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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Tutberidze prepared an incredibly powerful junior! At the box office, Rita had no equal

Date: May 19, 2024 Time: 14:48:22

Thus ended the first part of the junior test skates. After the boys, the unmarried girls completed their performances in Novogorsk. Rental skater expectations were high – the youngsters spoiled us with plenty of ultra-c on their shows. But the girls decided to start the season calmly, without forcing the preparations. Only 3 skaters out of 13 were able to demonstrate clean quadruple jumps.

But the most powerful impression was made by Tutberidze’s student Margarita Bazylyuk – she showed a skate with three quads at once! All the rest seemed much weaker against the background of such a Rita.

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Maria Gordeeva opened free programs for girls. The figure skater appeared in the image of the ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya. Production already at the beginning of the season looks very interesting, but Masha’s form is still not the best: a student of Sergey Davydov fell out of a quadruple salchow and made a “butterfly” in a triple loop. But such bugs are quite acceptable in mid-August. The main thing is that the skater managed to enjoy the performance at this moment.

“The program is beautiful, unusual, you could say “ballet” because we try to use ballet elements as well. It was very interesting for me to work on this show, because there is something in it that was not in my previous ones, ”Gordeeva told FFKKR.

Alisa Dvoeglazova also did not show unmistakable skating – she fell from a quadruple lutz, which was very upset. Otherwise, the performance turned out to be quite functional, and the program La La Land, which the skater left for the second season, began to look more expressive. It was not worth expecting any feats from a promising student Eteri Tutberidze at the end of the summer, especially since until recently the skater suffered from a knee injury, due to which she missed an impressive part of last season.

Alisa Dvoeglazova

Photo: RIA Novosti

After Alice, Evgeni Plushenko’s ward Kira Trofimova came to the ice – she hosted a program with the touching composition “I’m Not There”. The 13-year-old figure skater did an excellent job with a complex lyrical image, not forgetting about high-quality jumps. Kira hasn’t performed ultra-si yet, but she’s still ahead. Another student of Plushenko, Sofia Titova, despite the fact that she has several more difficult jumps in her arsenal at once, did not risk herself today. The figure skater, not without mistakes, performed the standard jumping content, but she skated beautifully with the “Moonlight Sonata”.

The second group of participants was opened by Anastasia Marasanova. The figure skater also did not go to the ultra-si, but she turned it on under the modern hits in Spanish. Then several girls showed their programs of last year at once: Taisiya Korobitsina skated under a cut from the compositions of Isaac Schwartz, Elizaveta Kulikova – under If You Leave by the singer Imany, and Agata Petrova – under The Arrival of Birds. A student of Tatyana Mishina pleased me with her performance in a competitive dress; this is a first for Novogorsk. All three figure skaters demonstrated quite functional skates, without the more difficult jumps.

The first pure ultra-si element was shown by Alena Prineva from CSKA – the skater did an excellent job with the quadruple lutz in combination with a double shearling coat. The remaining jumps, unfortunately, did not go without errors, but the girl performed quite well with the music of Game of Thrones. Already now we can definitely say that Alena should be carefully examined. Ekaterina Moiseeva’s student owns three of the most difficult quads and may well compete with the traditionally strong figure skaters Tutberidze and Plushenko.

Elizaveta Labutina presented the original program Sueño de Águila. The figure skater did not go to ultra-si, but she presented her costume to the public.

It was especially interesting to see what shape Margarita Bazylyuk is in. Last season, the skater lost only two of her nine tournaments, then she performed in Novices. She will now run in juniors and she has every chance to become a leader here. Student Tutberidze already demonstrates a quad salchow, a quad toe loop, a double axis, and a solo (step-out) quad toe loop in her free show, and this is an incredibly powerful app! But Bazylyuk is also working on other ultra-si jumps. As for the second assessment, Margarita still has room to grow, there are still not enough emotions in the show based on the musical Les Miserables. But the coaches understand it perfectly and develop the student from her.

“We are working for the athlete to improve in terms of art, so that everything looks beautiful in her skating, movements, poses. The process is not fast. These qualities, skills, understanding must be developed, developed, worked on, ”Sergey Dudakov told the FFKKR.

There were also high expectations for the rental of the Russian Grand Prix final winner among the juniors Veronika Zhilina. In the short program, Plushenko’s student was the only one who dared to go for the triple axel. In the free skate, the skater decided not to exaggerate and went only to the quadruple salchow, although her potential is much higher than that of an ultra-si. Unfortunately, there was a fall: Veronica was unable to land the last jump – a triple jump. Fortunately, this did not depress the skater too much and she was able to demonstrate a brilliant sequence of steps. But Zhilina’s form, obviously, is still far from ideal. Perhaps because the figure skater plans to act in the new season for adults, by age she has the right.

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The first part of the skate test closed with the performance of Victoria Morozova. A student of Irina Smirnova wanted to impress the audience with a quadruple loop, but, unfortunately, she fell. The figure skater performed the remaining jumps cleanly, and overall her tango made a good impression.

Until now, our juniors are not fully equipped, but this is understandable – the start of the season is still far away. But there is no doubt that in the competitions the skaters will appear in all their splendor and will give us an incredible battle of quads. Perhaps even more violent than before.

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