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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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What a pity for the Georgian team! He did not qualify for the semifinals of the Eurocup due to a terrible penalty

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 14:31:24

What a pity for the Georgian team! He did not qualify for the semifinals of the Eurocup due to a terrible penalty

Anatoly Romanov July 1, 2023, 22:07 Moscow time

The hosts of the European Youth Championship lost to Israel, without inflicting a single shot on goal.

The Georgian team completed performances at Euro 2023 youth. In the quarterfinals, the hosts lost on penalties to Israel. A great drama for the Georgians, who were represented by two representatives of Dynamo Moscow.

The first leg of the Euro 2023 play-offs got off to a cautious start. Opponents seemed more afraid of giving up as a result of risky action than they wanted to score. The hosts had the advantage in possession of the ball, but basically the three centre-backs rolled it between them. In general, the head coach of the Georgian national team, Ramaz Svanadze, seems to have made fun of himself, deciding to change the tactical scheme and switch to 3-4-2-1. The players did not always have time to close the zones after passing the ball, so the guests, having got used to the field, began to find free space and shoot a lot into the goal of the most expensive of the participants in the match – the goalkeeper. from Valencia Mamardashvili (Transfermarkt estimates it at 25 million euros).

During half time, the Israel national team scored six shots on target, while the hosts had zero. True, in a number of cases these were shots from afar in the hope of luck or Mamardashvili’s mistake. But forward Turgeman really had a great time! He dragged the ball down the middle with Dynamo Moscow midfielder Gagnidze on his shoulders, and three rocks, the central defenders of the Georgian national team (including another Dynamo Sazonov), suddenly opened up in front of him. Turgeman flew one on one with Mamardashvili, however he couldn’t even hit the target. Amazing miss striker.

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Georgia is one step away from a historic result. The team has one win left before the Olympics!

Probably the Israeli coach Guy Luzon instructed him to beat at the first opportunity. In this case, his advice was listened to better than others by the young talent of Russian roots Glukh and the opornik Kartsev, who could now be Gagnidze and Sazonov’s teammates at Dynamo if the Moscow club transferred money to Israel after the announcement of his transfer. . . These two stood out among the guests. For example, Sordo made four shots in 45 minutes. But only Georgia managed to score before the break, and even that goal was disallowed due to former Rubin, Rotor and Arsenal midfielder Davitashvili missing the ball behind the pitch after dribbling.

It wasn’t easy for the Israeli team to create and miss a more obvious scoring opportunity than Turgeman had in the first half, however the guests managed it. Shortly after the break, Mamardashvili made an amazing save! Centrhav Gandelman, scorer of the decisive goal for the Czech Republic on the final day of the group stage, was left alone in front of the goal, but Mamardashvili flew out of the goal, closing the gap on the opponent and deflecting the shot from close range. range. The Georgian from Valencia is about to transfer him to the first club in Europe, about which insiders write. The episode did not end there: then the ball almost flew over the goal line, but still did not cross the line. The assistants incited the head judge.

Then it got even hotter. Over the course of the second half, the fire of the game really ignited, and this matchup turned into a true playoff game. The Israeli coach quickly switched to Kartsev, who “squatted” on a yellow card. Either this was due to the departure of the failed player from Dynamo, or it just happened, but the Georgian national team began to attack at high speed again and again. The hosts, buoyed on by 44,000 fans (it was a sellout in Tbilisi!), went on the attack, but there was only one problem: they hit little and missed the mark.

Svanadze’s team had a chance to squeeze the tired Israelis late in the second half. The most real: in the seventh minute of stoppage time! Davitashvili hit a free kick from 17 meters but hit the wall. It seems that in this episode the ball touched the hand of the defender of the Israel team, but did not increase the area of ​​​​the body, so the referee did not respond to the hosts’ demands to award a penalty. Of course, Zuriko should have performed better at this standard.

In extra time, both Georgia and Israel could have won, but the hosts were even bolder. However, Svanadze’s team finished the match with amazing statistics: 14 shots – 0 on target. The forward of the Spanish “Real Unión” asked for an 11 meter, but it was an obvious “dive”. The penalty came after 120 minutes of play. The hero of the series was the goalkeeper of the Israelis Pepper, who repelled Gogua’s shot. It all ended with Khvadagiani hitting the post. By the way, in the group stage, Peretz made two 11-meter throws in the match against Germany.

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