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Monday, May 27, 2024
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Punished for a word. Slutsky had to answer for supporting Dziuba

Date: May 27, 2024 Time: 19:53:39

No one will be surprised that the once leading figures of Russian football, Artem Dzyuba and Leonid Slutsky, have shifted their focus from football itself to the media component. Regular shows and performances with comedians often provoke public condemnation for a certain “freakyness”, but it would be a sin to deny that opinions indicate the success of the new role.

And if Artem still manages to storm the Russian Premier League as part of the “railway workers”, then Leonid Viktorovich, judging by his feelings, left training in the past, and if there was any belief in reincarnation, then now the chances of a brilliant comeback has diminished significantly. Also, because of the specialist himself.

Russia’s once best coach was punished for insulting a 19-year-old journalist.


The widely discussed story about the verbal altercation between Artem Dzyuba and 19-year-old RB Sport journalist Vitaly Borodin received a sudden continuation, and the third hero of the so-called “series” was the striker’s colleague Leonid Slutsky.

If you suddenly forgot about the events of a month ago, then it is worth reminding yourself of them. After the match between Lokomotiv and Krylya Sovetov (1-1), a young journalist approached the footballer and asked him about the words of Igor Shalimov, who criticized the player and said that he would not score more than two goals in one season. . The angry Artem did not like this question and unleashed his anger on the boy:

-Listen, you will finish the game. I’ll put your phone in one place. You understood me? If you come again. I warned you for the last time. Then you will be offended.

RIA Novosti

To Vitaly’s reasonable question “What did I do?” There was another rude response, after which the striker got into the car and drove away. Soon, his workshop colleagues supported the interviewer: the most ardent supporter was Roman Naguchev, who announced a boycott of Artem while he was working in the Lokomotiv-Sochi party. There was also a reaction from the RFU: the striker was fined 50 thousand rubles and received two matches of conditional disqualification. The management of the Moscow team had to fight against reputational losses.

At the height of the scandal, Leonid Slutsky decided to add fuel to the fire. Whether by “exaggeration” or by joke (it is worth noting immediately that it was inappropriate), the specialist decided to ironize what happened and at the same time show support for his colleague, and in a way that was too rude for a confrontation between a adult man and a young man:

“Of course, a 19-year-old idiot works for the fans when he runs out of the territory… If in Holland a journalist started filming a person without permission, they would have taken him away, they wouldn’t have said “This is impossible in Holland” , Slutsky said on “Comment.Live.”

YouTube channel “Comment.Show”

Later, in the “Comment.Show” itself, they decided to silence the situation, trying to translate it ironically: in a humorous tone they announced that Leonid Viktorovich was “suspendedly disqualified for two broadcasts and fined three Big Tasties for interrupting Genich.” in the air.”

Joking aside, the RFU did not tolerate such bullying and offensive behaviour. On September 2, the head of the RFU ethics committee, Andrei Stukalov, said he would consider Slutsky’s words about the journalist. However, in mid-August, Leonid Viktorovich indicated that he does not regret what he said and behaves as he sees fit:

– Am I all over the news because of the phrase about the “19-year-old idiot”? I really do not care. It seems to me that if Dziuba and I disappear from the information field, then all Telegram channels will simply be closed and will not have an invoice… Therefore, for me everything happens as “somewhere, somehow something”… to say something I think, and not what they want to hear…” Slutsky said on the YouTube channel “Comment.Show.”

And now, for “something somewhere”, the punishment followed: the mentor was fined 100 thousand rubles and conditionally suspended from football activities for a year. In this case, “conditionally” means that if this happens again, the ban will be real.

The decision caused misunderstandings among the Russian football community.

– Provides a lot of interesting experience in Comment.Live and Comment.Preview formats. He is developing his program, where he interviews coaches, and this is also for the benefit of Rosfootball. I’m not even talking about Slutsky’s project in Volgograd, where much of his own money was spent for the benefit of children’s football. And this man should be suspended from football for a year?! For the word “imbecile”… It is not so important that the dismissal is conditional, it is already a question of principles and symbols. In general, I did not like the words of Dzyuba and Slutsky, but even a conditional suspension from football for one year and a fine of 100 thousand rubles is too much and like a demonstrative flogging, – said Dmitry Shnyakin in the Match TV column.

Thus, the situation from a month ago once again became one of the most discussed in Russian football. Leonid Viktorovich previously had a reputation for being a sharp-tongued person: it is enough to recall the words of criticism addressed to the referee Vitaly Meshkov, for which Slutsky was fined 250 thousand rubles and conditionally disqualified until the end of the season. And if at that time his statements granted him the status of “hero who reveals the truth”, now the shocking behavior of the specialist led him to be sanctioned for an altercation with a 19-year-old young man.

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