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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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“The heritage is not in the medals.” Russian karateka saved a girl from armed hooligans

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 15:35:41

“The heritage is not in the medals.” Russian karateka saved a girl from armed hooligans

Sergey Sorokin July 2, 2023, 18:15 Moscow time

Andrei Filimonov was not afraid of either the knife or unequal forces.

The goal of any martial arts academy is to prepare future champions. But this heritage is not measured only by medals and victories. It is important to have a worthy person who can prove himself both in sports and beyond. Last night, Andrey Filimonov, a fighter from the RMK Academy of Martial Arts, showed the highest personal qualities. He risked his life, but he didn’t leave the girl in trouble.

After midnight, Andrey saw four men dragging the girl into the garages. The hooligans gagged her, but the fighter paid attention to the resistance and realized that all this was done against the will of the person. Filimonov acted without the slightest delay. He pounced on the attackers, despite his superior numbers. It turned out that the hooligans were armed, one of them had a knife in his hand. Andrei quickly knocked him out, and the attackers ran in all directions.

We remember the heroic act of Jahar Majidov:

“For the sake of someone else’s life, I was willing to lose a finger.” Hardcore hero saved a man

Andrey really did a feat, because he was not afraid of armed hooligans, of which there were more. He showed courage and saved the girl’s life. Ivan Shtyrkov, president of the RCC Academy of Martial Arts, reacted to this news: “Andrey is a handsome man. In those moments, you understand that the true legacy of the Academy is not in the victories and medals, but in the worthy deeds outside the hall.”

It is curious that Filimonov himself completely refused to call it all heroism or feat. On the contrary, Andrei said that in his place everyone would have done the same. The wrestler also thanked his coach Vasily Kosynkin for the training. Andrey’s sports asset already has a whole scattering of awards and medals. He is the World Championship silver medalist and three-time winner of the Asian Cups in Kosiki Karate. But the fighter got the most important victory last night, when he didn’t overlook the problem and saved the girl.

We recall the incident in which the beautiful Alana Karaeva fell:

A fragile girl knocked out a man on the street. The stalker was outraged by the champion’s tattoos

Filimonov is a real hero who is an example for the younger generation. And it is doubly nice that such people play sports and lead, pass on experiences to girls and boys. And the RCC Martial Arts Academy can definitely be proud of its student.

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