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Sunday, April 14, 2024
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The Russian champion was imprisoned for seven years. The brutal murder reverberated throughout the country

Date: April 14, 2024 Time: 20:09:32

Tatyana Andreeva was an ordinary 20-year-old girl from Biysk who loved sports and parties. But one day her life changed drastically due to a scandalous incident. An athlete who won the Russian weightlifting championship has been accused of committing a brutal murder.

The accused denied everything and claimed self-defense.


Tanya started bodybuilding in 2009. Sports fame, although quite local, quickly came to the girl. Already in 2012, Andreeva won the Russian youth weightlifting championship. At that time, the girl was already an international master of sports.

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That same year an event occurred that changed Tanya’s entire life. In August, a group of two boys and two girls, including Andreeva, were vacationing at a motel near Lake Aya in the Altai Territory. At some point, Tanya felt sick and was literally carried to her room. After a while, one of the guys named Sergei Cherkaikin also left the company and went to the athlete’s room.

The public will probably never know for sure what exactly happened between the young people. Witnesses only saw Sergei leave the room with a serious stab wound in his side. A day later he died in a hospital bed.

Tanya, along with her friend and the murder weapon, fled the scene, but soon found the girl. She managed to avoid preventive detention.

The Soviet football legend was murdered with a mug of beer. Voronin was admired by Elizabeth II herself


At the trial everything turned out a little differently than the investigators expected. Almost all described the defendant as a positive, open-minded and strong-willed person. Only the local district police officer claimed that Andreeva was prone to an antisocial lifestyle, but her testimony was recognized as biased.

social networks tatiana andreeva

The defense version looked like this. The girls asked guys they knew to take them home from the lake. At the same time, the second young man denied having met Tanya and her friend before the incident. Andreeva’s lawyer claimed that when Cherkaikin went up to the athlete’s room, he tried to rape her. Seeing a knife on the table, she hit the boy.

— The prosecution and the court considered that the victim’s conduct was lawful. Tatyana, at her first interrogation, said that he molested her, and the investigators and the court considered the word “molested” to be within the law,” gazeta.ru quotes Andreeva’s lawyer Mikhail Kharlampovich.

While the investigation was being carried out, Andreeva managed to tell the whole country about what happened, having attended Andrei Malakhov’s “Let Them Talk” program. On television, the girl suggested that the boys might have mixed something in her water to make her feel sick. However, the police examination did not reveal any foreign substances in Tanya’s blood.

— Sergei approached me, hurriedly took off his shirt and started telling me to relax and “not break down.” He started reaching under my shirt and unbuttoning my shorts. “I tried to push him away, hit him in the face with my hands,” Andreeva told Komsomolskaya Pravda.

At the same time, strange public pages began to appear on social networks, on which people convinced of Andreeva’s guilt gathered. They told several stories about how the athlete was a fan of bladed weapons and even called herself Tanya the Razor. The girl was also charged with prostitution and fraud. However, the prosecution did not use this data when understanding its dubious origin.

He shot and reported his father. The Russian champion was murdered by a psychopath on a US beach.


The sentence was quite harsh. Andreeva was sentenced to seven years, which she had to spend in a general regime colony. However, the deadline was eventually reduced. The champion served just over four years and was released in 2017.

social networks tatiana andreeva

Tanya was released for good behavior. In the colony she led a fairly active lifestyle: she held various sporting events and even KVN. In addition, Andreeva dedicated herself to prison journalism and worked as a radio and cable television presenter in the colony.

– If I could go back, I would trust people less and simply refuse to go with them. Or I wouldn’t even leave the house that day. “In general, I don’t know,” Andreeva admitted to Komsomolskaya Pravda.

After her release, Tanya returned to sports. A year later he managed to win the Russian Cup in weightlifting. For her, what happened is still her own defense, while the mother of the murdered man blames the athlete for everything. It seems that the truth in this matter will never come to light.

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