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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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“Thank God no one was hurt!” Zagitova was at the center of a scandal over traffic regulations

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 22:44:24

“Thank God no one was hurt!” Zagitova was at the center of a scandal over traffic regulations

Anastasia Matrosova August 23, 2023, 17:15 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

We understand the situation around the video skater.

Harmless at first glance, the video of Alina Zagitova on the social network caused a scandal. The figure skater published in her stories a video from a car with a beautiful sunset, but the public did not pay attention to the landscape, but to the green traffic light for pedestrians.

Passing by the Government House in Moscow, the car from whose seat the video was recorded crosses a pedestrian crossing at the moment when the pedestrian traffic light turns green. The time display indicates that there are more than 20 seconds left for the transition.

There was definitely at least one fact of violation of traffic rules, since the phone cannot be used while driving without a special headset that allows you to negotiate without the help of hands (paragraph 2.7 of the rules), the fine for such a violation is 1,500 rubles. On the fact of running a red light, the opinions of fans and experts were divided: the skater could violate the rules and run a flashing green light.

Later, a video of the episode from a different angle appeared on the Shot telegram channel, showing how Zagitova’s car passes the intersection, but the prohibited traffic light does not enter the frame.

Alina began to practice driving quite early: at the age of 16, the figure skater uploaded a video of how she drives a car somewhere in the countryside. Then the video was also widely discussed, since Zagitova did not have a driver’s license, but Alina in the end was not fined.

On the possible violation of traffic rules by Zagitova, Dmitry Guberniev spoke out, advising the skater to be smarter. “Probably with all the people [cлучаются] various problems, and certainly don’t post it on social media. I think you need to apologize and tell everyone that from now on you will only drive on the green. I will tell Alina Zagitova not to run a red light. It is necessary to follow the traffic rules and she will be happy, ”quotes the SE commenter.

Tatyana Tarasova was also not silent. “Thank God no one was hurt! When you drive, you can’t write anything on the phone! My advice to everyone: outsiders can’t do anything except the road. We need to look ahead! – said the coach in a comment for Sport24.

The figure skater got out of another delicate situation with dignity:

Zagitova scathingly responded to the enemies for “inevitably”! Another champion gave him the idea

State Duma deputy of the Russian Federation, Olympic champion speed skater Svetlana Zhurova told Match TV that Zagitova was fined for such behavior. “She probably didn’t realize it at the time. A violation is a violation, there are cameras everywhere now, I think she will be fined for running a red light as she should be. I do not think this fact is overlooked. And yes, you can’t use your phone while driving. It is necessary to punish once, so that later it would be disrespectful to violate it like that.

The skater herself did not comment on the video or on the current situation. The night of that day, photos of her with her sister Sabina de ella appeared on the Telegram channel.

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