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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Spertsyan established Krasnodar in the Russian Cup match. And Bongonda is already scoring for Spartak!

Date: May 30, 2024 Time: 22:10:53

Spertsyan established Krasnodar in the Russian Cup match. And Bongonda is already scoring for Spartak!

Anatoly Romanov

27 July 2023, 22: 35 MSK

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The rookie’s goal helped Abascal’s team start with a win in the cup tournament.

“Spartak” won two matches out of two in the new season. After the victory over Orenburg in the LPR, the red-and-whites started successfully in the Russian Cup.

Guillermo Abascal changed fewer players compared to the first round of the RPL than Vladimir Ivic. Spartak had five new figures in the cup match: Dzhikiya and Chernov in defence, Umyarov and Ignatov in midfield, Balde in attack. In Krasnodar, Agkatsev, who played in the June final with CSKA, took his place in goal, and Harutyunyan, Ektov, Lenini, Banyats, Olusegun and Kobnan entered the field.

“Spartak” from the first minutes had more possession of the ball and territorial advantage, and “Krasnodar” played at home “second number”. We are still getting used to the fact that under Ivich, the “bulls” have become different, adjusted their style. But if, under the leadership of the Serb, the team consistently scores two or three goals, then this cannot be called a rejection of entertainment in favor of the result. So today football was seen, the pace was quite high, despite the heat in the south of Russia. Let the group stage of the country’s Cup turn on players less than the RPL, such matches fascinate players so much that they seem to forget everything.

A bit of tactics for the match between Krasnodar and Spartak

Galitsky’s team has changed a lot. Krasnodar has what Spartak lacks so much

Krasnodar was the first to attack on goal, but overall, the Spartak team coped with quick retaliatory attacks from the hosts. It is curious that on the left edge of the defense Ivic put the newcomer Ektov, who in Orenburg, as a rule, acted on the right. However, the red-and-whites relied on pressure not on Ektov’s flank, but on the other, the left for Spartak’s attack. A whole group of players changed there, Promes, Khlusevich, Zobnin and someone else combined well there. On the left, Spartak’s goal was born. Zobnin came up with a deuce with Khlusevich, and Akhmetov, who missed the center, only managed to grab his head, realizing how it would end. And centre-back Harutyunyan had to hand over his player Balde to his teammate (Alonso) to secure Akhmetov and switch Zobnin, who broke into the free zone.

Positional defense is not the strong point of today’s Spartak, however, in Krasnodar, rebuilding from 4-3-3 to 4-4-2, Abascal’s team defended effectively. Before the break, Krasnodar only had two shots (one on goal) against four for the red-and-whites (three on goal). And in the 44th minute, the hosts were framed by Spertsyan: the leader of the “bulls” received a deserved direct red card for a flagrant foul: it drove to Zinkovsky’s ankle.

At halftime, newcomer Bongonda came on in place of the injured Zinkovsky, and the Belgian helped Spartak crush the opponent in the second half. Theo attacked Krasnodar’s goal three times in a few minutes after switching to midfield under a left-footed shot, cutting a fresh pass to Promes at the far post. The goal of the red-and-whites was brewing. But Agkatsev dragged in, again forcing Safonov to worry about his place at the base. The goalkeeper made a great save in the episode when Quincy hit it at point-blank range! This moment was created by Umyarov, who covered the defender with pressure near the opponent’s penalty area. Meanwhile, Nail was injured during the first half, and was ater.rador for him, remembering that the midfielder missed 250 days due to injury, but The midfielder was still able to continue the game.

Krasnodar lasted ten men until the 67th minute. And then Bongonda scored his first goal for Spartak. A very beautiful combination of multiple passes was invented by the red-and-whites with the participation of Dzhikiya, Khlusevich, Promes and Zobnin, and after Prutsev’s shot, the ball successfully bounced off the Belgian’s foot. The Spartacists filled the penalty area well, so the ball found one of them.

Krasnodar did not have a counterplay until the second goal conceded. The midfielders were narrowly located, but this only led to the fact that the quartet of midfielders “ate” faster. Spartak moved the ball well and found free zones. In the end, the “bulls” somehow tried to attack. For the first time since April, Kadi Borges played for the hosts after a facial bone fracture, and the guests lost Khlusevich, who felt unwell in the Krasnodar heat. And it was Cadi Borges who scored in the 90+5 minute, when the Spartak team lost concentration. Perhaps in this episode he got a little into the offside of the Cordoba game, but there is still no offside in Russia, and the Brazilian’s goal was counted.

Abascal’s team had a nervous ending, but still won. In the second round of the Russian Cup, Spartak will host Paris NN (August 8), and Krasnodar will play away with Dynamo (August 9).

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