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Trump was supposed to cut his hair, but he fooled everyone. How the 45th President of the United States shined in wrestling

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Trump was supposed to cut his hair, but he fooled everyone. How the 45th President of the United States shined in wrestling

Ainur Shaimardanov September 15, 2023, 17:15 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Did the billionaire really risk the main detail of his image?

Perhaps the most unusual Wrestlemania show in history took place on April 1, 2007 in Detroit. Despite featuring stars The Undertaker and Batista, as well as John Cena and Shawn Michaels for the company’s top championships, the crowd of 80,103 was largely in attendance for what was likely a once-in-a-lifetime event. The fighter of billionaire and future American president Donald Trump met in the ring with the fighter of WWE owner and billionaire Vince McMahon. The hairstyles of the businessmen were at stake. Let’s remember how McMahon and Trump came up with this idea.

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Trump always liked wrestling and knew WWE owner Vince McMahon well. Trump even hosted two Wrestlemania shows and appeared on camera several times during other events. The businessman had long wanted to participate in one of the stories, but he was unable to reach an agreement until 2007. The plot between the billionaires began in January, when in one of the episodes of RAW, during McMahon’s speech, Trump burst in in the ring and started throwing money everywhere. The writers led the conflict to organize a match called “Battle of the Billionaires.” It is true that the rich did not fight among themselves. The late Umaga (Dwayne Johnson’s cousin) entered the ring for McMahon, and Trump was represented by Bobby Lashley, who at one time managed to appear in MMA. Steve Austin was appointed special referee for the match.

Donald Trump, Steve Austin and Vince McMahon at the presentation

Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Umaga entered the ring with McMahon and his manager Armando Estrada, while Lashley was accompanied by Trump and model Tara Conner. As the fight progressed, Umaga attacked Austin and knocked him out for several minutes. At this time, McMahon’s son Shane attempted to become the main character. However, Austin quickly recovered and threw Shane out of the ring while Trump punched McMahon outside the ring. After that, Lashley managed to perform his signature moves and win the match. As a result, Trump, Austin and Lashley shaved McMahon’s head. The public was delighted!

Trump and McMahon even turned the contract signing into a spectacle

Photo: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Trump then appeared in WWE several more times, and in 2017, suddenly for many, he became the 45th president of the United States and had no time for wrestling. However, the most interesting details of his fight against McMahon came to light only in 2022, when Trump had already resigned as president. The Wall Street Journal published truly sensational details of the contract between the parties:

“Under no circumstances would Trump walk out of that show bald, even if Bobby Lashley, who spoke on his behalf, died in the ring. Donald ordered his attorneys to spell out the terms of the contract in as much detail as possible so that his haircut could not be performed in any way. Trump also received an additional $1 million due to the success of Wrestlemania. In total, as we know from reports, Trump received around $5 million for his participation.”

Thus, it turns out that the legendary billionaire simply fooled everyone, because he certainly did not risk his famous hairstyle. On the other hand, wrestling is a theatrical sports production, which no one hides. The audience had fun, one of the billionaires shaved: what else is needed for happiness?

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