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The best movie about boxing, but not about boxing. “Raging Bull”: Scorsese’s brilliant creation

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The best movie about boxing, but not about boxing. “Raging Bull”: Scorsese’s brilliant creation

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The controversial story of a champion with a complex character.

In 1980, director Martin Scorsese showed the world another creation – the film “Raging Bull”, based on the memoirs of the famous boxer Jake LaMotta. But this film cannot be considered a full-fledged sports drama. In fact, we are shown many images of the boxing ring, but the image has a deeper meaning.

Robert De Niro plays the role of LaMotta. His hero is an excellent athlete who simply destroys his opponents and they, in turn, simply try to avoid meeting him in the ring. At the same time, Jake is a very problematic person in life. He is a selfish paranoid, constantly suspects that her wife is cheating on her, periodically hits her, doesn’t listen to anyone, and, due to her own temperament, doesn’t even realize how aggressive he is towards others. De Niro perfectly conveys the hero’s controversial character.

“Crazy bull”

Photo: still from the movie “Raging Bull”

By the way, the actor approached the role very responsibly. Robert trained in the gym, even had several boxing matches and spoke with LaMotta himself more than once. Jake even pointed out that De Niro could very well build a career in the sport if he wanted to.

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It’s no coincidence that the film itself is almost entirely in black and white; this is quite symbolic given LaMotta’s character and adds a certain aesthetic. In such tones, all the inconsistency of the character is better perceived, he is shown from different angles and his character is revealed. The film is not intended to make the audience love the character. On the contrary, LaMotta is honestly said to ruin his own life in many ways, falling out with the people closest to him, and ultimately ending badly. Having already become a world-class star, he did not get rid of the demons and was the same vulnerable person outside the ring. There is no happy ending here, rather everything seems to be a harsh reality.

As a result, problems in his personal life cause Jake to lose everything. He beat his brother in a fit of jealousy, divorced his wife and did not allow her to see his children. The situation worsens and the once formidable boxer ends up trying to solve his problems by selling the precious stones from his belt, but he still ends up in prison. In the end we are shown that De Niro’s character is trying to make peace with his brother, who helped him throughout his career, but is faced with a cold attitude.

“Crazy bull”

Photo: still from the movie “Raging Bull”

From the point of view of the sports component of the film, everything is fine. It looks quite convincing, De Niro’s training was not in vain and he shows really good technique. Furthermore, this applies not only to punches, but also to movement around the ring in general. Robert then once again confirmed his status as one of the world’s greatest actors, added a second Oscar to his collection, received a Golden Globe and was nominated for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award for Best Actor.

Martin Scorsese has produced another masterpiece, which is a must see not only for those interested in boxing. The film “Raging Bull” also won the Oscar for best editing and won many other awards. The film, of course, also received criticism; some did not like that LaMotta’s character was not revealed in enough depth. Overall, though, the duo of Scorsese and De Niro, with the help of another wonderful actor, Joe Pesci, produced a great masterpiece that is enjoyable to watch even 43 years after its release.

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