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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Pupils Tutberidze and Plushenko put on a great show! But other skaters turned out to be the best.

Date: March 2, 2024 Time: 02:02:40

Our youngsters at the test skates in Novogorsk surprised us with a huge number of quadruple jumps! Almost all the participants went to the more difficult elements. Arseniy Fedotov from the Tutberidze group demonstrated five ultra-si’s in the free skate and, it seemed, was clearly aiming to maintain the lead in the new season. Figure skaters Evgeni Plushenko also bombed quads from the heart, making no secret of their ambitions on the way to the top of the sport.

However, other guys are also rushing and are well prepared for the upcoming tournaments. The quad quartet showed in the free program Lev Lazarev from CSKA, and the students of Svetlana Sokolovskaya and Veronika Daineko conquered the senior quads, as if they had come to compete in the World Championship.

I can’t wait to see the guys in a real competitive fight! Battles for the podium promise unpredictable results and a lot of bright emotions.

The student Sokolovskaya is preparing to pass into adulthood.

Even on the first day of test skates, when short programs were presented, she couldn’t do without junior quad jumps. According to the rules, its content is strictly regulated: double or triple axel, mandatory triple lutz, combination of two jumps and no quads. However, Grigory Fedorov did not pay attention to the ban and went for two full quadruples – a flip and a lutz. From the last one he fell, so he was left without a waterfall, but he left a great impression. The rebellion itself is explained simply: Gregory is 18 years old and obviously plans to compete at the adult level. It’s time. In addition, his senior teammate in the group of Svetlana Sokolovskaya-Mark Kondratyuk said goodbye to junior starts at 17 years old.

Headbutting Gregory with 13-year-olds is going to be really weird. So we are waiting for him in the adult Grand Prix series and in the Russian Championship. It will make a more than worthy competition.

Grigory Fyodorov

Photo: Petr Kovalev / TASS

It has great ultra-if content not only in the short program, but also in the free program. In Novogorsk, he vaulted a back-to-back quadruple cartwheel and lutz with his hands up. Unfortunately, he fell from both, but this didn’t stop him from landing a combination of a quadruple shearling, a double axel, a double axel. Grisha also had a couple of step-outs, and at the end of the skate he fell off the triple axel, and of course left the ice ruffled.

However, it doesn’t really matter that their free show in mid-August is far from ideal. Over the course of the season, you’ll have time to calibrate or tweak the content a bit to reduce the chance of bugs.

Pupils Tutberidze and Plushenko showed excellent skates.

In juniors, a far from childish confrontation is coming between the pupils of Tutberidze and Plushenko. Arseniy Fedotov, who won all of his starts last season, was back on horseback and rocking fearlessly in three quads: shearling coats and single salchows, as well as a cascade of quadruple salchows: a triple shearling coat. , which very organically turned out to be enrolled in the modern arrangement of Swan Lake. Two trixels, one of them cascading with a greaser and a triple salchow, also did not cause difficulties for Arseniy.

Arseny Fedotov

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

The only mistake lubricated his program: he doubled the last jump, a triple lutz, for which he was left without the third waterfall. Bauer Arseniy deserves special attention. In terms of beauty, this item can compete with many girls! And this is not surprising: a very flexible young skater skillfully uses all his strengths.

Well, the quadruple lutz, who jumped in training in July, will surely wait for his prime. Still, it seems, to insert it too early.

Plushenko’s Angels manager Maxim Avtushenko was the first to skate without falling, but he didn’t prevent mistakes. Having confidently faced the most difficult cascade of a quadruple salchow, a greaser, a triple salchow, he took a break in a series of triple jumps and then allowed a step forward in a solo quadruple salchow. Despite this, Evgeni Plushenko met Maxim without any complaints – a good hire. True, the athlete lacks art, and the staging lacks saturation with more than jumps.

Nikita Sarnovsky

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

Another “Angel” – Nikita Sarnovsky has grown noticeably over the summer and now stands out against the background of more miniature rivals. It seemed that the growth spurt could become a problem, but nothing like that. Nikita calmly performed several ultra-si: a combination of a quadruple salchow – a double toe loop, a quadruple salchow, a triple axel combination – a triple toe loop and a solo triple axel. Early in the race, he fell off a quad lutz, but this jump is an improvement on an already strong jump set. But it definitely wasn’t worth allowing a slight wobble in one of the rotations.

Like Avtushenko, Nikita will have to seriously work on the components. High jumps are not a reason to give up everything else.

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Ugozhaev put on a quad show to the rhythm of haute couture music

The absence of quads did not prevent Makar Puzin from standing out. The two triple axes of him, one of which cascaded with a snipe, were very beautiful. Yes, and in general, it’s nice to watch Makar skate: he slides well, brings emotions back, makes sure everything is in order. harmony.

Dmitry Shelkovnikov, on the contrary, left an ambiguous impression, although he tried to make a fourfold sheepskin coat. His landings from the jumps were shaky so not a single waterfall came out.

Familiar notes from the old program of Anna Shcherbakova sounded in the new free program of Mikhail Tikhonov. To inspiring forgiveness, Anya won the World Championship in Stockholm, and Misha pleased with a new jump – a quadruple salchow. It is a pity that before that it fell out of the quadruple sheepskin coat, but the main thing is that the content is getting stronger. And Misha spins in both directions – rarely today do skaters please us with this ability.

Nikolai Ugozhaev

Photo: Artyom Sakharov, Championship

Nikolai Ugozhaev performed a stylish quad extravaganza. A student of Veronica Daineko landed a magnificent quadruple flip, slightly blurred the exit in a quadruple lutz, and took off into the sky in a triple axel. The landing was spoiled by stepping out, furthermore it is not clear why the athlete did not make the third cascade in the program. Maybe you accidentally forgot? In any case, the elegant production to the music of SebastiAn, which played at Yves Saint Laurent’s Summer 2021 menswear show, is beyond praise. The figure skater perfectly fit into the image of the model. Elegant hands, an elegant suit and an expressive look – there is something to see here even without jumping!

The youngest participant in the test skates, Vadim Voronov, who will turn 13 on August 19, took a chance on a quad lutz, but did not twist it much and fell. A sudden fall caught up with him at the entrance to one of the rotations. That’s what it means: ice is slippery: you can stick your paw on anything.

And Ivan Ramzenkov pleased in the free quad Salchow. So far he has been limited to Trixel and Triple Jumps in competition, but it’s time for quads. Vanya wanted to jump another quadruple salchow, but something went wrong, and the jump did not take place at all. And then an offensive “butterfly” happened on the trixel – instead of three and a half, the guy turned only one and a half turns.

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“Are you ready to fly into space?”

Another painfully familiar composition – the soundtrack to the film “Interstellar” – was performed in the free program by Nikolai Loginov. Camila Valieva skated to the same music last season in the short program. However, Kolya and coach Artur Gachinsky brought an unusual insert to the tune. In the last few seconds, a mysterious voice was heard asking, “Are you ready to fly into space?” If Alexander Trusov was on the juniors’ test skates, he would probably answer: “Yes!”

Kolya himself, alas, is in no hurry to go into space, if we talk about content. At 17 he skates without quads, with two triples and a triple flip butterfly.

Lazarev invaded the super content

The representative of the Chelyabinsk region, Alexander Chmil, limited himself to triple jumps. He turned out to be something of a reprieve from the superskate of Lev Lazarev from Sergei Davydov’s group. The 13-year-old figure skater confidently rode four quads: two lutz, one of which was in a combination with two double axes, a shearling coat, and a salchow. I fell from salchow, but when such an incredible difficulty, a fall is pure nonsense. And after all, at the same time, Leo was completely imbued with the chosen topic, and the production pleased with bright accents and originality.

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Star Plushenko made a mistake and broke the rules. And how are the students of Tutberidze doing?

Eduard Karartynyan closed the junior skate test with a fun free program on graffiti. In the first part, he even remotely resembled Mark Kondratyuk’s short film from last year. But this is normal, because they both train with Svetlana Sokolovskaya, and Mark, probably, as an Olympic champion, serves as an example for everyone present.

Eduard skated cleanly, but he didn’t risk much. Possessor of several different quadruple jumps, he demonstrated a solo toe loop and a triple Axel. He expects more complications in the future.

Most likely, many more are checking the content – the competition between juniors, like never before, promises to be very tough, and it is not known who will be the leader in this race.

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