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The drama of a tough Russian biathlete. I had to sell the Olympic gold for the sake of my son.

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 07:51:56

Soviet biathlete Nikolai Kruglov Sr. has many insignia. Two-time Olympic champion, three-time world champion … However, the native of the Gorky region has always been distinguished by his modesty. Even with the prizes for which he suffered on the ski slope, Kruglov was ready to part with them easily.

Anything to help loved ones.


Nikolai Kruglov came to biathlon by chance, while he was still in the army. One of his teammates suggested that the future athlete try it, and he succeeded immediately.

— Before I had only heard of biathlon, but it immediately started to work well, I always shot decently. And then I learned to run when I lost about ten kilograms. After all, I gained quite a bit of weight in the army: I didn’t lose weight on that porridge, but I gained weight. But those extra kilos disappeared quickly, you just had to work hard,” the biathlete told TASS.

After his service, Kruglov was engaged in the construction of submarines, but, by his own admission, he rarely went to work. Almost all of his time was occupied by his sports career. Gradually, the aspiring biathlete began to be attracted to the USSR national team.

Kruglov won his first international gold in 1974, winning the relay at the World Championships in Minsk. A year later, at the World Championships in Italy he won three more medals: one gold and two silver. Then Nikolai headed to his main competition – the Olympic Games in Innsbruck.

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Kruglov brought two Olympic golds from Austria. Later, the biathlete told how he felt after winning the Games.

– They say that an Olympic champion is forever, forever. Well, they’ll make some noise with you. And that’s it… Do you know what I realized when I stood on the pedestal, when our anthem played and our flag was raised in honor of my victory? I realized that it wouldn’t be a shame to give up half my life for those few minutes… But then the anthem played, the flag was lowered and I had to leave. Just three steps from the pedestal. I climb these steps and think: “But no one will let you come back here, Kruglov. Your championship is over, Kruglov. If you want to come back here, start over.” I understood this perfectly. Life is life… A gold medal is not capital in a bank, it does not generate interest, “Championship” quotes Kruglov.

This attitude towards awards later allowed Kruglov to do something beautiful and help his son. He himself, having become a great champion, repaid his father for his generosity.


Nikolai Kruglov Jr. started his biathlon career in the 90s. These were difficult times, there was almost no money in the family. To somehow help his son recover in sports, Kruglov Sr. decided to take extreme measures. He sold his Olympic medals and got about five thousand dollars for both.

– Yes, for the sake of his career I sold my Olympic medals, but I don’t want to insist too much on this topic. God forbid you live in times of change. People ran out of money in an instant, I know people who got into trouble. But we did it, we continued and we did it. I don’t need anything, everyone already knows who I am. You don’t see my medals, but you talk to me. Medals are just an accessory, the issue is different. I am glad to know that I participated in great events – the Olympic Games, where I defended the honor of the country. I was lucky, I was a lucky athlete. Regarding my successes, my wife likes to say this: “Your name is stamped in gold letters on the springboard in Innsbruck,” the former biathlete told TASS.

How the true first biathlon champion was found. She fishes and doesn’t get much offence.

The investment was not in vain. Kruglov Jr. won gold at the world championships four times and in 2006 in Turin he became a silver medalist in the relay. The athlete finally managed to buy one of his father’s medals at an auction. Sports sponsors also helped. According to rumors, the price of the reward was 50 thousand dollars. Kruglov Sr. described what his son did as “a man’s act.” They say that the second award also returned to its rightful owner. However, there is no exact data in this regard.

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When an athlete sells his hard-earned medals, this is, of course, a life drama. On the other hand, prizes don’t really have any real value, only symbolic. And the great Soviet biathlete proved it: family is more important than gold.

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