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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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The Russian national chess team is crumbling before our eyes. Another talented player changed the flag

Date: May 28, 2024 Time: 19:05:35

Russia is a country with colossal chess traditions. To see this, just look at the list of world champions, where the flags of the USSR and Russia are more in total than all the others combined.

In the twentieth century, it was sometimes more difficult to win the USSR championship than the world championship, and in Russia for many years the level of competition remained prohibitive. The natives of our country defended the honor not only of their flag, but also strengthened other teams: we had a large number of great chess players.

But now the situation is changing. Unfortunately, not for the better.

The transition of the Russian Chess Federation from Europe to Asia, as well as FIDE’s subsequent decision on a simplified change of citizenship for those Russians who wish to continue playing in the Old World, resulted in the exodus of our chess players under other banners. If we leave aside the departure of Alexandra Kosteniuk, and consider only men, it is worth noting that sports citizenship is not changed by the stars, but by those who could well become them.

Kirill Alekseenko is now in Austria, Alexei Sarana and Alexander Predke are in Serbia, Alexander Motylev is in Romania. Previously, Daniil Yuffa (Spain) and Grigory Oparin (USA) stopped performing under the Russian flag.

Oparin went to the United States to do science:

The Russian chess player decided to play for the United States. Why It Can’t Be Called Treason

At the end of July, Vladimir Fedoseev, 28, absolute European chess champion among the under 18s (2013), joined the sad list. He was also bronze medalist of the 2014 European Chess Championship, third medalist of the 2014 World Under-20 Chess Championship and quarterfinalist of the 2017 Chess World Cup.

Now Vladimir will compete under the flag of Slovenia.

At the time of writing, Fedoseev is ranked 60th in the FIDE ranking in the classics. In fast and blitz, he is noticeably taller: in ninth and 14th place. So his departure from the point of view of sporting achievements is a loss for our chess.

Another thing is that everything was going to this transition. In the spring of 2022, Fedoseyev, according to some sources, asked to remove the FSHR flag from his table and declared that he “will never play for this country again in his life.”

Fedoseyev’s departure is one of the loudest in the past year and a half. And coupled with Yan Nepomniachtchi’s recent statement that he does not want to play for the Russian national team under the current leadership of the RCF, this transition makes one wonder: who will play for the national team?

A great interview with Jan Nepomniachtchi:


“Until I win, I don’t deserve to rest.” Nepomniachtchi – about a new campaign for the title of world champion

Yes, FIDE still does not allow Russians to play in team tournaments. But it seems that the situation in world sports is developing: sanctions are being eased, athletes from Russia can participate in World Cups and Championships. Perhaps, in chess, Russia will soon be allowed to play as a team.

But will this team meet?

Nepomniachtchi doesn’t want to play, Karjakin won’t do it without a flag. Kramnik, who until recently helped the Russian national team, seems to be walking away from the big game. Svidler, apparently, is already gone.

Of the eminent fighters, Grischuk remains, who has not yet lost his hunger for victories, and a reduced number of Russians from the top 100: Vityugov, Dubov, Artemyev, Syugirov, Esipenko and some others. Not a great choice, to be honest.

However, the point is far from the fact that the Russian national team, if it meets in the near future, will not be a scattering of stars fighting only for gold. Much more important is the reduction of the overall level of competition. People in chess circles note with disgust a noticeable decline in the ranking and strength of Russian tournaments. But this is where the new rivals Magnus and Dean, Firouji and Prague should be forged. And with this, so far, it turns out that all is not well.

In Russian chess, Karjakin and Nepomniachtchi didn’t have many names behind them. But in the past year and a half, it has become even smaller.

And how to remedy this situation is still unclear.

And why doesn’t Sergey Karjakin want to talk?

The Russian chess player refused to play in the World Cup without a flag. Is he a patriot or a madman?

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