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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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The defender thought that he was throwing the ball to the goalkeeper. Precious goal in the final of the Medialeague

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 12:21:15

The defender thought that he was throwing the ball to the goalkeeper. Precious goal in the final of the Medialeague

Grigory Telingater July 1, 2023, 23:12 Moscow time

Rodina Media with Tarasov and Karyaka won the Medialiga. But the most spectacular goal in the final is 2DROTS.

Rodina Media did it! If in the second season of the Winline Medialeague the team lost to 2DROTS, now they still managed to reach the final and even beat the same opponent in it. Not many people expected this: Rodina Media almost got knocked out in the group stage.

And already in the first five minutes Rodina Media literally crushed the opponent. At first, Gudayev made a serious mistake, who recklessly threw the ball to the goalkeeper, and it turned out to be an assist for the opponent. The goal was scored by Gazdanov, who had recently played in the FNL for Akron.

Then Malyarov had a great moment, who last year played for KAMAZ. He hit almost from the penalty spot (even a little closer), but hit the defender. Well, literally, in the next attack, Pichugin (who played in the FNL for Khimki) hit the crossbar.

It seemed like it was the worst five minutes in 2DROTS history. But then the team came together and created some chances. And even scored. Style scored, but the referee watched the replay and found that the ball hit the player’s hand; the goal had to be disallowed. Another great moment that 2DROTS had in the last second of the first half, but the blow fell on the goalkeeper.

In the second half, the 2DROTS guys attacked more. And finally scored. It turned out very well: a low pass from a corner and immediately a one-touch kick. Rodina Media insisted that he was offside and the goalkeeper couldn’t see, but the referee saw the replay and decided otherwise.

Semionov’s coup

Photo: transmission frame

The game as a whole turned out to be pretty tough. The referee spent a long time without giving yellow cards, not even for hard fouls. As a result, in the middle of the second half there was such a notch that Malyarov flew nails into the opponent’s stomach. 2DROTS asked to withdraw the rival, but the referee limited himself to a warning.

Miss Malyarov

Photo: transmission frame

Everything was decided at the end of the game. When it was necessary to play four minutes of pure time, the defender Vyatkin scored, who went out for a corner. And literally immediately Rodina Media scored for the third time. Gudayev again made an effective mistake, giving his opponent another goal. Of course, a showdown began on the field (you cannot imagine media football without this) – the 2DROTS captain demanded to show respect, but the result could not be changed. The team of Dmitry Tarasov and Andrey Karyaka is the Medialeague champion of the third season.

The match for third place was also hot:

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