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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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The goalkeeper saved Krasnodar from defeat against Dynamo. How much did he charge, even the penalties!

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 04:54:33

The goalkeeper saved Krasnodar from defeat against Dynamo. How much did he charge, even the penalties!

Dmitry Zimin September 19, 2023, 17:45 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Igor Leshchuk was also good, but in the 11 meter heat he was a bit unlucky.

Not long ago, Krasnodar and Dynamo had a powerful scoring shootout. At the beginning of August they met for the first time in the Cup, then the match ended with Marcel Lička’s team winning 4:3. The winning goal in the sixth added minute was scored by Arsen Zakharyan, who was already in Spain.

Naturally, many expected something similar from the new meeting. Since both teams had little to lose. It is already difficult to get first place, because Spartak is undefeated in the group. In the latter case, Pari NN is a potential outsider. Thus the teams could not worry too much about the result and show their class. They did it. With many occasions, but without the same result as in the summer.

Initially, both teams scored a couple of goals in the first half hour. The first big chance was created by Alexander Kutitsky, who shot at goal from the left edge of the area on his way out. Stanislav Agkatsev made one of the saves, which would later multiply. In general, he and Igor Leshchuk are the heroes of this meeting. The boys saved a lot. After all, Kevin Lenini made a great shot after a corner kick. It seemed like the ball was flying toward the front nine. But I was almost unlucky.

After the mutual threats at the beginning, the danger only grew. And Dynamo seemed much more aggressive. In the 16th minute, Agkatsev saved the team again after a great shot, this time from Yaroslav Gladyshev. He then took a shot from Daniil Lesovoy, but gave way in the 21st minute. Dinamo simply crushed us.

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Lesovoy put pressure on Lenini, rolled towards Bitello, quickly oriented himself and hit the other. The goalkeeper clearly wasn’t expecting it and couldn’t react. The ball entered the goal from the post. This is the first goal for the summer’s most expensive newcomer to the RPL. Already in the second game.

Afterwards the game calmed down a bit, but not for long. Within ten minutes, Krasnodar engaged: Akhmetov avoided two on the left flank and cut towards Banyats. He fired, but Leshchuk was fine again.

Already in the first half it seemed that the teams had an advantage of three or four goals. Dynamo looked more dangerous and aggressive. They started the second half in the same role. Gladyshev could have scored twice from the start: first, Krasnodar was saved by the crossbar, and then by the omnipresent Agkatsev.

But about halfway through the second half, the locals returned to the game. First, Alexander Koksharov, after a shot from Moisés Kobnan, found himself with an empty goal, but miraculously hit Fabián Balbuena in the leg. However, the next dangerous attack turned into a goal. The score was equalized by Kadi Borges after a great shot from 23 meters into the corner.

After that, there were again many saves, and from both goalkeepers: Mumi Ngamalyo scored brilliantly, Kadi himself, Sergei Volkov wasted a great chance, as did Lenini. It all came down to the penalty shootout, where the goalkeepers had to put an end to what was happening.

And Agkatsev turned out to be a little better: Stanislav fired the first two shots from Konstantin Tyukavin and Fedor Smolov, and Leshchuk had only one save, after a shot from João Batchi. Now Krasnodar and Dynamo have five points each in the group. And their future in the Russian Cup will be decided in the remaining two rounds.

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