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“Thanks to my enemies, I won.” In the 2003 World Cup, Kabaeva scandalously beat a Ukrainian

Date: May 25, 2024 Time: 17:04:04

Today, August 23, the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championship began in Valencia. Unfortunately, the tournament takes place without the participation of the Russians.

20 years ago, things were different. The World Championship was held in Budapest and the Russians were the main stars of the tournament. Then real battles took place between our gymnasts Alina Kabaeva and Irina Chashchina, as well as the Ukrainian Anna Bessonova. The 2003 World Cup ended in a real scandal. What happened?

equal rivalry

The 2003 World Cup was especially important for the Russian team. Firstly, the tournament in Budapest was a test before the 2004 Olympic Games. Secondly, the World Cup in Hungary was the most important tournament for Alina Kabaeva and Irina Chashchina after the suspension for doping. Therefore, the Russians approached the tournament fully armed.

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At that time, the strongest gymnasts were athletes from the countries of the former USSR – Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The 2003 World Cup medals were played between them. The tournament opened with different kinds of competitions. In the hoop exercises, the winner was the Ukrainian Bessonova (26,375), while the second and third places were occupied by the Russian Kabaeva (25,900) and Chashchina (25,200). In exercises with the ball, Alina already took the gold (26,675), whom the fans called the “princess of the world” for her beautiful performance. The silver went to Anna (26,550), and the bronze to the Belarusian Inna Zhukova (25,875).

The victory in the exercises with clubs went back to Bessonova (27.225). The remaining places on the podium were taken by Chashchina (27,000) and Kabaeva (26,475). In the treadmill exercises, everything turned upside down again. The victory went to Alina (26,525), Anna took silver (26,375) and the Bulgarian Elisabeth Paisieva unexpectedly closed the top 3 (24,225). These results allowed Russia to take gold in the team tournament, beating Ukraine and Belarus.

Alina Kabaeva

Photo: Vitaly Belousov

russian champion

According to the results of the first days of the tournaments, Kabaeva won five medals (3-1-1), Bessonova also won five medals (2-2-1), and Chashchina won three medals (1-1-1). Although Irina was one of the favorites before the tournament, after performing at certain events it became clear that Alina and Anna would compete for the title of absolute world champion.

Kabaeva’s first vision was a hoop, Bessonova’s was a ball. The Russian interpreted it perfectly (26,400) and received a standing ovation from the public. The Ukrainian made a serious mistake at the end of the number. In a simple element, the ball fell out of Anna’s hands and rolled off the mat. Bessonova finished her performance without a projectile, but still she received a cosmic score: 26,025.

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The second glance of the Russian was the ball. Kabaeva completed the program without errors (26,300, the total amount is 52,700). The Ukrainian presented exercises with clubs. An excellent performance (26,600) helped to close the advantage over the Russian. Bessonova’s total after two items is 52,625. Next, Kabaeva performed with maces, and Bessonova with a ribbon. Both gymnasts completed their programs without errors. Alina received 26,875, Anna – 26,375.

After three goals, the difference between the Russians was 0.575 points. Everything had to be finalized. The judges valued the ideal performance of the Russian with the ribbon with 26,900 points and the simply incredible performance of the Ukrainian with clubs with 27,150 points. But this was not enough for Bessonova, she became the second (106,150). The title was won by Alina Kabaeva (106.475). Chashchina took bronze (105,775).

Alina Kabaeva

Photo: Vitaly Belousov

referee scandal

Despite the result, the Russians felt terrible pressure throughout the tournament. During the performances of Kabaeva and Chashchina, fans from the stands shouted Bessonova’s name. The same thing happened during the award ceremony.

“There were many nasty attacks by the Ukrainians, who warned that they were preparing a surprise for us,” Kabaeva told Soviet Sport after the 2003 World Cup. – And they prepared: the whole hall was filled with their fans and flags. And even when the Russian athletes took to the carpet, the stands shouted the name of Bessonova. But they do not know our characters with Ira Chashchina! The more you piss us off, the better we’ll perform. Thanks to the enemies I won because the concentration was very strong”.

Anna Bessonova

Photo: Igor Utkin/TASS

After the tournament, the scandal developed with renewed vigor. In Russia, judges were accused of unfair assessments by Chashchina and Bessonova. According to the representatives of our country, the referees overestimated the marks of the Ukrainian and underestimated them for the Russian. And because? You already know the answer: everyone is tired of Russia’s dominance.

Viner said the same thing when Averina lost to Ashram at the 2020 Games.

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“I did everything I had to do,” Chashchina was perplexed. “But why such low marks? Ask the refs. It’s very interesting to me!”

“Chaschina is by far the most technical gymnast in the world, but the judges don’t seem to see it,” Irina Viner was outraged.

This topic has been discussed for a long time in rhythmic gymnastics circles and in the media. The whole world calmed down only at the Olympic Games in Athens. Then Kabaeva took gold, Chashchina – silver, and Bessonova – bronze.

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