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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Seville market. Europa League winners exhaust the entire main squad

Date: March 2, 2024 Time: 06:16:02

At the end of June, it seemed that the activity in the European transfer market was gradually fading. The leading clubs of the Old World completed the design of several high-profile passages, and besides, according to all forecasts, almost nothing interesting should have happened. So the message from the camp of the best team in the history of the Europa League was a bolt from the blue. The current holders of the second most prestigious continental club trophy are forced to put the entire main squad up for sale due to a debt of 90 million euros. This was reported by the Spanish media in reference to the president of Sevilla Pepe Castro. This had never happened before in European football.

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Shock therapy

For fans of the Andalusian team this news is a real scare. Los Sevillas miraculously saved the disastrous season at home with another incredible victory in Europe, thus getting the ticket to the Champions League. And now it is not entirely clear who will represent the colors of the club at the most prestigious tournament. It is not possible to buy at least someone who is worth more or less the money that can theoretically be left over from a massive sale; otherwise the club would not have taken such a step, but would simply have left most of the previous composition. So the Seville ship, it seems, is sinking fast.

Sell ​​something “unnecessary”

Of course, in conditional London, the problems of the Spanish club can only smile condescendingly. The transfer price of the leader of the owners of another sample of the European Cup last season -Declan Rice- did not fall below 100 million euros during the entire preseason. So if Sevilla had at least one player as in-demand as West Ham, they could solve all the problems at once. But Castro has already admitted that this way of solving the problem is not suitable for his team: no one will buy one or two players from them, even for the required 90 million, to at least cover expenses. Therefore, the club’s future prospects for the coming seasons need to be put at stake in order to save itself from financial disaster.

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Following in the footsteps of the neighbors

Someone can say that several clubs have been quietly in debtor status for several years and are smoothly and gradually solving the problem. But recently, the control of international officials on the observance of financial fair play has become much tougher. An example would be at least the suffering of Barcelona, ​​​​which is hardly looking for ways to get out of the transfer ban imposed on it and because of it, it missed out on a series of promising candidates for a position in the squad, simultaneously scaring Ilkay. Gundogan, who had already been booked by her. That, by the way, he even insisted on the appearance in his contract of a clause that he could leave at any time if he could not be declared – and not for free, but with material compensation for the first year of the contract.

Apparently, Sevilla received a very serious warning from the Spanish and international sports authorities that they could no longer remain in debtor status, and began to take radical measures to overcome the crisis.

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Here is a beautiful team led by José Luis Mendilibar and that last season, not without difficulty, came out of the swamp of the tournament in the national championship. And what can happen with the current scenario, one can only guess. Sevilla are unlikely to repeat the fate of geographic neighbors, the once-mighty Málaga, which ultimately drowned in Spain’s lower divisions. But it may take more than a year to return to the heights.

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