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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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The animated series “Nevsky” is a complete failure. Review of new articles.

Date: April 21, 2024 Time: 20:31:25

The Nevsky concept fascinated us from the very announcement. The authors of the cartoon took modern St. Petersburg and added superheroes, an army of epic villains and many references. No wonder everyone wanted to see Nevsky as soon as possible and even looked at the Three Nine comics, which became the original source.

After the trailers, viewers fantasized about a good animated series, but our expectations were once again our problem. “Nevsky” would be a worthy project for a private YouTube channel, but it is not suitable as a flagship Kinopoisk project, filmed with public money.

“Nevsky”: where to look?

The animated series is shown on Kinopoisk. On February 25, the first three episodes were released, then one per week. The final is scheduled for March 17.

The video is available on the “Team Nevsky” YouTube channel. The rights to the video belong to Kinopoisk.

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Drawing for a visual novel.

“Nevsky” lowers expectations from the first shots. We are shown an army of evil spirits invading Russia and taking blows from the heroes, but the spectacle doesn’t seem epic. Characters have primitive facial expressions, animations are too crude, and backgrounds lack detail.

You think: “Maybe this is a stylization of the beginning and it will still be better?” No, it only gets worse. The more often the heroes fight, the nastier the battles become. The more views there are in the frame, the less attention will be paid to them. At times, the animated series almost becomes a visual novel: the frames are very undeveloped and few in number.

These are children who became superheroes

Photo: Kinopoisk

It is unknown how much money has been allocated to the project, but Nevsky embodies the student budget. The feeling that the creators of the cartoon were saving on the work of the artists and could not afford additional animation – another detail in the background.

At the same time, the team definitely has talent. If you look at the individual frames, they themselves look decent. It is a pity that the dynamics of “Nevsky” are not good.

Nevsky in person

Photo: Kinopoisk

No plot, no characters

There is no plot in the cartoon. There’s an ancient villain searching for an artifact, gathering an army, and dreaming of incinerating the Earth. There is the powerful hero Nevsky and a couple of children who accidentally received incredible strength. They fight, that’s all.

For a comic book adaptation, that simplicity is normal; after all, Nevsky is designed for a young audience. But the banal story should have been compensated for by bright characters, jokes, references; As you will understand, this was not done. Of the three episodes, only a couple of points are worth praising: for example, the cameraman who shouts the “I filmed” meme and the mischievous presenter, copied from Jay Jonah Jameson from “Spider-Man”.

Brave but infinitely boring trio

Photo: Kinopoisk

Everything else lacks talent and simply doesn’t work. At least evaluate the dialogue between the characters. “You add cinnamon to the cocoa, just like my sister” – “Well, it tastes better.” These lines are supposed to deepen the relationship between the characters, but they actually cause embarrassment. How cinnamon, how “richer”!

What’s up with the scientist cat’s voice acting? I thought some fan had expressed it to him and then I logged on. Akmal Khodzhaniyazov, 21, really has no experience in voice acting or acting. He acted in “The Voice” and gave many concerts, but in our case this was not enough.

Vasilisa and the scientific cat

Photo: Kinopoisk

I would also like to note that the atmosphere of modern St. Petersburg is not felt in the first three episodes. The heroes will fly through familiar locations a couple of times and fight near the Winter Palace. Otherwise, this is a standard superhero series with no national flavor.

“Nevsky”: is it worth seeing?

Perhaps 15 years ago Nevsky would have won the hearts of viewers, but today online cinemas are flooded with top-quality content. So why waste time on a new animated series? I didn’t find the answer.

Nevsky rating: 5 out of 10


There are a couple of good jokes.

I dont like him

The cartoon looks bad, the characters are boring and there is a lot of ridiculous dialogue.

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