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Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Valieva made Tarasova and Tutberidze laugh! What did the skaters show on the first day of skating?

Date: May 25, 2024 Time: 17:18:26

The brilliant reincarnation of Valieva, the deep drama of Tuktamysheva, the fiery dance of Petrosyan, the return of Khromykh – so many events occurred during the women’s short program at the season opener!

But, unfortunately, there are also very sad moments. “Championship” tells what our girls showed on the first day of skating tests.

The girls’ performances were opened by Anastasia Zinina. The figure skater chose the viscous composition Kovacs – My Love for the program. As for technique, everything is almost flawless: the double axis and triple flip are very good. Cascade in the second half is only 3-2, but she is still very happy to see Nastya on the ice in good health. After skating, the skater emphasized that her main task is to show love.

Sofia Muravyova presented a short program with neoclassical music from Eternal Eclipse – Horizon of Memories. With the triple axel, the skater decided not to take risks: it was important to show the performance itself, hypnotic, feminine and mysterious. During the waterfall, Sonya made a mistake on the first jump and only put a double sheepskin coat on the lutz, but there will still be time to correct the mistakes.

Live test skates:


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Maya Khromykh was not seen on the ice for a long time; she had to miss all of last season due to injury. Megasport greeted Maya with a long ovation. The song of the program is symbolic (Ashes by Celine Dion): beauty still knows how to rise from the ashes. The waterfall was also 3-2, but the skater handled the first half calmly.

The loudest cheer in the first warm-up came from Kamila Valieva. Finally, there are no lyrics in the short program, this time sexy blues. A new, grown-up, incredibly feminine girl came out on the ice in a bright red dress. What other color should she use to skate under the red color I see? Valieva managed to show feline plasticity, but at the same time avoid excessive vulgarity, which can easily slip into such passionate music.

Kamila Valieva

Photo: RIA Novosti

Kamila finished the show completely in character, to the point that she stumbled to the side, right in front of where they were sitting. either. FFKKR President Anton Sikharulidze, General Director Alexander Kogan and legendary coach Tatyana Tarasova. “Thank you very much to the coaches who listened to me,” Kamila noted after the skate. Later, in the mixed doubles, it turned out that the skater had recently developed vision problems: in August the skater suffered a retinal tear and did not return to full training until early September.

More about Camila’s problems:

Valieva admitted that she had surgery before the Russian national team’s skating trials

Adelia Petrosyan played Michael Jackson’s melody and, in this sense, Tutberidze headquarters was right with the choice of music. The figure skater ran through the entire program from start to finish, but, like her teammates on the national team, she didn’t take any chances with Ultra-C: There will still be opportunities to get harder throughout the season.

Reigning Russian champion Sofia Akatieva opened the second warm-up with a performance of Aram Khachaturian’s legendary “Masquerade.” Such a waltz demands easy skating, freedom and celebration, but Sonya is still in the process of getting into shape. In the off-season, the girl suffered a stress fracture, not all items have yet been restored; for example, Akatieva made the waterfall with two triple sheepskin coats. She must increase the speed and then the program will play in a new way.

The audience also warmly received Alina Gorbacheva. The skater choreographed the oriental program with Sergei Komolov, for which she specially flew to the United Arab Emirates. Powerful jumps, quick turns – all elements were performed very confidently, only Alina stumbled slightly in the sequence of steps. In the mixed zone, the skater was very happy: did it seem like all the problems were behind her?

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva presented the same program “I am heaven”, which she presented with Artyom Fedorchenko in Sochi. In a short time we managed to prepare an unusual dress, on which lines from Sounduk’s song were painted. An unusual musical choice for a figure skater: before, Liza was closer to the oriental theme, but in recent seasons her performances have become more and more lyrical. Despite the restored triple axle, in this locker Lisa only opted for a double for locker cleanup reasons. The saddest thing about all this is the mixed doubles skater’s words after the skate: Not even she herself knows whether Tuktamysheva will fully compete this season.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva

Photo: RIA Novosti

Veronika Zhilina made her debut on adult test skates. Again without risk, she again betting on pure rental. I Can’t Help Falling in Love performed by Diana Ankudinova is slowly becoming a figure skating classic. As for the jump, there is nothing to complain about, but as for the components and expression of the image, Verónica will have to work on it with the coaching staff.

The girls’ performances were closed by Ksenia Sinitsyna with a soft nocturne. This classic suits the skater very well; In the presentation she feels like a fish in water. Another striking impression is the deep blue color of the dress, which suits Ksyusha well.

None of the skaters in the short program moved on to ultra-c; everyone is careful and this is understandable: they do not give ratings on test skates.

Another sad fact is that rental attendance has visually decreased compared to last season. The girls usually attract the largest number of fans, but this time there were plenty of free seats.

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