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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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The best exercise for the back of the thigh. Learning to deadlift

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 13:39:13

Pumping the hips is an important part of the training process. Strong leg muscles maintain the balance of the body and make it fully developed. We will not get tired of repeating that working the lower body is no less important than pumping the upper body. Today we will talk about one of the most effective exercises for the back of the thigh – the deadlift.

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“This is one of the variations of the deadlift that is predominantly used by girls.”

What is the difference between deadlift and deadlift?

There are only three differences, but they are quite significant and change the approach to performing the exercise. The first is the position of the legs, in the deadlift the feet are located at the width of the pelvis, in the deadlift the legs should be close to each other.

The angles of knee flexion also differ.If in a deadlift the knees should not bend at all, then in a deadlift, on the contrary, the knee joint can move freely. This leads to the third difference: in deadlifts, you won’t be able to take the projectile off the floor.

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What muscles work when performing a deadlift?

The back of the thigh, as well as the buttocks. There doesn’t seem to be a difference between the muscles involved in deadlifting and deadlifting. However, due to the fact that in the second case the legs at the knees practically do not bend, the back extensors, although they receive a load, are lighter than in the first version.

How to do deadlift?

Sometimes small differences between two seemingly similar exercises can completely change the way you approach them. It is very important to study all the nuances before grabbing the bar in order not to injure yourself and make a quality approach.

execution technique

Starting position: standing, feet parallel to each other. Grasp the bar in your hands, the grip should be about hip height, shoulder blades drawn in toward your spine. As you inhale, slowly lower the projectile to the floor, keeping your shoulder blades adducted and knees straight, as you exhale, return to the starting position.

Ana Motina: The important point is that the bar must be carried strictly along the legs. Otherwise, if you have it hanging freely in the air, you can injure your lower back.

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Characteristics of the deadlift for girls

There are no differences between men and women in terms of technique and target work. But the deadlift became famous precisely in women’s circles due to the ability to qualitatively work out the back of the thigh and buttocks, eliminating unnecessary stress on the front of the thigh (as, for example, in squats).

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How to prepare for the deadlift?

This exercise is not recommended for beginners. First of all, you need to work the technique on the deadlift first, and then move on to the deadlift, as a tricky option. Secondly, the exercise requires good flexibility along the entire line of the back: from the feet to the top of the head. If any of the departments is rounded, the exercise will not bring the desired effect or will cause injury. Therefore, first we pull the entire line of the back, warm up the body thoroughly, learn the deadlift technique, and then proceed to the deadlift.

How to deadlift with dumbbells?

Look at the classic execution technique that we described above. Everything is the same as working with a barbell, only in the hands – two dumbbells. In the same way, it is necessary to carry the shells along the legs, without hanging them freely, do not forget about this, the whole point is in the details. It is also worth watching the shoulder blades, the deviation in the lower back and breathing.

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How to deadlift with kettlebells?

Here the differences are already more fundamental than in the previous version. The kettlebell row is performed with your knees slightly bent, feet wide apart, and a kettlebell between your feet. On inspiration, you need to bend over with a straight back, slightly bending your knees, take the weight, and as you exhale, straighten up.

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How to deadlift with straight legs?

The deadlift is performed a priori with the legs straight. Beginners may confuse Romanian Cravings with Dead Cravings. The fact is that this is almost the same thing, only the Romanian deadlift is performed with slightly bent knees, in contrast to the deadlift. Therefore, it is very important to know the safety precautions, warm up and have good control of your body in order to perform this exercise.

How to deadlift on one leg?

Perhaps the most exotic variation of this exercise. It has too many differences from the classic performance.

execution technique

Starting position: in a stretch, the right leg is in front, it is the support leg. The left one stands behind on the toe, there is minimal support on it. Take the projectile with your left hand. As you inhale, lean down, as you lower the projectile to the floor. As you exhale, return to the starting position. stand straight.

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