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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Tutberidze’s students are in poor condition. Only Valieva, after a serious illness, delighted the public

Date: June 22, 2024 Time: 09:55:54

Tutberidze’s students are in poor condition. Only Valieva, after a serious illness, delighted the public

Ekaterina Avdonina September 17, 2023, 17:45 Moscow time

Kamila, even after undergoing the operation, shows a high level, but the Russian champion Sofya Akatieva withdrew from the free program.

The second day of skating tests for the Russian team was more dramatic than the first. The first defeat came in women’s single skating: spectators lost the opportunity to see national champion Sofya Akatieva in action due to health problems. However, this is not the only student of Eteri Tutberidze who is not doing well in her preparation for the season.

The skaters of one of the best coaching staffs in Russia each fight their own demons. It is not easy even for Kamila Valieva, but the team’s Olympic champion was able to regain her strength and took to the ice after a serious illness. After undergoing retinal surgery, Kamila still showed an incredible level of skating and delighted the audience with her new performance. “Black Panther” Valieva showed her teeth to her enemies!

Akatieva withdrew and Tuktamysheva appeared to say goodbye.

The women’s free skate test began with unpleasant news: 2022 Russian champion Sofya Akatieva withdrew due to health problems. So, ironically, the figure skater who missed all of last season due to injuries was the first to take the ice. But Maya Khromykh turned out to be not one of the shy ones and overcame her fear, trying to give everything and show a sensual image in a seductive performance of the songs My love and The devil you know by singer Kovacs. From a technical point of view, Eteri Tutberidze’s student was not perfect: one jump, two falls, but what a hydroblade she showed at the end! The athlete will still have time to get in shape.

Sofia Akatieva

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

Next, the incomparable Elizaveta Tuktamysheva entered the Megasport arena. She left last year’s “Soledad” program and tried to brighten it with new colors. Alexey Mishin’s student gave an emotional performance, focusing on the purity of her performance. Today the skater dispensed with her characteristic triple axels, achieving five (!) doubles. This is not the most obvious choice for a coaching team, especially for a competitive program. Therefore, the thoughts that the Empress is seriously thinking about ending her career only become more ingrained in her mind.

He was worried about Ksenia Sinitsyna, who during the six-minute warm-up could not hold back her tears: it seemed that the skater was in severe pain. Only after the performance did she say that during training she accidentally pierced her leg with a skate, so she couldn’t step on it. However, Ksyusha showed fighting spirit and skated in an incendiary production of Maybe, Maybe, Maybe by Cuban composer Osvaldo Farres, although not with the optimal set of jumps, but incredibly artistically.

Anastasia Zinina chose the Spanish composition Te Extraño for her free program. The lyrical music slightly absorbed the figure skater, who seemed to lose her rhythm and eventually lost concentration. Because of this, the athlete could not maintain her balance on the second waterfall jump in the second half of the performance and she fell. In an interview with Maxim Trankov and Alina Zagitova, Nastya promised that she would improve and no longer make mistakes: “Just skate cleanly in a quadruple sheepskin coat? Yeah!”

How did you do in the girls’ short programs?

Valieva made Tarasova and Tutberidze laugh! What did the skaters show on the first day of skating?

“Black Panther” Valieva showed her teeth to all the haters

After the ice was served, Alina Gorbacheva came out to present her new free program. A student of Sofia Fedchenko chose as musical accompaniment the soundtrack of the series “The Queen’s Progress” La Terre vue du ciel. The production began with a lyrical part, but then the tempo of the music became more restless, reflecting changes in the mood and character of the main character. Alina tried to convey this metamorphosis, falling into musical accents while she jumped. There is no ultra-c yet, but Gorbacheva revealed a secret: this year she plans to do three quads in the free skate.

Sofia Muravyova performed the dramatic composition “Piligrims on a long journey.” Evgenia Plushenko’s student once again did an excellent job in the difficult task of conveying subtle feelings to the limit. Unfortunately, Sonya was not as beautiful technically as artistically. She broke one of the waterfalls (she fell in a three-turn spin) and made an unclear landing in a triple Lutz.

Michael Jackson is very popular this season and Veronica Zilina decided to follow the trends. She embodied the image of a great singer and in the short program she did no worse than Adelia Petrosyan. A student of Evgeniy Plushenko in an elegant black suit, shining under the spotlight, entered several quadruples. Nika did not undergo the first ultra-si element – the “butterfly”, but then the skater performed a 4+2 waterfall. Other quads ended in falls, but Zilina did not lose her way, instead she continued swinging. The overhang and the play with the jacket delighted the audience, and the “moon path” as one of the choreographic elements caused real delight.

And now the time has come for “Black Panther” Kamila Valieva to go out on the skating rink and show her teeth to those who didn’t believe in her. Authentic music and a non-classical image transformed student Eteri Tutberidze, who seemed to become even stronger and more liberated. The playful humor was noticeable in every movement of the skater, Kamila did not hesitate to flirt with the public and received total love in return. At the beginning of the test, Valieva did a greaser cascade with a combination of lutz and lutz-toe loop, as well as a triple loop and a double axle. In the second part, the content had to be adjusted, since the athlete had recently returned to the ice after having health problems.

Kamila Valieva

Photo: RIA Novosti

Another student of Eteri Tutberidze, Adelia Petrosyan, closed the women’s competition. The figure skater appeared in an unusual lyrical image, but she coped with the incarnation of it. At the same time, the athlete twice attempted a quadruple jump, but once she performed it with a blot and the second time she fell. Evidently, Adelia is still in suboptimal shape, like most participants in the skating events. The problems of Tutberidze’s coaching staff are especially noticeable: in addition to Petrosyan, Maya Khromykh, who is still learning to perform after the injuries that plagued her, has poor preparation; Russian champion Sofia Akatieva completely retired from open skating for medical reasons, and only Kamila Valieva was able to show a relatively high level, taking into account her recent retina operation. She captivated audiences, although she clearly can do more. This is what Kamila and other figure skaters will do in the near future: they will train hard and at the beginning of the competition they will finally show what they are really capable of.

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