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Monday, April 15, 2024
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Shine and dirt from the Gazprom Arena. Where is Zenith, there is a scandal

Date: April 15, 2024 Time: 20:11:04


I love Pedro very much. There are a lot of friends and acquaintances here, in general there are super cool hotels and restaurants, and just sights; other capitals will not collect as much in total. One thing is strange – a lot of complexes. Complexes that interfere with life.

Coming out of the building of the Moscow railway station, you traditionally stumble upon the inscription on the house opposite: “The Hero City of Leningrad.” And this annoying reminder is everywhere. Just as often as he stumbles upon the dirt on the sidewalks of Nevsky Prospekt.

The bowl at the Zenit stadium is undoubtedly the coolest in the country. Informed people once told me how much the field of light, sound and display cost here. Money was constantly allocated for this, since everything was controlled personally by Alexei Miller.

– But the subtribune is shit. Because Alexei Borisovich does not go there, the same knowledgeable people add.

Photo source: Anna Meyer / FC Zenit

The stadium is beautiful, the metro is two hundred meters away, but no matter how much I go to the Gazprom Arena, I get the feeling that there are constant construction sites. Fences, fences, fences. After the game, I took the shortest route to the subway; it turned out that I had to walk a mile (!) along the fence, in order to walk the same mile along the back of the fence. Maybe the guys from St. Petersburg should drive once to Dynamo and see how it is arranged in Moscow? Just a shame.


In St. Petersburg they took on the task of gathering 45,000 spectators in the stands. Judging by the overcrowding at the Zenit station and at the entrances to the stadium more than an hour after the game, it is clear that the work in this regard has clearly been done. And if you pay attention to not very sympathetic sights, where exactly to go, some of them were here for the first time.

– Do you have free tickets? – I am interested in my mother with a stupid of primary school age.

– We were delivered at work…

It is empty…

The rehashes of the songs of El Rey y el Bufón brighten the climb up the uncomfortable stairs of the street.

Photo source: Evgeny Asmolov / FC Zenit

The stadium is distinguished not only by the lack of intelligible navigation (volunteers spent 15 minutes trying to find an elevator that would take me to sector C49), but also surprised me with indistinct sound.

Before the initial whistle, the entire fan sector shouts: “We don’t need a fan ID.” The stadium drowns out their chants with music. The sector does not stand still, so even when Zenit concedes a goal named after Vasyutin in the middle of the first minute, the stands do not react to the goal, but instead chant another slogan: “Fan Aide is the killer of football ”.


handsome judge. Before playing in a flash interview, he promised:

– I will do my best to make the game interesting.

Here it turns out that with what mission they go out to the field to whistle!

The referee, by the way, managed to be in the spotlight almost immediately. After a 16th minute clash between two players, he called out the doctors with a slow wave of his hand. While the doctors were running around, the players had already risen from the grass, and the referee blew the whistle to continue the game. At the same time, Kukulyak somehow did not pay attention to the fact that there was still a medical team in the center of the field.

By the middle of the second half, it became clear what the referee had in mind, promising an interesting game. He didn’t see a clean penalty (Tukavin leg kick) of the game, then he heard something in his ear for three (!) minutes, watched the replays for two minutes (!) and finally proved that there was no penalty.

Photo source: FC Dynamo (Moscow)

Kukulyak decided for himself: let there be a technical error. Whoever does not commit it with a score of 1:1, but if Gazprom is punished with an 11-meter kick on this score, this is already an ideological mistake. And this in our country, well, you can’t afford it. Also, a decrease in class, in salary (referees live on game fees), etc.

At that moment, all those gathered in the Dynamo cadre (and the head of the celebrity department, Sabina Shokh, traditionally cordially invited both actress Agnia Shilovskaya and blogger Yulia Godunova, Vlad A4’s girlfriend) had only one question. : “Zenith”, it’s not a pity. to receive titles like this?

A few minutes later, a new “movement” began – after Daler Kuzyaev received a yellow card in the 79th minute, the Internet began to boil with information that he was already the second and for some reason was not removed. True, we could not remember the first, but the RFU website stubbornly flashed two “mustard fillings”. As it turned out, a little later, the administrators of the text broadcast “heard” the match played by Georgy Cherdantsev on TV, where he talked about the yellow card in the 29th minute.

Photo source: Vyacheslav Evdokimov / FC Zenit

My God, what level has our football economy reached! The RFS inadvertently gives instructions to the TV commentator and the referees do the dirty work on the pitch.

Kukulyak is a special story. There, all the accumulated background is such that it will not seem enough. The last time Yevhen Kukulyak refereed a match involving Dynamo was in October 2021. They lost 1-0 at home to Samara and Zakharyan was knocked down in the penalty area in the second half. Kukulyak did not appoint a penalty, ESC admitted the mistake (by the way, the situation is similar in this match with Tyukavina, a blow to the back of the leg).

Six months before that, Evgeny worked in the Dynamo-Khimki party. Also 0:1, and with the score 0:0, the referee did not award a penalty to the guests in the 79th minute. ESC later admitted the same mistake.

And now a year and a half has passed, and Kukulyak returned to the match with the participation of Dynamo. And how he returned he! So it would be better to never come back. For such flyers, for such wobbly legs in front of the monitor, on which Gazprom is written in large letters, only a lifetime ban from arbitration. No options!


Dynamo proved to be a team. For the first time this calendar year. If in the first part it still seemed that it was Zenit that was playing impressively with full legs -so much so that they finally won the category-, in the second part the situation changed completely: the blue and whites dominated Saint Petersburg. like a puppy nose to the ground. And miraculously, they didn’t win the game.

Penalties are traditionally a game of nerves, but then Leschuk’s time has come. Two reflected hits, and Dynamo knocks out Zenit. If, of course, Kukulyak said that Zenit scored 5, and Dynamo 4, then the hosts would still have chances. But the judge has finally swum to this point.

Photo source: FC Dynamo (Moscow)

Ahead there was still a many-kilometer path to the metro, and at the exit through the VIP parking lot I ran into a meeting in Alexei Miller’s car, where a very large Sergey Fursenko was reporting something to the head of Gazprom. At that time, forty minutes had passed since the end of the match. Apparently, this shame strongly hurt the local leadership. Or perhaps in this confusing grid of the cup – “The Path RPL”, “The Path of the Regions” – they were looking for options: the path of the capitals, the path of the lock, or some other path. Well, can’t Zenit in his own homeland, where he and his bosses can do everything, just like that, fly to nowhere?

After an impromptu meeting, Miller went to get in the car. On the back of his sweater was the number “1” proudly displayed. As the hero of the film “Pokrovsky Gates” said, “Complexes, complexes, complexes …”

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