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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Slaves of order. Messi spoke about his rituals

Date: May 23, 2024 Time: 09:06:50

All brilliant people have their quirks. That’s not news. Thus, Lionel Messi, who is now conquering America at the speed of light, spoke about some of the rituals and rules of his that he follows every day. The Argentine himself shared that he has many of them, but he only expressed a couple in more detail. Apparently the most harmless.

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According to him, before going to bed, Leo will definitely prepare the table and arrange everything correctly for tomorrow. Furthermore, after the evening breakfast, each member of the family sits exclusively in his place. Messi also said that at home he always takes off his sneakers and wears slippers. But the forward chose to remain silent about the rest of the rituals.

Photo source: Messi’s social networks

Since we are on the topic of tables, let’s remember that recently Messi also shared with his fans his favorite dishes: beef steak, chops, pasta, chocolate, caramel pudding, ice cream. Nothing exotic, everything that millions of ordinary people around the world love. Furthermore, Lionel admitted his “weakness,” which is also common to many: “I like everything sweet, I am in love with sweet things. “I try to eat little, but I like it from time to time.” The Argentine did not overlook the mate, with which he can be seen many times: “Hot and bitter. “I used to drink sweet things, but then I got used to bitter things.”

By the way, the owner of Inter Miami, for which Messi plays, David Beckham, has even stranger quirks. The British is a terrible perfectionist who can spend a lot of time on what he believes is the correct arrangement of food in the refrigerator. However, he only accepts an even number of things, so the “extra” can of soda or whatever else gets thrown in the trash.

Photo source: Beckham’s social networks.

Beckham also later said that at night, when his family has gone to bed, he starts cleaning. He pays special attention to the kitchen, where he cleans everything thoroughly and clears the table. And he gets tired of seeing how the mess returns in the morning: “I hate coming down in the morning and seeing cups, plates, bowls there. “I’m very good at cleaning, but to be honest, I’m not sure my wife really appreciates it.”

The desire to clean and have complete order in the house is a good thing. At least, if it doesn’t become too obsessive an idea that interferes with both the person themselves and their family. But Beckham seems to keep this peculiarity of his under control, while Messi, at least from what has been said, has nothing similar.

Photo source: Messi’s social networks

Furthermore, this could become a problem in the Argentine’s new home, which he recently purchased for $10.8 million. Built in 1988 and expanded in 2000, the building measures 975 square meters and has nine bathrooms, eight bedrooms, a gym, spa room, swimming pool, garage for three cars and access to two bunk beds. Interestingly, the previous owners paid $9 million for it last May, so this can be considered not only an opportunity to settle in the southern United States with maximum comfort, but also a profitable investment.

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True, with an obsessive penchant for cleanliness, for such a mansion you will probably have to hire a whole army of cleaners and several servants.

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