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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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The premiere of “Daryl Dixon” took place: this is the great “Walking Dead” in beautiful France

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 09:48:19

It’s hard to believe, but interest in The Walking Dead is returning. First, AMC released a decent spin-off about Maggie and Negan, featuring Manhattan, a faction of parkour athletes and especially dangerous creatures. Now it’s the turn of legendary biker and tracker Daryl, played by Norman Reedus.

In the first episode the hero does few interesting things, but we look forward to the sequel. What is the secret behind The Walking Dead spin-off: Daryl Dixon?

“The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon”: where to watch?

The series airs on AMC. There are no official voiceovers or subtitles. The first episode premiered on September 10, the rest will premiere once a week on Sundays. The final is scheduled for October 15.

The video is available on Kinoman’s YouTube channel. The rights to the video belong to AMC.

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Bachelor Daryl becomes a father.

The new spin-off immediately baffles the viewer. We see Daryl Dixon passed out: the ocean surrounds him, the hero is tied to an overturned boat and the waves persistently push him towards France. What happened to the exceptional tracker? Do not expect clear explanations: in a conversation with new acquaintances, the hero ends with the phrase “I am here because of a series of bad decisions”, and appropriate clues will be given only at the end of the episode.

However, the main plot does not yet concern Daryl’s adventures behind the scenes. Having landed on the shores of France, the hero walks through beautiful cities, listens to the audio diaries of the dead and gets into new troubles. For example, the first encounter with the local walking miracles does not end with death. The issue is poisonous touches that cause burns and spread infections. You must be careful with those monsters!

The survivors, as always, are even more dangerous. They smile sweetly, pretend to be weak and offer help, and suddenly they hit you on the back of the head. Even survival master Daryl, who has long trusted no one, falls for the convincing trick.

First meeting with people.

Photo: AMC

Although there are still good people in France. How much are fighting nuns worth? It is they who offer an important deal: the ladies show the way home, and the explorer takes an unusual boy to the Commonwealth. The nuns consider the young man a messiah who will restore hope to humanity and build a new society without malice or sin. Dixon considers this nonsense, but he can’t abandon good people in trouble and there are no other allies on the horizon.

All of this makes the first episode a nice start to a full-scale road movie. The hero will probably get into a lot of trouble, admire Paris, and eventually develop sympathy for the young man. The concept seems trite, but in the context of “The Walking Dead” and in the new location it is intriguing.

Daryl and his young companion

Photo: AMC

The only negative aspect of the spin-off is the villains, who are too insignificant this time. Take, for example, the stereotypical warrior: he does crazy things simply because he deliberately gets into trouble and loses in battle to a weak opponent. Daryl and his friends have beaten these guys many times without even breaking a sweat. Therefore, the soldier is not up to the role of villain of the week. But the writers have big plans for him!

A little more interesting is the mysterious lady at the end of the episode. She runs a large organization and is somehow connected to the adventure that took Daryl to France. It’s a shame there aren’t more details yet.

See Paris and die

We’ve seen a lot of beautiful places on The Walking Dead, but France takes the cake. Already in the first episode they showed a quiet coast, a pretty European city and a beautiful monastery. This was all filmed from good angles, with good equipment and using drones, so you’re constantly pressing pause and carefully examining the frame.

At the same time, the most beautiful places are ahead. In the next episode, the heroes will arrive in Paris, where new gangs operate and the most dangerous creatures roam the streets. When the Eiffel Tower appears in the background, these confrontations look especially interesting.

The series is incredibly beautiful.

Photo: AMC

And don’t forget that France is an important country in the world of The Walking Dead. We know from other derivatives that the infection started here, and local scientists are still thinking about a vaccine and conducting other useful research. What if the writers tell you something new about the mythology? It would be interesting.

Daryl Dixon: is it worth watching?

It’s too early to judge based on the first episode, but so far Daryl Dixon looks to be a great series that brings something new to the franchise. Fans of road movies, where the heroes constantly find themselves in new places, fight with villains and gradually become closer, should take a closer look at the spin-off. We hope that in the future the authors will maintain the bar.


France is beautiful. The new zombies are annoying. Combat nuns are great.

I dont like him

Weak villains.

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