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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Spain missed the stupidest goal in discount. But Switzerland was not saved by a miracle

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 00:26:36

Spain missed the stupidest goal in discount. But Switzerland was not saved by a miracle

Anatoly Romanov July 2, 2023, 00:55 Moscow time

The Spaniards gave the victory in minute 90 + 1, however they reached the semifinals of the Eurocup.

The Spanish team became the second semifinalist of the European Youth Championship. “Red Fury” defeated Switzerland and will play on July 5 with the winner of the France-Ukraine duo.

Spain were very impressive in the group stage of Euro 2023: they looked no worse than, for example, the French, whom Switzerland lost heavily in the third round. Therefore, a great advantage could be predicted for the Santi Dénia team in the quarterfinals with the Swiss. “Red Fury” really took possession of the ball and territory in the first few minutes (possession stats reached 70% vs. 30%), created a couple of chances, but then somehow abruptly eased the pressure. The defenders and midfielders of Patrick Rahmen’s team had an extra second to raise their heads and assess the situation, there was space. Individually, the most dangerous for the Spaniards seemed to once again be Betis’ Rodri, a sharp and fast right winger.

When the Spanish team began to attack, the Swiss, as a rule, blocked the direction of passes, and goalkeeper Tenas was allowed to take the ball out of the area and consider his options for moving it. In the first half, the Red Fury goalkeeper made more touches than Sunset’s “ten” and striker Ruiz. But the captain and central defender of the Swiss team Stergiou was remembered for pressing in one of the episodes, which he went up directly to the Spanish center-back and trampled him in the outside area. After that, Stergiou sent the ball into the net. Naturally, the goal was not counted.

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At the end of 45 minutes, Spain beat Switzerland exactly twice – 6:3 (on goal – 4:2). But there were few scoring chances at Saipi’s gates. Just before the break, there was an episode in which Santi’s team broke through the rival defense in the middle: left midfielder Sergio Gómez ran one on one. However, what he performed, completing the attack, cannot be called a hit. He just pushed the ball as if he wanted to throw it aside. Although no one bothered that the Man City player got the shot right. Pep Guardiola definitely doesn’t teach that.

Santi’s team started the second part in the same way as the first, with an advantage and pressing. But history repeated itself: after several minutes of aggressive football, the Spanish seemed to press the “pause” button. The Red Fury lacked speed, and this pace suited his adversary perfectly. The Swiss did not forget that the match with France lasted an hour, and in the last half hour the ‘tricolores’ destroyed the defense of Patrick Rahmen’s team. Overall, this game was less exciting than the opening playoff matchup between Georgia and Israel. Maybe because of the calm atmosphere in the Bucharest stadium.

However, it turned out the same, as with the French – the Swiss team conceded in the middle of the second half. In this attack by the Spanish, the striker-captain Ruiz opened up a lot in the same line as the defenders, avoiding offside, under the transfer from the back of the field. He caught the ball, saw Sergio Gómez burst in and showed that he is not a greedy striker: he made a well-timed pass to the left midfielder. The Man City player redeemed himself for a miss: he delivered a touch into the bottom corner, for which Guardiola is sure to praise him. It was the first shot on goal of two after the break.

This time, after a missed goal, the Swiss team did not collapse. However, everything went to a minimal victory for Spain, which controlled the game. The Rakhmen team’s goal in the 90+1 minute came out of nowhere! The quartet of defenders of the “Red Fury” played simply stupid (especially the flankers Victor Gomez and Miranda), each acted as a spectator, not a participant in the episode. The striker von Moos was allowed to take the ball after a long pass and pass, and the Basel striker Amdouni, who flew into the penalty area, was awarded a free goal.

The second quarterfinal, like the first, went to extra time, although Spain once again beat Switzerland by a lot (10:4, on goal – 2:1). Braga’s Víctor Gómez was immediately replaced, but Betis’ left-back Miranda remained on the field. And he, too, was corrected by the “import”! The Swiss were so tired that in the 103rd minute they went five against six in their own penalty area. Miranda joined the attack and struck from the heart. The rebound helped the ball find the net.

This episode decided the outcome of the game. Spain got a deserved victory. But boring.

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