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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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The Russian MMA fighter smashed the girl’s face out of jealousy. She hid from him in the store.

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 05:37:27

Arthur Kulinsky can hardly be called a successful athlete. Until recently, the Russian did not play professionally at all, but at the amateur level he became famous more for endless scandals than for brilliant victories. He is often called one of the dirtiest fighters in MMA, both for his questionable moves and his rude behavior outside of the Octagon.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just his opponents who suffered from Kulinsky’s complex nature. Two years ago, the athlete was at the center of a high-profile scandal: the girl accused him of severe beatings.

He had to hide from the distraught fighter in the store.

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Kulinsky took up professional sports quite late. In early childhood, Arthur was engaged in swimming and even showed decent results for his age, but over time he gave up this hobby. The boy’s studies were not particularly attractive either: he studied very poorly and constantly changed schools due to complaints about his behavior. The future wrestler began to drink and smoke quite early, contacting bad companies, and at the age of 15 he was in prison for robbery.

After serving his sentence, he tried to return to education and entered a technical school, but a month later he took the documents. At the same time, Kulinsky decided to try his hand at sambo, where things went uphill for him. Over two years, Arthur rose to the rank of CCM, while working as a loader, and then made his amateur MMA debut.

In 2020, the aspiring athlete signed a contract with Hardcore FC. Arthur received an offer from a well-known promotion quite unexpectedly. A year earlier, the wrestler appeared in a video where he sexually abused a journalist on the day of the Airborne Forces: the girl became a producer of the wrestling league and, having contact with a thug, invited him to perform in Hardcore.

Artur Kulinsky’s social networks

The promotion employee was then attracted precisely by Kulinsky’s defiant behavior, which later became his main feature. Already during his first fight, he started a real fight in the ring, from which even the referee suffered. Arthur got into fights outside the Octagon and regularly messed with the police, whose employees he had a difficult relationship with. It is not for nothing that he received the nickname Akab in MMA, which comes from the ACAB tattoo on the fighter’s torso: “All policemen are bastards.”

“I came to kill you”

MMA fans were generally lenient towards Kulinsky’s antics. The Russian committed no overt crime and Arthur’s skirmishes with other combatants only fueled interest in his fights. However, the incident that occurred in October 2021 made many look at the athlete in a different way: this time he crossed all limits.

The scandalous story involving Kulinsky was shared on his social networks by a well-known lawyer, Ekaterina Gordon, who came out in defense of the athlete’s ex-girlfriend Alice (name changed for security reasons). The specialist said that that fall, a drunken wrestler first brutally beat her girlfriend in her own home and then attacked her again in the yard.

He said: “I have come to kill you. I am so jealous of you, I have all the correspondence… If not with me, then you will not be with anyone. He dragged me home and beat me. I had a chance to run away when he got up from me , took the phone and said: “I will call an ambulance now, I will say that here is a girl beaten to death and I have nothing to lose” news.ru quotes Alice.

Catherine Gordon Social Media

The wrestler caught up with the girl in the street, where he was briefly stopped by a passerby who tried to calm Arthur down. At that moment, the victim managed to run to the nearest grocery store, trying to hide from her, but Kulinsky caught up with her there too. Pushing aside other customers, he forcibly dragged Alice out of the store, continuing to beat her. The girl was saved from reprisals only by police officers who stopped the fighter near the house where he was trying to take the unfortunate woman.

As a result of the incident, the girl, who suffered numerous injuries of varying severity, contacted the police along with a lawyer. For what he did, Kulinsky was threatened with a real penalty – the media wrote about eight years in prison. However, Arthur apparently bore no responsibility for the crime. Regardless, for the next several years he continued to perform in MMA and recently even made his professional debut. Alice, bullied to death by a fighter, had to change her place of residence in order, God forbid, not to run into an ex-boyfriend again.

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