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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Until the first blood. The Russian wrestler unfortunately lost to the American in the final of the World Championship

Date: May 29, 2024 Time: 20:15:54

Until the first blood. The Russian wrestler unfortunately lost to the American in the final of the World Championship

Mikhail Chesalin September 17, 2023, 20:45 Moscow time

Abasgadzhi Magomedov could not cope with Vitaly Orudzhev.

At the 2023 World Wrestling Championships in Belgrade, it’s time for the first finals. On the first day of the medal, only one representative from Russia reached the gold fight, but what a winner! Abasgadzhi Magomedov is the 2021 world champion, almost unbeatable in his weight class on the national stage.

His opponent was an American of Azerbaijani origin, Vitaly Orujov, son of Vugar Orujov, bronze medalist at the 1992 Olympics, who went to the United States and works there to this day.

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Russian fighters are ready to eliminate the Americans and everyone else. The main thing about the World Championship.

Magomedov, like all his compatriots, competes in the World Championships as a neutral athlete, so he entered the mat in a simple blue uniform, without identifying marks. Orudzhev shone with stars and the word United States.

But the American will not scare Abasgadzhi: two years ago, in the fight for gold, he crushed the representative of the Stars and Stripes, Dayton Fix. He wanted to believe that this time he would face his foreign rival.

However, the final was very difficult for Magomedov. Already in the first minute Orudzhev scored a point, pushing our fighter off the mat. And in the second a difficult episode occurred, which began with the capture of Abasgadzhi, but continued with mutual counterattacks. The judges watched the video for a long time and finally gave the Russian four points and the American six. The score is 4:7.

Abasgadzhi Magomedov at the 2021 World Cup

Photo: uww.org

The sympathies of the fans in the Belgrade stands were divided approximately equally: many whistled when Orudzhev received the points, but many also chanted: “USA! USA! Not to say that the arena was boiling, but the intensity of the confrontation was evident not only by looking at the mat.

The second three-minute period started well for the Russian: he stood up and created serious problems for Orudzhev. As a result, he performed a move on the edge of the mat and then received another point for an unsatisfied challenge from the American wrestler’s coach. After that the score was equal: 7:7.

However, Orudzhev went all out: he attacked mercilessly, managed to make the move and got two points, and 16 seconds before the end, another.

Abasgadzhi rushed to recover with his last strength, but Orudzhev cunningly dodged the fight, received penalty points, but still won.

In the final seconds, the American received a cut on the head. But this did not in any way affect the outcome of the fight. Once the fight was over, he cleaned up the blood and took a victory lap with the American flag.

Abasgadzhi, who unknowingly made his opponent bleed, was disappointed with the result. Yes, there is money, but Magomedov did not come to Belgrade to look for it.

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