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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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“The most incredible thing in Russia is the expulsion against Zenit. Emenike is back at the Spartak stadium!

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 21:46:40

Emmanuel Emenike will play at the Spartak stadium! No, Abascal did not find a replacement for Alexander Sobolev. The thing is that the forward, who shook the team even with Karpin, will play in the exhibition match between Spartak and the world team. The meeting is dedicated to the memory of Ilya Tsymbalar. Emenike, in any case, will not play for Spartak. And he had never played in the Otkritie Arena before; In his time, the Muscovites’ stadium was the Luzhniki. But he gladly accepted the invitation and has excellent memories of the club. We talked about them, and initially about the life of the former Nigerian national team forward, on the eve of the match.

Of course, we invite you to follow the game with us:


Cherchesov against Carrera! Spartak legends and stars will play in memory of Tsymbalar. LIVE

“I appreciate the invitation to this friendly match,” Emenike began, “especially because I haven’t traveled to Russia in a long time: since I left Spartak.” But I’m in good shape, sometimes I play football in Nigeria. I never neglect my body, haha!

–Did you gain weight after finishing your degree? “And I don’t even know what my weight is now.” Maybe 100 kg, maybe 96. But generally I’m big on my own. I’m in good shape, seriously.

– You scored the most goals with Spartak. The main team of your career?– It cannot be said that one club is more important than others. But Spartak is really important to me. If you ask me about something, I am always willing to help. Also, Spartak helped me in a difficult situation.

This is what the former Spartak striker looks like now

Photo: From Emenike’s personal archive.

– Are you referring to your transfer from Istanbul to Moscow after ending up in prison there?– Yes, I was three or four days there. I ended up there for no reason.

– You didn’t play against Fenerbahçe…– Yeah! After that, Fenerbahçe wanted me to stay, but I refused. Mentally I was not well, I needed to change teams. He had two offers in hand: Rubin and Spartak. I called Chidi Odia from CSKA and asked his opinion. He said that he would move to Spartak because it is a big and respected club. And I have never regretted my choice! At first I heard different things about Russia, but when I arrived, I met friendly people. This is my experience and that is why I am glad to return.

Emenike is not the only Nigerian in Spartak history:

The bitten director and the “advanced cannibal.” Wow stories of Nigerians in Spartak

– In Spartak there was strong competition in attack: you, Welliton, Ari, Dzyuba.– By the way, when Dzyuba moved to the Turkish championship, they asked me for my opinion. They found out what kind of person he was.

– Do you know the sports director of Adana?– Everyone in Türkiye knows me. I said that Artyom is an excellent option. He said some nice things about him. We communicate well at Spartak. I recommended Dziuba to them: he is a good guy.

Emmanuel Emenike and Artem Dzyuba

Photo: Alexander Mysyakin, “Championship”

– What is the most incredible thing that happened to you in Russia?– Elimination of Zenit. It’s true that I also wore a red one in the match against Dynamo, when the fans were chanting about me. And I was young and I reacted – he showed the middle finger. But the strangest thing, of course, was the referee’s decision in the match against Zenit. I simply patted my hand, a gesture I saw Eto’o do in the Champions League. I was surprised that they took me away.

– What do you remember about Karpin?– I had a period in which I did not score in six or seven games. He never gave up, he believed in me and put me on the team. He talked to me and he supported me. He said everything would work out and this important goal came at the right time: I scored against CSKA in the derby. That’s why I respect Karpin a lot. Big man. In general, I don’t remember any unpleasant moments with Karpin.

– They say he severely fined people for being overweight. 300 additional grams – $300.- It was so. I remember one time I arrived overweight and he told me he would fine me. But I think he scored one or two goals in the first game. Then he didn’t fine me, haha. Although in general I understand the coach’s desire. Discipline is really important.

After Emenike’s scandalous dismissal, the entire team supported

Photo: Alexander Mysyakin, “Championship”

– Who was it most difficult to find a common language with in Spartak?– With McGeady, ha ha! His native language is also English, but it was impossible to understand. It took me a year to understand what Aiden was saying. It was fun. In general, you know, now I remember all this… My time in Spartak was really one of the best in my career. Not because of McGeady, of course, but in general because of the way I was treated.

– I don’t think you haven’t had any difficulties in Russia.– The only moment was when Emery was named head coach. He didn’t put me on the squad, but every coach has his own style. Of course, this is his decision. He didn’t explain the reasons to me, but that’s okay. We have a good relationship. Then we saw each other when Fenerbahçe played a friendly match with his team Sevilla. We had a good talk.

– What memory do you have of Spartak?– Photos of those times. I have a whole album at home.

Emmanuel Emenike after the hat-trick against Lokomotiv

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

– After leaving Spartak, was there any interest in you from other Russian clubs?– There was no such opportunity.

– There was news that after Olympiacos CSKA was interested in you.– I found out, but I don’t know how serious it was. In any case, I played for Spartak and I would not play for CSKA. I don’t know if there was any real interest, and it doesn’t matter. This would be impossible.

– Is it true that your house in Greece was robbed?– Yes. They blocked me in the street and I didn’t want to be shot. They brought weapons. They took all my watches, clothes, everything in my house. Money, of course. It’s 50 thousand euros. As explained to me later, in such situations contacting the police is simply a waste of time. No one was found. That’s life. They scared me so much that I left the team.

– Why then did you end your career at only 32 years old?– I had an injury. An operation was required. And he didn’t want to dominate me anymore. Plus, I got into the business. I was born into a family of businessmen. The parents were engaged in the production of clothing. I wanted to start my own business.

A year ago, Emenike’s house amazed everyone:


The former Spartak star now lives in gold! You will be surprised by Emenike’s house

– I know footballers who spent all their money during their careers.– Yes, not everyone has a business mentality. I have it thanks to my family.

– You opened your own hotel, which is called “EE29”.– Yes, 29 is my lucky number. I’ve had it since I was little; almost all teams adopted it.

“At the same time, the premium hotel is in Owerri, far from Nigeria’s largest city. Why there?– Because I lived there and I know this place well. This is a city where people go to have a good time.

Former Spartak striker’s hotel

Photo: EE 29 Hotel & Suites

– How much money did it cost to build the hotel?– I do not remember exactly. Something like 1.8-1.9 million euros. In general, I have different projects. He built a hospital in his hometown.

– Just a building or were they also provided with equipment?– With equipment. There it will be possible to treat any illness, but the hospital will not open until December. Now I am also involved in a football academy. I try to develop different projects little by little.

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