now let’s look at the situation from three sides: Ak Bars, Sibir and Gatiyatulin himself.

What about Ak bars? As already mentioned, the Kazan team wasted the two potentially most valuable options for them and opted for the candidacy of the former Traktor coach. Why does Ak Bars need Anvar Rafailovich? First of all, the style of play that Gatiyatulin’s teams preach is exactly the same as Bilyaletdinov’s style. The people of Kazan are not going to change his philosophy, but that is their business. The second question that arises in the minds of ordinary people is: why does the KHL great need a coach who was fired at the beginning of the season from a lower class team (at least in terms of credentials)? We are not like that, life is like that, the classics would say and close this topic. But if you dig into more details, then looking at the free agent market, you can see… nothing.

In fact, there is a real problem with valuable personnel, so the only theoretical options left are Dmitry Kvartalnov and, theoretically, Andrey Skabelka. But in Kazan they decided that only Zinetula Khaidarovich could come and go, so we will not see Kvartalnov in Kazan. The third question is more moral and ethical: why does the team not respect the agreement with another club? The answer will be: why should Kazan care? It wasn’t them who agreed.

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“Siberia” announced an agreement with Gatiyatulin on the appointment of the head coach

What happened to the glorious team on the banks of the Ob? Why does the Novosibirsk club announce not the signing of a contract, but an agreement? Couldn’t wait for the official announcement? Here the option immediately arises that “Siberia” simply decided to hedge its bets by taking Gatiyatulin’s conscience hostage. “Siberia” does not have a single opportunity to flaunt arguments in the field of law, but in the field of moral and ethical norms and masculine agreements. But is it necessary to do this? The first pancake of the new leadership under the governor’s supervision came out lumpy.

Let’s move on to Gatiyatulin. What led Anvar Rafailovich to violate the verbal agreements with Sibir? Most likely, it is ambition, because it is probably the last opportunity to work as a head coach in a top-level club. How to evaluate the action in relation to Novosibirsk? The action is far from the most unambiguous, and Gatiyatulin will receive some criticism, and when he arrives with Ak Bars in Novosibirsk, he will hear the indignant roar of the new Novosibirsk stadium in his direction.

Is it necessary to attack Gatiyatulin with great anger? It’s up to you, of course, but there are doubts whether this situation is new or somehow unique to our hockey. All the fuss is based solely on the fact that the club officially announced an agreement. All. If it weren’t for her, would anyone be surprised if the coach chose Kazan between Sibir and Ak Bars? Hardly.

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