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Friday, April 12, 2024
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What are Zakharyan’s prospects at Lazio? For a starting place, another transfer from the club is needed

Date: April 12, 2024 Time: 19:53:04

Before Russia had time to digest the transfer of Daler Kuzyaev to Le Havre, the news broke: Arsen Zakharyan could sign for Lazio. Interest in Zakharyan from various European clubs has long been written. At various times Leipzig, Feyenoord and Chelsea appeared, whose transition occurred last summer. It might even seem that the more interested he is in Zakharyan, the less productive he is at Dynamo.

Whatever it is, now – “Lazio”. Well-known European journalists such as Gianluca Di Marzio write about it. And the representatives of Lazio do not deny that they are interested in Zakharyan. It’s obviously not a duck. Although we cannot say that everything will work out: colleagues from Sport 24, for example, wrote that the transition could fail.

Arsene was amazing over the weekend!

Zakharyan has the best match of the year! But the Wings came back great with the help of another hero.

Whether Arsene will transfer or not remains an open question. But this does not stop us from indulging in fantasies and ideas about why Zakharyan needs Lazio, why Zakharyan needs Lazio, and how they can coexist.

Why does Zakharyan need Lazio?

Lazio is:

European Top League; Champions League; Opportunity to work with one of the best coaches in the world: Maurizio Sarri; Opportunity to play with European class players from the best teams.

Also, Lazio is a new challenge. And also the opportunity to move up in the future, because the Romans are a reputable sales team.

Arsen Zakharyan

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

Zakharyan’s motives seem quite understandable. He said that he would like to play in Europe one day. And now is definitely not the time when such proposals can be launched. Also, once again, no one calls Zakharyan. His name isn’t even Le Havre. And the eminent Italian team of the Champions League level. And Arsen is unlikely to want to relive the bummer that happened in 2022 again.

On the former interest in Zakharyan from other clubs

“I want to go to Chelsea. I don’t want to go to Zenit! Arsen Zakharyan: about a dream and not only

Why Zakharyan “Lazio”?

This is more difficult. Sarri’s team needs to be strengthened for the Champions League. Lazio already had a very limited clip, and now one of the main players, Sergei Milinkovic-Savic, has also left. Arsenio, 20 years old and who has never played in European competition, can he be considered a reinforcement of the Champions League? Even if you twist patriotism to the maximum, it is unlikely.

Also, Zakharyan is definitely not a replacement for Milinkovich-Savic. Sergey is a rock in midfield who, out of necessity, ended up either in his own penalty area or someone else’s. This is a powerful “eight”, which plays on physics. Milinkovic-Savic is definitely a very smart player. But still, it is possible to call him a subtle and intellectual footballer only with several reservations.

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Zakharyan, on the contrary: not only about physics, but about intelligence and creativity. At Dinamo, he acted either on the left flank of the attack, or in midfield with a forward bias, closer to tenth position.

Zakharyan’s competitors and partners in Lazio: who are they?

The left edge of the attack is safely occupied. That’s where Mattia Zacagni plays, who, by a ridiculous coincidence, only has one game with the Italian team (Roberto Mancini, open your eyes!). Last season in Serie A he scored 10+7 in the “goal + pass” system.

Tsakanyi’s main downside is that he is very explosive, often freaking out and taking extra cards. But in case of suspension or injury, Sarri has Pedro at his disposal. He is already 35 years old, but he doesn’t even think about getting old. The Spaniard made 46 appearances in all competitions last season. Lazio is so happy that, despite his advanced age, he extended his contract until 2024.

And then there are the young Cancelleri and González, if necessary, Felipe Anderson can be transferred to the left, if he really pripret. In general, there is no place for Zakharyan in this zone and it is not expected.

Felipe Anderson, Mattia Zacagni and Pedro Rodríguez

Photo: Getty Images

In midfield, the situation is different. Lazio do not have a clean 10, but Luis Alberto fits better in terms of function. The brightest, most airy player guaranteed to put on a show. At the same time, together with him, he also gives the result (last season – 6 + 7 according to the “goal + pass” system in Serie A). In the current composition of Lazio, the Spanish is one of the main centenarians. However, there are several buts.

In the first six months of the current coach, Alberto fell out of the starting eleven. With Simone Inzaghi, it seemed that Lazio was impossible without Alberto. Sarri came and it turned out that it is possible. There were rumors that Maurizio and Luis had a conflict. But in the second part of the season, the Spaniard regained his place at the base and the conversation calmed down.

Zakharyan will be at the start of Lazio. But only if Alberto leaves

Another but: Louis is homesick. How one, living in Rome, can miss Cádiz, where Alberto comes from, is difficult to understand. But he is sad. And already in the winter, Cádiz tried to bring the boy back home; it did not work, although the player was in favor. The summer transfer window has opened, and talks have started to boil again.

So the Spaniard may not be in the team soon. And if this happens, then the path to the starting lineup will open for Zakharyan. To date, Lazio do not have a direct replacement for Alberto. Neither Cataldi, nor Bašić, nor Marcos Antonio will be able to carry out the functions carried out by the Spanish. They are just different types of players. Zakharian is stylistically much closer to Alberto than these three.

Luis Alberto, Arsen Zakharyan

Photo: Championship/Getty Images

Another thing is that Alberto, with all his lightness and subtlety, is a rather bulky player. He gives a lot of running work, he plays aggressively under pressure (Sarri can’t do it any other way). Is Zakharyan capable of acting like this? Arsene looked great at Dynamo’s pressing Sandro Schwartz, but that was still two years ago. Since then, the Russian has not played so useful and brilliant.

The most difficult thing for Zakharyan is not the competition. and adaptation

Over the past year and a half, the Russian championship, to put it mildly, has not developed. Our players often got lost in Europe, even when they moved there from a stronger RPL. And now the gap between the Premier League and the main championships has only widened. And now, in the current musty RPL, Zakharyan has not been charming for a year. Why, one wonders, will it take off abruptly in a more competitive Serie A? Doubtful.

Is Arsene’s loose game in 2023 a myth?

Zakharyan is scolded to no avail. After the unsuccessful transfer to Chelsea, it did not get worse!

Zakharyan’s desire, if he really has one, to get out of his comfort zone and prove himself in a strong and competitive league is wonderful. And if it is true that Lazio is willing to pay more than 10 million euros for him, then the club knows how to use him. For Lazio, this is a significant amount. The Romans spend very carefully.

But it’s too much yes. If Zakharyan really wants to. If Lazio is ready. And also if Dynamo is guaranteed to receive money if Alberto leaves, if Arsen plays.

I really want this deal to happen. But it’s important not to become hostage to expectations. For today, there are many options for the development of events: from very good, when Zakharyan arrives in Italy and breaks, to very bad, in which Arsen stays in Russia and adds to the list of undiscovered talents.

Another plus of a possible transfer

Zakharyan’s transfer to Lazio is important for the Russian team. More than it seems

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