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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Tarasov continues to choke out the MMA pop boys. Artyom defeated Topor in his favorite style

Date: May 28, 2024 Time: 20:39:46

Tarasov continues to choke out the MMA pop boys. Artyom defeated Topor in his favorite style

Sergey Sorokin May 11, 2024, 14:15 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

This time there was no massive brawl after the fight.

On May 10, Krasnoyarsk hosted a vibrant MMA Series – 80 tournament, where not only professional fighters performed, but also representatives of pop martial arts. Of particular interest was the confrontation between Artyom Tarasov and Maxim “Axe” Shcherbakov. Their fight was of a media nature, which is why it attracted attention. The boys had been shaking up their confrontation for quite some time, so it started to get principled. And the fight delighted mixed martial arts fans; It turned out brilliant.

Tarasov was defeated in his last fight. On March 29 in Moscow, in the battle of the new REN TV super series Fight Club, Artyom lost to Ali Heibati. The opponent won by unanimous decision. But before that we managed to win. Tarasov quickly finished off Russian blogger and pop MMA fighter Evgeniy Ershov. The opponent made a serious mistake and turned his back on Artyom. Tarasov performed a perfect choke, after which the opponent could only punch, acknowledging the submission. And after the battle a massive fight began.

Even the coaches were injured in the massacre after the fight between the daring bloggers:

Tarasov quickly dealt with Ershov. But the victory turned into a massive fight in the cage.

Shcherbakov had 11 fights in pop MMA, in which he managed to get six victories. It is true that Maxim has been focusing on boxing lately. And he has not been in a cage since April 2022. Then Nikita Solonin became Topor’s rival. Shcherbakov suffered serious injuries and simply could not make it to the third round. Solonin won. But Maxim was always distinguished by his character and will, and imposed resistance on all opponents.


Photo: vk.com/mma_series

It is true that in this fight there was no special fight. We spent the first minute standing. The rivals stared at each other. And Maxim intended to remain standing, since his strength is surprising. But in the end, Artyom once again showed that he feels very good against the representatives of pop MMA. He quickly took the matter to the ground and began fighting an opponent who was superior in size to Tarasov. It was noticed that Shcherbakov had huge problems in wrestling.

As a result, Maxim tried to get up, but again found himself on the floor. And there Artyom did not miss the opportunity for him. Tarasov climbed behind his opponent’s back and began trying to strangle him. The ax resisted, even tried to break free. But in the end I led myself to a dead end. Artyom closed the padlock tightly around his neck. Maxim was forced to knock on the door and admit defeat. Tarasov achieved a quick finish; It took him less than three minutes to retain the victory. It is curious that he dealt with Ershov in exactly the same way.

This broadcast season The MMA series is available on OKKO.

Tarasov won a great victory, which closed his recent failure. And now Artyom is ready for new challenges. But Shcherbakov’s career is finally coming to an end. Topor did not have much success in boxing. And now there has been a failed streak in MMA.

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