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“The girl, of course, is fantastic!” Choosing the best Zagitova program

Date: April 24, 2024 Time: 08:09:44

“The girl, of course, is fantastic!” Choosing the best Zagitova program

Daria Kiryukhina May 18, 2023, 11:30 Moscow time

Alina conquered Tatyana Tarasova with one of the performances, skating as a junior!

It seems like only yesterday that we watched in awe as 15-year-old Alina Zagitova cutely clutched a toy at the Pyeongchang Olympics while waiting for the final results. Upon learning that she had won gold, the young figure skater squeezed the toy even tighter and almost shed tears of happiness. She modestly accepted the victory and did not suspect how thorny, but at the same time full of inexpressible emotions and brilliant victories, the path ahead of her awaited her.

Alina is now 21 years old. She for a long time is not a teenager, but a luxurious girl who celebrates her birthday on May 18. Many fans of the athlete also celebrate it. Alina captivated the world with the image of her as the Red Dancer, and since then her army of fans has been growing relentlessly.

However, the skater is adored not for high-profile titles and awards, but for the talent she rediscovered in each of her shows. Fans continue to review her competition performances.

Choosing the best program for Alina in such a situation is a task of increased complexity. But it is doable. So what is his best performance? Below are nine nominees, vote!

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Rating: Alina Zagitova’s best program

Photo: RIA Novosti

“Pink Panther”

With the transfer of Alina Zagitova to Khrustalny in 2015, her sports career moved to a new level. In the fall, she appeared in the openings with the Pink Panther short program and shone in front of the judges. Even then, impressive potential was visible in the fragile 13-year-old girl. Quick, flexible, with light jumps and infinite charm, she won the hearts of her first fans and quickly began to catch up with her rivals, who were stronger at the time.

Photo: Screenshot of the video


In the free program, 13-year-old Alina skated to the music of the famous musical Ghost. The gentle program began with the most difficult cascade triple lutz – triple rittberger, and the young athlete performed in an intricate white and gray dress, replete with interesting decor. To some extent, this production can be called a prototype of the future Phantom of the Opera.

Photo: RIA Novosti


A very nice short program with which Alina made her international debut in the 2016/2017 season. At the age of 14, the figure skater matured noticeably, and the image of an oriental beauty fell on her perfectly. A magnificent blue dress, decorated with rhinestones, looked advantageous on the ice and distinguished Alina from the other participants. It was then that the most respected experts started talking about her talent and her incredible prospects. And not in vain: that year Alina won almost all her starts – 8 out of 10!

“The girl, of course, is fantastic! And I don’t know what to say when you look at this girl. And she’s musical, and pretty, and she understands what she’s doing. And I talked to Eteri, she says that such a character is completely different, ”Tatiana Tarasova admired on the air of the Match. Arena” after a short Zagitova at the 2017 Russian Championships.

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

“Don Quijote”

In the famous “Don Quixote” Alina shone for two seasons in a row and won the biggest victory – at the Pyeongchang Olympics. The phenomenal production with all the jumps in the second half surprisingly looked quite harmonious, and largely thanks to Alina’s art. The red ballerina was so good on the ice that the expectation of a series of jumps did not tire the fans at all.

Alina herself struck with stamina and iron nerves. Suffice it to remember how she almost lost her cascade in the individual tournament at the Olympic Games, but despite everything and everything, she completed it at the end of the performance. This free style still sinks into the souls of people all over the world.

Photo: Maria Plotnikova, Championship

“Black Swan”

Alina’s short Olympic program to the music of Swan Lake was also remembered for its unusual approach. But not in the arrangement of the elements, but in the design of the wardrobe. Thanks to the two-tone sequins on her dress, the skater quickly went from a white swan to a black one. The transformation also occurred in Alina’s skating: a smooth start was replaced by rhythmic steps, pirouettes and powerful jumps.

In order to bring each step of this production to perfection, the girl had to work hard. At the beginning of the Olympic season, mistakes often arose, but in Pyeongchang Alina’s “Black Swan” had no equal.

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”


Who but the beautiful Alina should ride the passionate gypsy Carmen? True, to the point of nausea, popular music in figure skating raised fears that the new free program would stifle the individuality of the single skater. However, none of that happened. Alina’s “Carmen” turned out to be unlike any other and incredibly beautiful. Everything coincided: loud music, the skill of the figure skater, an elegant dress and original choreography.

In this production, the Olympic champion revealed herself from a new side and grew in every way. And the triumphant rental at the 2019 World Championships was, perhaps, even more exciting than the victorious Don Quixote in Pyeongchang.

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

“Phantom of the opera”

Smooth, but at the same time a strong production that epitomized true art. Skating to the music of the famous musical was an extremely responsible task for Alina, but she did it perfectly. Despite the fact that the 2018/2019 season turned out to be very difficult for her, she skated the Phantom of the Opera quite stable. The skater made a serious mistake only once, but otherwise she performed fairly and didn’t allow anyone to pass her in the short program.

Well, Alina’s beautiful romantic-style dress deserves special praise. Possibly the best dress of her entire career!

Photo: Maria Kateshova, Championship


The image of the Egyptian queen very successfully sat on Alina. Having won all the existing women’s singles titles, she was already playing in her own league, and she no longer needed to prove anything. Daniil Gleikhengauz tried to present the absolute champion in full glory and interrupt the effect of all previous freeware.

The performance lived up to all expectations. The jumps were harmoniously intertwined with other elements, and Alina radiated streams of unstoppable energy, from which, by some miracle, the ice did not melt.

It’s a shame that the last competitive rent in this program doesn’t matter. In any case, he certainly wasn’t made any less brilliant by this.

Photo: Maria Kateshova, Championship


A short from Alina to a dramatic Spanish song and a few years later it gives you goosebumps! An incredibly feminine production with notes of slight sadness that makes you hold your breath and fall into a pleasant trance for three minutes. An amazing athlete in a little black lace dress seems to be bathed in music and fascinates with her skating. In this show, Alina is really an adult.

Me Voy’s purest performance at the 2019 Grand Prix Finals is the pinnacle of Alina’s greatness. No ultra-c can compare to the magic she created that day in the Italian arena.

This magic continues to fly through the pages of the history of great sport. Because victories are far from the main thing for which Alina’s sports career is remembered. She was remembered for her talent and beauty in every move. Y Me Voy perfectly demonstrated all the best that Alina has.

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