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Saturday, June 15, 2024
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The group of leaders in the First League is already formed. and has surprises

Date: June 15, 2024 Time: 17:06:22

The second day of the Melbet-First League ends. Monday gave us two important matches: between Alania and Neftekhimik, and between Khimki and Torpedo, who recently played in the RPL. Before that, Kurban Berdyev scored the first points for Dynamo, and league newcomer Leningradets beat Enisey on the field of his famous stadium. We talk about the main events of the league in our review.

Tour Events: The Power of Akron, the Tranquility of Sharonov and SKA-Khabarovsk

News that will definitely not please various representatives of Moscow. Evgeny Kaleshin’s team very confidently scored 6 out of 6 points, confidently beating Volgar (4:1) in the Second Round. Ambitions are indicated in the RPL.

Last season, the league taught us that any team can beat another (Haha, how is the best league in the world any different from the Premier League?), but Akron’s schedule looks tough. Here are the favorites of the league (Alania and SKA) and newcomers who have shown that they have come to the league not only to fight for survival (Leningradets, Tyumen, Chernomorets).

Roman Sharonov’s SKA-Khabarovsk also arrives with a 100% result after two games. The Khabarovsk team scored two unanswered goals against the uncompromising Tyumen. In the first round, Shinnik was defeated by the same score, so now SKA-Khabarovsk is one of the four teams in the league that have not conceded a single ball (also Rodina, Leningradets and Arsenal).

If we remember that last season SKA-Khabarovsk scored the first points only in the fourth round, then the progress is obvious. Khabarovsk has retained confidence in Sharonov, and so far he has fully justified it. Although “Tyumen” in the first place, he summed up the inconsistent implementation and actions of the defender with the goalkeeper.

The best goals of the tour: Ilya Berkovsky (Khimki) and Evgeny Pesegov (Akron)

Ilya Berkovsky’s goal from a free kick allowed Khimki to level the score. The moment was estimated by the “Rustat” portal at only 0.14 xG!

The video can be viewed on the MELBET – First League page on VKontakte. The rights of the video belong to APFC “Football National League”.

Evgeny Pesegov also became the author of a beautiful dance. The midfielder scored the fourth goal against Volgar. Great long distance shot.

The video can be viewed on the MELBET – First League page on VKontakte. The rights of the video belong to APFC “Football National League”.

Tour heroes: Vladimir Moskvichev (Torpedo), Abu-Said Eldarushev (Akron), Artur Anisimov (KAMAZ)

Dynamo Moscow student Vladimir Moskvichev entered the field at 86:31, and at 91:55 he already sent the winning ball into the goal of Anton Mitryushkin in such an important clash with Khimki (2: 1).

These are the first minutes of Moskvichev, 23, in the Torpedo jersey. Xg of the goal of his “Rustat” estimated at only 0.22. And don’t forget that Vladimir slipped before the blow, he got up and shot faster than anyone else. As a result, Khimki has zero points in the first two rounds. The first sensation associated not with newcomers to the league, but with their favorite!

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No less, but in terms of the number of goals, Abu-Said Eldarushev made a greater contribution to the victory of his team. The striker, who moved to Akron during winter break last season, has scored just three goals in 15 previous games for Togliatti in the championship.

Abu Said sent two at once to the gates of Volgar. Eldarushev opened the scoring in the match, and at the beginning of the second half, after the opponent equalized, he laid the foundation for the rout.

Eldarushev (in red)

Photo: fcacron.ru

Another hero of the tour is the KAMAZ goalkeeper Artur Anisimov. In the 67th minute of the match with the Kuban, he saved a penalty from Nuri Abdokov, allowing his team to keep the score 1: 0. Yes, at the end of the game KAMAZ scored second, but without Anisimov it would definitely have been more difficult.

The video can be viewed on the MELBET – First League page on VKontakte. The rights of the video belong to APFC “Football National League”.

Tour flops: Evgeny Staver (Yenisei), Anton Sinyak/Egor Lyubakov (Tyumen), Kirill Morozov (Neftekhimik)

Eugene Staver gave us the funniest moment of the tour. The goalkeeper of “Yenisei” made a mistake with the pass out of the blue, giving the ball to Maxim Bachinsky. The striker, at first glance, hesitated with the ball, but forced Staver to break the rules and earned himself a penalty. Eduard Sukhanov was accurate, bringing his “Leningrad” the first victory in the First League after returning.

The video can be viewed on the MELBET – First League page on VKontakte. The rights of the video belong to APFC “Football National League”.

Enisey, who was the favorite before the game, actually only had more possession of the ball, creating two dangerous chances in the first 15 minutes of the game. Then the guests attacked more and more interesting, taking advantage of the incomprehensible game of the opponent in defense. Sergei Kiryakov’s “Leningrader” could win more, but “Yenisei” was saved first by the post, and then by the skillful actions of Staver. Eugene made a mistake in the main episode of the match, but the whole team unsuccessfully played on it.

Another scoring mistake was made by the Tyumen players Anton Sinyak and Yegor Lyubakov. Although the second ball against them in the match against SKA-Khabarovsk did not become decisive, it completely trampled Tyumen’s chances. A bruise from pressure gave the goalkeeper the pass, who was also pressured by the opposing footballer. Lyubakov, on the other hand, was unable to process the pass normally and allowed Said Aliyev to get away with an empty net.

His adventures were in Grozny. Midfielder “Neftekhimik” Kirill Morozov in the middle of the first half sharply flew to Ibragim Tsallagov and initially received a yellow card. The main referee of the match, Anton Frolov, annulled it a few seconds later, showing the player a straight red. The match report states that Morozov was sent off for “hitting the opponent with a straight leg with “open” spikes in the knee area in the fight for the ball.” In any case, Neftekhimik had to play in the minority in such an important game, which led to Alania’s only goal at the end of the first half. As much as Kirill Novikov’s team tried to recover, not even the draw of the squads (Giorgobiani was sent off for the second yellow card in 68) helped Neftekhimik to score points in this game. “Alania” approached the leaders.

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Behind the scenes

Goal show in Saratov

Sokol returned to the World’s Best League after six years, but in the first round he ran into the mighty force of Motherland. In the second game, the Saratov team staged a scoring boom with the Yaroslavl Shinnik, who is going through a difficult moment, in front of their stands. An incredible match for a neutral fan. And Denis Boyarintsev’s first victory of the season!

“Chernomorets” is not going to lose

In the first round, Konstantin Zyryanov’s team shared points with Alania, and in the second round they stopped the powerful team of Dmitry Parfenov. Rodina failed to score in Novorossiysk, allowing their competitors to pull away a bit to enter the RPL.

“Chernomorets” continues to amaze, what is the great merit of the coaching staff of Konstantin Zyryanov. The coach was in pain before the match: his mother died, but Zyryanov went to the match and created another sensation. Two opening games, two draws against league favorites – great for a beginner!

Konstantin Zyryanov

Photo: fccn.pro

Dynamo and Arsenal did not want to score

Zeros were also recorded after the results of the match between Dynamo Makhachkala and Arsenal Tula. Over the summer, the Tula team updated almost the entire roster and is now in the process of restructuring, so there is no need to wait for the team’s results in the initial rounds. The update is also underway at Dynamo, where Shamil Gazizov and Kurban Berdyev came to Gadzhi Gadzhiev.

Kurban Bekievich is gradually building his game in the team, in which Egash Kasintura plays an important role. The Angolan was also good in Ufa, without losing his qualities in the new team. Kasintura creates, beats, but so far his attempts have not worked. It is interesting to follow Makhachkala in terms of names on the coaching and leadership bridges, but there are still doubts whether these names will bring results. In two games they took only one point.

It turns out that SKA, Akron and Torpedo are now the absolute leaders. Next – “Rodina”, “Alania” and, unexpectedly, “Leningradets”. But the other favourites, Yenisei and Khimki, are still lagging behind.

First League Classification

Schedule of the 3rd day of Melbet-First League:

July 28 (Friday) Akron – Arsenal (20:00 Moscow time)

July 29 (Saturday) Sokol – SKA-Khabarovsk (18:00)

July 30 (Sunday) Shinnik – Volgar (16:00) Torpedo – Chernomorets (16:00) Tyumen – Yenisei (17:00) Leningradts – Rodina (18:00) Neftekhimik – Khimki (18:00) Dynamo – Kuban (19:00)

July 31 (Monday) “Alania” – “KAMAZ” (17:00).

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