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Monday, May 27, 2024
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Resident Evil: The Island of Death is the best Resident Evil movie of recent years

Date: May 27, 2024 Time: 17:56:27

Resident Evil is making great games, but the franchise has had little luck with movies and animation. Only in recent years, the heads of the studio have released a ridiculous series about Wesker’s daughters, a strange film about the infestation of Raccoon City and a dubious cartoon “Endless Darkness”. Everything was so bad that the fans missed the “Resident Evil” with Mila Jovovich. There was trash, but at least it was fun.

Hopes were pinned on the “Island of Death”. Still, this is the first time that all the key characters have come together on one screen: Chris, Leon, Jill, Claire, and even Rebecca Chambers. The trailers only added optimism – they showed a crowd of slimes, zombie sharks and battles with a huge monster.

Alas, this was not enough to call the cartoon good, although nothing better has been released for Resident Evil for a long time.

The video is available on the Sony Pictures Entertainment YouTube channel. Video rights belong to Sony/Capcom.

Where to see in Russia

Resident Evil: The Island of Death is now available online and can be found on most platforms.

Early Access Charts

At first glance, “Death Island” looks luxurious. Take at least realistic faces – everyone’s facial expressions are convincing, their eyes are deep-set, their hair flutters beautifully in the wind. Plus, the characters are just gorgeous – just look at Russian model Alexandra Zotova-inspired Jill and outrageously stylish Leon. It’s good to love these guys.

The problem is that everything else is like “in Early Access”. For example, in the plot, Leon runs at great speed around the track and fights with the villains. It would seem that from the wind and collisions, the clothes should wrinkle, and the motorcycle should be deformed. But the artists did not pay attention to these little things.

shooting the monsters

Photo: Sony/Capcom

In a simple anime, everyone would turn a blind eye to a crude approach, but for “Island of Death” they chose a realistic style. Therefore, you notice all the jambs.

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kissel fights

The choreography in the cartoon is good. Heroes run up walls, cleverly defeat zombies, decapitate in spectacular slow motion, and shoot with precision from incredible positions. The duet of León and María Gómez stands out especially, who fought for 90 minutes. The authors clearly have the best tricks in store for them.

There are also tense moments. When Leon and Jill freeze in front of a prowling slime, you squeeze yourself into a chair with stress. The reception is stereotypical, but on the “Island of the Dead” it works.

Unfortunately, the action has the same problem as the visual. Overall, everything is fine, but it’s better not to look at the little things. For example, characters move unnaturally. They seem to have landed on jelly: they hit too slowly, fall to the ground with little force, react unpleasantly to blows. As a result, the sensations from the battles are twofold: it looks beautiful, but something is missing.

jill is beautiful

Photo: Sony/Capcom

The neural network plot

According to the plot, the heroes meet new zombies. They didn’t get infected from a bite and they didn’t turn into monsters, but they run fast and do parkour. Who created the new form of the T-virus? How did the infection get into people? What is the villain looking for? At first, these questions are intriguing.

Unfortunately, the more you watch the cartoon, the more you twist your face in bewilderment. The feeling that the authors fed the neural networks with the plots of all parts of Resident Evil and forced them to write the script. It turned out too toothless and stereotypical.

The villain came out especially ridiculous. Once he knew about the insidiousness of Umbrella and lost all her friends, therefore he wants to punish the corporation and at the same time all people in general. And for the base, the scoundrel chose a popular tourist spot, where crowds roam every day. How did the base not realize, why the villain has such a strange motivation and is not a fool? These questions are spinning in my head until the final credits.

I came for a bad tour

Photo: Sony/Capcom

Is Resident Evil: Isle of Death worth watching?

There are enough shortcomings in the “Island of the Dead”, but there are also advantages: the faces of the characters are beautiful, the battles are ingenious, iconic monsters like slimes are in place. Therefore, the cartoon cannot be called good, but recent Netflix series and movies can. If you are a fan of Resident Evil, you will most likely enjoy watching it. The rest are not real.


The characters have beautiful faces. There are memorable fights with cool tricks. Good fan service.

I dont like him

Disgusting villain The environment is poorly detailed The heroes fight like they are in a jelly.

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