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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Rotenberg turned against the Znark regime. He showed himself as a father in front of his players

Date: June 20, 2024 Time: 13:05:33

At the traditional Puchkov tournament in St. Petersburg, a match took place between the owners of the ice SKA and the guests from Novosibirsk. Everything was decent and peaceful until the victory of the favorite, but if you can’t play hockey, then pure dirt comes into play.

The players of “Siberia”, as if receiving an order from their bench, began to literally “kill” the frisky St. Petersburg attackers on the ice. At that very moment, the nerves of SKA helmsman Roman Rotenberg could not take it, who covered the coach of the Siberians David Nemirovsky with obscene language.

SKA, together with the coach Cherepovets Severstal, was frankly better than the rest of the tournament participants who were prepared for the competition. The teams won certain victories at first, after which it remained to calmly wait for the face-to-face meeting. But an unflattering event intervened in the smooth and calm development of the tournament.

The SKA match – “Siberia” started badly for the locals. The St. Petersburg club has such a habit: it is difficult and with some laziness to get to important matches. This game was no exception. After 15 empty minutes of the first half, the guests were the first to decide to turn it on. In just 20 seconds, two goals in a row flew into the goal of SKA’s Swedish goalkeeper Johan Mattsson. For the hosts, this situation was a sign that it was time to start playing like an adult.


In the second half, the St. Petersburg team did not leave any chance for the Siberian guests. David Nemirovsky’s charges failed to keep up with the opponent’s lightning attacks, resulting in numerous eliminations. In the first ten minutes of the second segment, the SKA achieved three consecutive majorities.

The frustrated guests already in the first five minutes of the third half began to be hopelessly rude, periodically, to the root, cutting Rotenberg’s chicks. In the 36th minute of the game I found a scythe on a stone. The Novosibirsk club hockey player Ilya Morozov literally pushed the attacker Zakhar Bardakov onto the board. The picture of how Zakhar fell on the ice after a dirty trick looked terrible. He looked like he lost consciousness.


It was hot in the stands of the Ice Palace, which that night brought together almost 9,000 people. SKA coach Roman Rotenberg could not tolerate such an attitude towards his boys and, in the style of 2014 World Cup model Oleg Znark, he began sending various curses and gestures at his colleague David Nemirovsky. In this case, Rotenberg can be understood. The match is not yet very important in the tournament, the teams are preparing for a long season, where problems and injuries are inevitable, but losing key players in August is clearly not in the plans of the St. Petersburg coach. Hence such a violent reaction to the rudeness of hockey players from Siberia. A man defends his own people from him, and rightly so, this is very much like hockey, it cannot be otherwise.

Román was eventually sent off for the remainder of the match. However, he didn’t get very far, he just got on the podium and continued to watch the game with the team’s fans. A moment later, Rotenberg was already lined up with fans who wanted to get his autograph. And in the end, SKA calmly led the match to a 6:3 victory.


In the post-match press conference, the coach of the tournament hosts continued to verbally express his outrage at the behavior of the guest team and the judges.

“Happy victory everyone, well done guys, all with character, they took the hit. These guys, who attacked the opponent and the coach… I don’t know, he probably worked somewhere in the beer league in Canada. I don’t know what hockey rules will apply in the KHL. But that is another matter, let those responsible make the decision and we will continue working.

We need the responsibility of the judiciary, but what is its responsibility? Here Bardakov would have been left without a head. Before that, the judges raised it again, because they did not outline the rules of the game. First, Zinchenko misses a blow to the head, they walk up to the bench and say, “We didn’t see any of that.” There is a video, take a look, we have modern technologies. The thread of the match was lost, Bardakov was seriously injured. He will not come out in the next game. But the main thing is that he is alive, this is already an advantage in this situation, ”Rotenberg stated.

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