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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Perez deliberately squeezed Verstappen and does F-1 need fines for track limits? analysis

Date: June 22, 2024 Time: 14:53:27

The permanent expert of the “Championship”, bronze medalist of the Formula V8 3.5 series, Egor Orudzhev, answered the main questions about the results of the Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix, which ended with another victory for Max Verstappen.

How to deal with track limits in F-1 in the context of the mess in Austria?

Hard to say. In general, thousandths are earned in this, and they are fined per second. On the other hand, sometimes they don’t realize it. Several times in thousandths/hundredths, and now one more tenth, and this is a position on the grid that can decide the race for the better. So you have to penalize.

Are the racers right when they say it’s not their fault, they say the white line is not visible from the car?

Yes, the line as a whole is not visible. But if you remove the stupid double curb on the same Red Bull Ring and do gravel like before, they would hardly have made it to gravel. Every single rider, more or less, understands where he is, and gravel would hardly hold on. My opinion: you just need to make a curb at the exit so that the whole car does not fit, and the gravel follows it. I made a mistake and dropped the wheel there; well done, I lost a second or more myself, but I certainly didn’t improve my time by a hundredth.

What happened after the end of the race in Austria:


The Austrian Grand Prix results have changed! Only three cyclists kept their places in the top 10

How do you assess the hard fight of the Red Bull drivers at the start of the sprint?

It seemed to me that Cheko accidentally squeezed Max on the grass. As soon as he hit the grass, Pérez immediately moved to the left. Well, he didn’t understand why Sergio braked before the third corner so early. There was an abyss in the braking! Well, or at least he closed the inner radio. I don’t think even Max understood why they first squeezed him onto the grass and then opened the door and invited him in.

Did Pérez manage to “get off” with a strong race due to a qualifying failure?

Of course not. Red Bull can produce doubles one after the other, but here 1-3… So of course not.

Should Red Bull let Verstappen take the risk he did with a pit stop two laps to go?

Why not? Such actions, on the contrary, keep the mechanics in good order. If they make a pit stop and lose the win, it will be their fault. So the pit stop is under pressure. And when you drive alone for a long time and the usual pit stops do not solve anything, the mechanics start to deal with them more easily. So, already in a sudden fight, they can make a mistake, and thus they remain in good shape.

How Red Bull decided on Max’s pit stop:

Marco: About Verstappen’s pit stop at the end: They said “no”, but couldn’t persuade him!

Ferrari did not allow Sainz to attack Leclerc at the start of the race, the right decision or not? And wouldn’t it be worth dividing the strategies of the pilots in VSC?

I think this was worth sharing as it is not clear which strategy was more profitable. But the Ferrari strategists, as always, know this better than anyone!

Do you understand Hamilton, who complained on the radio about the behavior of the car throughout the race?

No I do not understand. They won’t make a better car for you out of the boxes. To say it once is understandable, you just give feedback on how the car is going. But complaining all the time, I don’t get it. Other than irritation, the team isn’t going to cause any of this.

We analyze the behavior of Hamilton and his complaints:

F-1 Grievance Champion Brought Team Boss! Crying “Mercedes” can’t get any faster

In terms of speed, Mercedes and Aston could not keep up with Ferrari. Will the “Scuderia” now be second in the championship?

I think this is the specificity of Spielberg. If we see Ferrari ahead again at Silverstone, then perhaps we can put them in second place. So far I think the track just came up. Austria is distinguished by very low tire wear, which was in the hands of Ferrari. Silverstone, by contrast, eats rubber.

With such progress, can “McLaren” dream of a Norris podium?

Lando is doing great again, just handsome! Podium? I think it could work. If the progress continues, then it is definitely possible. Let’s see how the next races go.

Tsunoda started the race very bravely, but in the end he broke his wing. How justified was the risk of him?

In fact, Yuki was simply unlucky on the sidewalk – the front wheels bounced unnecessarily. It happened at such a low speed, it was just bad luck. Well, then, perhaps, the lack of pressure affected: he blocked and, in order not to collide with anyone, he went into the gravel.

Departure of Yuki Tsunoda

Photo: Lars Baron/Getty Images

What do you think of the second F-1 application of the new sprint format?

To be honest, I didn’t get a chance to look. With this format you get a bit confused: either a sprint or a shootout… I am for the traditional weekend. The show is enough, and this is more like a circus. Yes, and the pilots cannot correctly select the configuration. The sport ends here.

F1 drivers continue to oppose the ban on tire warmers. Are they right that it is too dangerous for F-1 cars?

Yes, the riders are right. Imagine: you have 1000 “horses” – a car that weighs less than a ton. And you are on the ice without spikes and without Velcro. That’s the feeling of cold rubber.

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