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“Shakespeare got into the heads of the murderers, I know a lot about it.” “The main clown of the NHL” starred in the film.

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“Shakespeare got into the heads of the murderers, I know a lot about it.” “The main clown of the NHL” starred in the film.

Rodion Vlasov August 27, 2023, 14:45 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Sean Avery has a scandalous biography, but recently his filmography has been replenished with a Hollywood hit.

Unless you spent the summer on a deserted island, you can’t miss one of the two biggest movies of the season, Oppenheimer. Despite the fact that the tape about the key figure of the American atomic project was not released at the official Russian box office, a wave of memes and jokes about this film reached Russia.

Especially attentive viewers were able to notice the former NHL player in the frames of the tape. Having played nearly 600 games for Detroit, Dallas, Los Angeles and the Rangers, and honored with the name rule, Sean Avery played an episodic character who didn’t even have a name: he was listed in the credits as “the weatherman.” If you enter Avery’s name into a search engine, Sean’s profiles on sports sites will be interspersed with pages about Afisha or Okko, listing ten episodic roles in his story.

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It is always assumed (and in many ways rightly so) that hockey players are the least charismatic athletes in the American major leagues. They rarely sound on social networks, they communicate with the press with clichés that existed at the time of the “original six”. Yet Avery has violated hockey’s informal “no brag” rule throughout his career and reveled, had fun, interned at Vogue, starred in candid photo shoots, spoke out about minority rights and participated in Dancing. with the Stars. In 2008, Alexander Ovechkin even called Avery “the main clown in the NHL.”

Sean Avery

Photo: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Well, the player met Hollywood stars while playing for the Kings, where the sports and artistic feast is cooked in approximately the same places. Alexander Frolov, who played in California, said in an interview with SE: “It’s always fun with Avery. He is a rock and roll guy who liked the outrageous image and attention. Especially on the site. A true master of provocation. In life, he was much calmer and often spent time in star companies. We even took a break with Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz.”

However, not everyone will be able to agree with Frolov about “Avery, who is calm in life.” For example, in November 2014, Sean was supposed to make his Broadway debut, but two days before the premiere he walked off the stage, angering almost the entire company. The author of the play stated that Avery is “a playwright’s worst nightmare”. The assistant principal who offered him pizza, the ex-hockey player he brought to tears (somehow Avery overheard her calling him an unprintable word), the principal himself couldn’t respond to Avery’s statement “Do you know who I am?” ?”.

Avery himself in his autobiography (translated into Russian by Andrei Osadchenko) talked about why he suddenly joined the artists – what hockey brought me. I found that feeling again…in acting. After that I started taking acting lessons and fell in love with Shakespeare. I didn’t really read it in school, because I didn’t go to school either. I tried to get into the NHL. And now I’m filling in the gaps. Shakespeare’s genius lies in the fact that he could get into anyone’s head, from kings to murderers. And I know a lot about that.” The door to the world of big cinema was opened by Avery Peter Berg (author of films like Hancock and Deep Sea Horizon), whom the player met at one of the parties.

Oppenheimer is the second Christopher Nolan film to star Avery. The hockey player was delighted with what hockey calls his “work ethic”: “Nolan demands perfect work not only from himself, but also from all members of the film crew. Discipline, responsibility and work for a common goal are the most important things for him. I appeared in the frame for a few seconds, but the feeling of belonging to something big hasn’t left yet. The studios entrust him with a budget of 600 million dollars and Nolan doesn’t want to waste a second. Chris is a true leader, a workhorse. He demands that everyone be there at dawn, and in 22 days he only took four breaks! Avery said on the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast.

Sean Avery

Photo: AP/TASS

However, the film, which has already become a hit, was released against the background of unpleasant events for the hockey player. Avery is in the process of divorcing former model Hillary Rhoda, who accused the player of domestic violence and child abuse: several times Avery terrified his three-year-old son Nash. The court issued Avery a so-called “restraining order” against Rhoda, who remains Sean’s wife; if the player continues to chase her, she will be arrested.

However, this is not surprising. Avery was already involved in a case of throwing objects at other people’s cars a few years ago, and now he’ll probably even tell this story in another book.

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