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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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The last hope collapsed. Will even Tuktamysheva abandon sports and leave?

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 04:49:55

The new figure skating season has not yet started and problems are appearing one after another. In the doubles events there is complete confusion, but in the singles the situation is no better. Stars leave sports and go to shows, try to realize themselves in business, or simply prefer to take a break from exhausting training. This is what Alexandra Trusova and Anna Shcherbakova did, the chances of seeing them at this year’s competitions are almost zero. Of the titled figure skaters, only Kamila Valieva and the long-standing figure skater Elizaveta Tuktamysheva remained.

The student of Alexei Mishin for many years set a good example for young people, being incredibly devoted to figure skating. The Empress’s true passion, her hard work and her excellent performance at a respectable age gave hope that the trend towards the emergence of one-day athletes would weaken.

But it seems that time forgives no one, and even Tuktamysheva is ready to leave the big stage. Lisa admitted that she no longer has motivation. Unfortunately, this is confirmed by her preparation for the season. Is this the end of the big story?

Why is it necessary to release Trusova and Shcherbakova from sports?

To whom and what does Trusova owe? Let’s not demand from figure skaters what we expect of them.

Tuktamysheva has motivation problems.

Seeing Elizaveta Tuktamysheva on competitive ice has become so common that her disappearance will likely surprise thousands of fans. Year after year, tireless student Alexei Mishin delighted figure skating fans with incredible performances with powerful triple axles, which no one else in the world can perform at her age.

The athlete has long become a phenomenon because she easily and naturally, with a wide smile on her face, violates the unspoken rules of modern women’s single skating, according to which only young jumping figure skaters can achieve great success. . Lisa did not want to put up with this, so in the last three years she was able to win silver at the World Championship, bronze at the Russian Championship and the final of the Russian Grand Prix.

It seemed that Tuktamysheva even aimed to improve her own results in the new season, and doing so in the absence of the eminent boxers Alexandra Trusova and Anna Shcherbakova would have been much easier, despite the presence of Kamila Valieva and the new generation with ultra – c in reserve. But the situation changed drastically when Lisa admitted that she was experiencing serious motivation problems:

“While I’m looking for it, it’s not in very good condition. I look for it in everything, in music, for example. In the same fairy tales. This is a very subtle question. Motivation cannot be squeezed: you just want it and find it. She should appear on her own without any effort. And so far there are problems with this,” the figure skater said in an interview with RIA Novosti Sport.

Preparations for the season are underway, but not very effectively.

There is still no talk of Tuktamysheva leaving the sport, but suspicions are too great not to realize that Lisa is no longer passionate about new ideas. The figure skater’s preparations for the season are proceeding calmly, she practices her jumps mainly in shows, although the triple axel, as shown in a recent training video, is fine. Regarding the development of competitive programs, the athlete decided to take a break.

“I’m not worried that they started testing shows for the new season later. There is enough time for everything, if only there is desire. Now I will perform in other shows, where I will begin to host the shows I will need during the season. As for the free program, we will leave it the same. And the short will be almost new. They have already seen it in some function, but it was not a short program,” he said.

If you read Tuktamysheva’s words carefully, you will again come across an observation about desire. It seems that Lisa is simply tired and has no strength left to be creative. Therefore, the free program is old and the short program is a reworking of the La Cumparsita tango from the show program tournament. Although there is another version: in Sochi, at the Ilya Averbukh show, the figure skater debuted with a complex performance, very similar in structure to the competitive program. If so, there is still a chance that the Empress will surprise us this season and compete for prizes in tournaments.

More details about the probable new short:

“Honey, I love him.” Did Tuktamysheva declassify a new short program at the Sochi fair?

We must not lose Tuktamysheva: the new generation needs her

Overall, Tuktamysheva’s departure, despite its logic (Liza, more than anyone, deserved a break and could walk off the ice with her head held high), would be a tragedy for women’s single skating, which simply lacks maturity. . As Alexey Mishin said, “Tuktamysheva is the Statue of Liberty for figure skaters who have turned 20.” At the same time, Lisa also inspires young athletes to focus on her and become stronger so as not to become tournament champions and prolong her careers. What can we say, even men admire the Empress. Tuktamysheva’s classmate Matvey Vetlugin definitely follows Lisa’s example, and rightly so:

“He has a philosophical attitude towards training and figure skating in general. Not as the main and only occupation of your entire life, on which your entire future existence and state of mind will depend. This is just part of our daily life, of routine.

At the training camp in Novogorsk before the Russian Championship we celebrated Lisa’s birthday and, of course, everyone said a word. Then Alexey Nikolaevich said: “Guys, you should understand this moment and be happy that you can perform and train with Lisa now. You live in the same era as the oldest person in the sport by today’s standards.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva and Adelia Petrosyan

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

The end of his career will be as unexpected as the death of Queen Elizabeth II. He had been on the throne of Great Britain for so long that it seemed natural and appropriate. So is Lisa’s career. It seems like she has always skated and will continue to skate,” Vetlugin said.

Tatyana Mishina noted that nothing is easy for Tuktamysheva and only her most intense love for figure skating keeps her going. And Lisa herself added that she will act as long as she has a passion for this business. I very much hope that the current motivation problems are temporary and that in skating events the skater will once again feel the joy of competitions.

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