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Friday, June 14, 2024
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This has never happened in Russia! Scandal with five penalties and three eliminations in Grozny

Date: June 14, 2024 Time: 18:40:19

Akhmat, CSKA and referee Bezborodov gave a unique match. This never happened in the RPL (a bit similar, in 2021). But we go in order.

First, let’s talk about the composition of the favorite for this historic match. CSKA keeps losing defenders to injuries (Willian Rocha retired after Diveev), and there are still no new ones, so Vladimir Fedotov presents unusual combinations in the center of defense. In the south of Russia the Moises – Nababkin – Ryadno trio played. The latter is not yet 18 years old. “Akhmat” in the first attack broke through the central zone, and not that part for which Ryadno was responsible, and almost scored a quick goal. However, the shot on goal turned out to be weak – Akinfeev recorded the save in his statistics.

The first important moment of the match occurred at the end of ten minutes. Akhmat had trouble controlling the width of CSKA’s attacks as the army team passed the ball through the flanks. The guests tied a combination on the left, and Gaich, who flew on the right, completed it at the far post. After hitting the Serb, the ball hit Bystrov’s hand or chest, a very difficult episode for the referee. Whatever decision you make, there will be dissatisfied, there will be critics. Bezborodov, having studied the replay, scored a penalty and removed the defender. It is a pity that those moments end with double punishment. Chalov converted his first, but not his last, 11-meter kick in this match.

This episode was dismantled by the referee of the “Championship” Igor Fedotov:

“The moment from the penalty spot against Akhmat is very difficult. Bezborodov was in the recommended position: he could not see the moment. The assistant in charge of the episode also had a hard time in terms of the dynamics. But we found out: Ivanov (assistant in VAR) correctly called Bezborodov, there was a hand. And even if the ball hit the Akhmat player’s hand from the chest, it would still be a foul and therefore a penalty and sending off.

The judges determined that the sanction and expulsion of Akhmat’s defender was the correct decision. I don’t think Bezborodov and his assistant will drop their grades because of this moment.”

What happened after the first elimination

Interestingly, after elimination, Sergey Tashuev replaced Berisha, although fast forwards were apparently needed for ten-man counterplay. But the coach knows better. “Akhmat” really played very decently with ten men, and the army team seemed to have lost their concentration. Even Akinfeev almost made a scoring error for the second round in a row. And in the 27th minute, Akhmat also scored a penalty. The episode is again ambiguous. Oleinikov took the ball from Kuchaev, possibly with a foul, and the CSKA midfielder succumbed to emotions and rushed into his own penalty area. As a result, he violated Oleinikov’s rules. Conate scored from the penalty spot.

“There can be no doubt about a penalty kick against CSKA,” explained referee Igor Fedotov, evaluating this episode. – Bezborodov was in the recommended position and saw that the visiting player did not have time to play the ball and hit the opponent’s leg. This is a negligent fault. As for the replay, where before the foul there was allegedly a foul by the Akhmat player, there was no obvious and obvious mistake, two players simply fought for the ball.

Two penalties, that was just the beginning

Two 11-meter kicks in the middle, you don’t see that in every game. But in the 44th minute, perhaps the most obvious of the four was named before the break. Semyonov, trying to kick the ball, did not notice Zabolotny’s cunning and hit the CSKA striker in the leg. As a result, Chalov scored a brace from the “point”.

The main scandal of the game.

And in stoppage time of the first half there was an incredible episode. Gaich grabbed Oleinikov, who was getting into the penalty area, for football, and he (by the way, a CSKA student) felt the contact and fell. There are reasons to argue whether it was a foul or a dive, but one way or another, Bezborodov signaled a penalty. The strangest thing happened later: Oleinikov unsuccessfully made an 11-meter throw – Akinfeev parried the blow. But Bezborodov suddenly stopped the game to… once again review the clash in the penalty area and remove Gaich for the “lack of the last hope.” It’s possible? Konate followed Chalov with a brace from the penalty spot.

There were so many questions here that we wrote a separate text about this episode. With a detailed explanation of what happened.

Here is the:


I. Fedotov explained the episode with a penalty kick and a red card in the game “Akhmat” – CSKA

And what happened next?

The second part was not as fiery as the first, but the teams did not stop at the four penalties. In the 10 vs 10 match, CSKA had more possession of the ball, but both teams had chances to win. In a couple of episodes, the hosts called for 11 meters, but Bezborodov and his VAR assistants stopped for the moment. They expected a more obvious violation. It happened 15 minutes before the end. In a set piece in the Akhmat penalty area, Kamilov went too far to mark Chalov, grabbing the attacker by the shirt. The Petersburg referee needed a video to evaluate the episode.

“The Akhmat player really used his hands. Formally, there was a violation. But football ended before the break”, summed up the referee Igor Fedotov.

Chalov, scoring the third penalty, created the most incredible hat-trick of his career and caught up with Zenit’s Cassierra on the RPL top scorer list. Tashuev’s team did not have enough strength or emotion for the final assault. It was impossible to score from the field in this incredible game, only from 11 meters. Akhmat eventually surpassed CSKA in the number of shots on goal (14:11), but lost in shots on target (5:6).

It all ended with a third elimination: Akhmat Semenov’s defender exceeded himself in an aerial duel with Zabolotny and received a second yellow card.

The match was historic. Remember we talked about 2021? Then Tambov and again CSKA scored four penalties. But five: this has never happened before. Who will beat the record in Grozny?

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