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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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The Russian hero lost 80 percent of his blood. A huge log fell on him.

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 22:31:12

Terrible, and at the same time amazing news, came the night before from the Urals. The Russian athlete with the surname Kharlamov, a milestone for our sport, survived after receiving serious injuries. The tragedy almost happened in one of the halls of Perm. This was announced by the well-known master of extreme power, head of the Bogatyrskaya Rus power sports federation, winner of the USSR and Russian bodybuilding championships, Alexei Medvedev, aka Burlak.

Boris Kharlamov, world record holder for lifting a 100kg dumbbell, dropped a giant log on his stomach while doing a long pull. The weight of it was not prohibitive for an athlete, but with power work, sadly, nightmare accidents are inevitable. It is quite difficult to insure an athlete when he works with such a load. Therefore, such self-improvement is always a great risk, often fatal.

Photo source: RIA Novosti

fatal accident

Kharlamov is well known in the world of extreme power for his achievement. He was able to squeeze a dumbbell weighing one hundred kilograms four times in sixty seconds. But this time, the incident, which almost cost the athlete his life, could not be avoided. In this situation, we are not talking about a violation of safety precautions, as is often the case with masters of weightlifting. Nothing more than a terrible combination of circumstances can explain what happened.

Boris lost control of the 110 kilogram projectile and it fell on him. Other events unfolded at a rapid pace. The blow caused the rupture of internal organs and internal bleeding. After that, the fate of Kharlamov depended on how quickly the ambulance doctors arrived at the scene: the nature of the injuries was aggravated by pain.

Photo source: Union of Strong Men of Russia

The feat of doctors

When the doctors arrived, Boris was already in critical condition. The fall of a huge log caused his small intestine to rupture, and Kharlamov lost about 80 percent of his blood. In most of these cases, help from doctors is late. With such blood loss, the chance of survival is extremely small, and it is impossible to stop bleeding instantly. But the Perm doctors performed a real miracle.

Kharlamov was immediately taken to the hospital, where the fight for his life began. According to Medvedev, only the coordinated actions of the ambulance personnel and Perm surgeons made it possible to save the athlete. Boris was operated on and connected to a ventilator for some time. After that, all that was left was to wait.

the danger has passed

Fortunately, Boris Kharlamov’s life is currently out of danger. Alexei Medvedev said on his social media page that the worst is over. The athlete is removed from the ventilator and breathes on their own. He has a long recovery process ahead of him. Whether Boris will continue after this exercise with extreme power, time will tell. In any case, he will be able to return to work with exorbitant weights for a long time.

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