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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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We reveal the main secret of Starfield: it completely changes the game, but spoils the ending

Date: May 19, 2024 Time: 14:25:04

Bethesda games have taught us that the story campaign is not very important. Many players explored every inch of Skyrim, led every faction, built a house, started a family, but never saw the credits. But in Starfield, this approach will deprive you of a lot of fun, because the most interesting things start after the end. Let’s explain what’s happening!

Beware, this post contains many plot spoilers and details about the ending of the story.

The video is available on the Bethesda Softworks YouTube channel. The rights to the video belong to Bethesda.

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New Game+ reveals the meaning of Starfield’s plot

Throughout the story campaign, the Starfield hero collects artifacts, absorbs powers no worse than the screams of TES 5: Skyrim and fights with the Born Stars faction, which surprises with its power and advanced technologies. Over time, it becomes clear: in the game world there is a multiverse and the artifacts in their entirety open a portal to a new reality. The Born Stars know this and travel across worlds in search of new magical things.

In the end, we collect all the valuable items and open the same portal. At the entrance there is an alternative version of the hero, who talks about the Born Stars’ great goal. Artifacts, like everything else, were created by the Creator, but how and why? The faction hopes that one day they will collect enough artifacts to communicate with the creator.

After this, you can go to a new reality, where the adventure will begin again. Old friends will not recognize the hero, all the equipment will be left in the past, and the artifacts will remain in place.

Artifacts together

Photo: Bethesda

Some new realities are almost indistinguishable from the old ones. There you will reach the Constellation headquarters and meet Sarah, who knows nothing about the structure of the world. The hero can pretend to be a newcomer, start a new friendship, and complete all the story missions again. Another option is to tell your companions about the multiverse, the meaning of the artifacts, and the past adventure. The story campaign will then be skipped and you will only have to collect six artifacts.

There are less flattering realities. For example, in the first game, my hero married Andrea, but in one of her universes he met an angry version of her. When we met, the girl made crazy speeches and a shooting started. You’ll also get to meet a billionaire friend who became a tyrant, another version of yourself, and much more.


Photo: Bethesda

However, it’s mainly the little things that change, but the goal remains the same: collect artifacts. When you complete the task, go to a new reality. Perhaps one of the races will end in a real ending, where the hero finally meets the Creator.

How gameplay changes after the end of Starfield

At first, there are many restrictions in Starfield. The spacecraft is weak and can carry little cargo. The hero does not know how to open security locks, he is a bad pilot and does not skillfully handle the jetpack. There are also no abilities to destroy enemies quickly.

Everything changes in NG+. Having passed into a new reality, the hero becomes Born Star; Therefore, he receives fantastic armor and a superior ship with laboratories, crew space, and a large cargo capacity. At the same time, with each new passage the properties improve!

powerful ship

Photo: Bethesda

In the new reality, the hero will lose equipment and money, but will retain his skills. It turns out that from the beginning you will be able to open any lock, run a long distance without difficulty breathing and cause increased damage with shots. Powers gained from temples will also remain, such as slowing down time and reviving the dead.

All this makes the once dangerous adventure a piece of cake, in which you continue to develop and quickly become the master of the universe. It is not surprising that, with such power, the selective collection of artifacts takes no more than 90 minutes.

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NG+ transforms Starfield

If you grimaced when you first played the story campaign, you’re unlikely to fall in love with Starfield on NG+. But if exploring space, transporting contraband, and capturing pirate ships somehow fascinated you, New Game+ will heighten your emotions. Therefore, during your first playthrough, be less distracted by side activities and access the credits sooner.

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