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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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The stylist named 9 top men’s trends for spring 2024.

Date: April 24, 2024 Time: 09:11:37

Maria Suchkova

stylist image maker

“Incorporating catwalk trends into your everyday wardrobe is not such a difficult task. Especially when you know how to add freshness to an image with minimal risks to your reputation and fashion budget. I will tell you what new products will allow this plan to be implemented.”

The simplest thing is the color. So let’s start with that. It is enough to buy a few clothes in the current shades to make your wardrobe shine with new colors. These can be budget options: knitwear, shirts, etc. What colors should you pay attention to?

1. Peach color

Pantone has announced that peach will be this year’s color. Shirts, t-shirts, baseball caps and hats in this tone can now be incorporated into everyday looks. A bold choice would be a peach suit. He can be athletic. It is also possible to find a classic one: pants and jacket. You can also purchase a three-piece suit.

Photo: Giovanni Giannoni/WWD via Getty Images

2. Butter color

Which shade will be the second most popular next season? This is the color of butter. It will be easy to find in beach collections. All kinds of light yellow shorts, polo shirts and flip flops will be at the peak of popularity. For early spring you can buy knitwear, a shirt, a sweater in this tone. Cream hoodies and sweatshirts will look great.

Photo: Giovanni Giannoni/WWD via Getty Images

3. Eggplant color

It can vary in saturation, from lighter to darker. Eggplant began to appear in designer collections in the fall of 2023. Now it has begun to actively penetrate wardrobes. I advise you to pay attention to teenage-style violet knitwear, shirts, T-shirts or sweatshirts in muted shades of this color.

Photo: Claudio Lavenia/Getty Images

4. Vibrant color

Spring always calls for color and this season is no exception. On the catwalk appeared: juicy red, acid green, orange. If you are not afraid to stand out from the crowd, you can take similar shades as a base. For example, buy a bright coat, down jacket or hoodie. For those who do not crave more attention, you can introduce bright green or red as an accent. Possible options: hat, sneakers, backpack, etc.

Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Now we can move on to more global solutions. What outerwear can be considered especially relevant this spring? Of course, there is always a choice. However, if I had to highlight something, I would focus on this small detail.

5. Bomber

He has already been with us for several seasons, but he has no plans to give up his position. The popularity of the bomber jacket is gaining momentum. Today, this item can easily fit not only into sporty looks, but also into casual styles. Thanks to its interesting cut, it will be the highlight of any outfit. If you add the “current color” setting, you are guaranteed a place at the top of the fashion wave.

Photo: Gallet/WWD via Getty Images

If they are pants, what type? I would highlight two trends, which we will discuss later. They can be combined into a single product. There is also the option to limit yourself to just one thing. We remember that colors can be both neutral (black, gray, beige) and trendy. We remember peach, butter tone and purple.

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6. wide pants

Straight pants have been and always will be a classic. The conical (thin) ones have lost their positions. The opposite trend is gaining popularity: wide-leg pants. The fabric can be any: cotton, denim, jersey.

Examples of combinations:

wide cotton pants and suit jacket; wide jeans and T-shirt, vest, bomber jacket; loose knit pants with sweatshirt or hoodie.

Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

7. High waist pants

These pants are not only a trend, but also an excellent stylistic tool. Allows you to add height.

Typically, these models do not require an additional belt. Either it is sewn to the pants or the top is wide enough and has decorative buttons that are a shame to hide. Instead of a belt, you can decorate them with suspenders.

Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

8. Load

Now it’s not just pants! A slogan like this could appear in an advertisement for this trend. True, you don’t need special PR. Men continue to actively introduce cargo pants into their wardrobes and are also beginning to look for similar vests. And this is not surprising! Having several pockets is a useful thing. Now this trend has been renamed “work uniforms.”

Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

9. denim

What about current materials? Denim would stand out. This fabric will never lose its position, but you can try to look at it in a new way. Instead of regular blue jeans, try, for example, black or gray jeans. Take a closer look at denim jackets, because it is a great option as a second layer. You can wear them not only with jeans, but also with tracksuits, shorts and chinos.

Photo: Giovanni Giannoni/WWD via Getty Images

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