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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Three reasons to watch Ahsoka: Star Wars’s greatest hope in 2023

Date: May 29, 2024 Time: 17:53:41

In the hands of Disney, Star Wars fades. The last film trilogy disappointed everyone, the Obi-Wan series surprised with nonsense, The Mandalorian had too many dubious fillers. Only the down-to-earth Andor turned out to be definitely good.

But what about longtime fans who dream not of a spy thriller but of a classic saga of Jedi, Force, and lightsabers? Of course, wait for Ahsoka! There is a chance that the series about the legendary heroine will be great.

Where and when to see the series?

Ahsoka will be released in Disney+ online theaters. Do not expect official dubbing or subtitles in Russian.

The first season will have eight episodes. The first two will be released on August 23, then one a week.

The video is available on the SWEROK YouTube channel. The rights of the video belong to Disney.

1. This is a series about Ahsoka

Ahsoka Tano is the Jedi apprentice of Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader). The mentor taught the girl dexterity, strength, combat skills; however, at first she did it irresponsibly. For example, in Tales of the Jedi, Anakin was downright bored during Ahsoka’s trials and considered what was going on a waste of time.

Actually, Dave Filoni designed Ahsoka to show Skywalker growing up. However, in the second episode of Star Wars, the hero was undisciplined, and in the third behind the screen he became a true leader. Internal growth – including student merit.

Ahsoka first appeared in the Clone Wars cartoon. At first, the audience found the girl annoying, but gradually fell in love with her. Ahsoka developed rapidly: at the same time she was cute and fierce, sensitive and unyielding, strong and vulnerable. Over time, the heroine became legendary: to the end, she appeared in The Clone Wars, she returned in The Rebels, and she grew up to star in TV shows like The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. She now has her own series with an important plot.

Rosario Dawson will return as Ahsoka

Photo: Disney

2. Ahsoka will have a prominent enemy

Star Wars had a lot of badass villains. Palpatine, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, General Grievous, Count Dooku and others. But Ahsoka’s main enemy is Grand Admiral Thrawn. He is something special.

The villain was created for the Thrawn Trilogy series of novels. He didn’t use the Force and he didn’t fight the Jedi in a fair fight; instead of physical force, he used his brilliant mind. The villain thought everything seven steps ahead, manipulated the heroes, lured them into traps, and quickly found the opponent’s weaknesses. This was enough to overcome and nearly destroy the New Republic, even in dire starting conditions.

At the same time, Thrawn was not a petty tyrant: he respected his subordinates, encouraged initiative, admitted mistakes, and believed he was doing the right thing.

Grand Admiral Thrawn played by Lars Mikkelsen

Photo: Disney

In the animated series “Rebels”, which takes place before “A New Hope”, Thrawn became the main villain. In the end, the Grand Admiral and the young Jedi Ezra Bridger disappeared. Ahsoka believed that they were dead, but after the events of Return of the Jedi, he learned that they survived and returned.

Ahsoka is a direct sequel to The Clone Wars and Rebels. The novelty is even jokingly called the new season of “Rebels”.

The girl will go in search of a friend and a villain, and she will certainly find them. The trailer has already shown Thrawn, who will be played by Lars Mikkelsen. Surely the villain will again get out of a sticky situation and bring the universe to its knees.

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3 Ahsoka’s plot will be important to Star Wars

Ahsoka promises to be the most intense Star Wars series yet. For example, there will definitely be a lot of action: a Jedi will kill the alien predators, fight the Sith, crush the Imperials in space battles, and escape from ruined buildings.

Also don’t forget the drama. Anakin Skywalker has already appeared in the trailer, which means the authors will show Ahsoka’s training and suffering after Order 66, and perhaps one of the scenes from Ahsoka’s encounter with Darth Vader. Also on the heroine’s team will be Hera Syndulla played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim’s Ramona). The girl has experienced many personal tragedies and will be willing to avenge them.

Hera Syndulla

Photo: Disney

The pranks on Ahsoka are handled by the droid Yuyang, who speaks in the voice of David Tennant. The actor brilliantly played in “Doctor Who”, “Good Omens” and “Jessica Jones”, so Yuyang will surely become everyone’s favorite.

The script for the entire season was written by Dave Filoni, who also directed the major episodes. Filoni once created The Clone Wars and Rebels, so a new success is expected from him. The events take place between the sixth and seventh episodes of Star Wars in the time of The Mandalorian.

It is already known that Dave Filoni is planning a large-scale film for this time – expect an analogue of The Avengers, where all the heroes of this period will come together for one major plot. On Ahsoka alone, this plot should fully launch. Apparently, Thrawn will become the new leader of the decaying Empire.

Thrawn won’t be the only villain

Photo: Disney

Ahsoka: Let’s see?

Yeah! Ahsoka seems to be the most promising Star Wars project yet. Interesting characters, a prominent villain, a juicy image – how can anything go wrong? Let’s just hope Filoni has everything under control, because another flop will finally kill faith in the franchise.

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